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  2. I hope the Leafs stay calm and stick to the long term plan. Draft well and train well and use your own players as much as possible. I cannot see giving up too many of our young talent for a Dman unless the deal is too good to pass up. I can wait a bit longer if we build a team that can contend for many years to come.
  3. Marlies win 3-2 in OT on a Colin Greening winner. Marlies lead best-of-5, 2-1.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Fake account. He was let go by ESPN today and he changed his Twitter handle immediately to reflect that. Somebody then grabbed his old Twitter handle and started throwing fake trades out there. In real news, Babcock nominated for Jack Adams, along with Torts and McLellan.
  6. Gaborik may well be on a trip to Robidas Island. And they might find another home for a bad contract in LV. Doughty only has 2 years left so they need to gauge whether he wants to be around for what might be a lengthy rebuild. I think he's smart enough to recognize that's where this is going, regardless of what the organization is saying.
  7. As they should... ...but they really need to take a hard look at this team and make some tough decisions. Do they really think that they're still serious contenders and this was just an off year or do they need a soft rebuild. Cause if they don't re-tool, and it doesn't work out, they'll be heading down the road of the Canucks, and Leafs before that, where they couldn't admit to themselves that it was time to rebuild and they squandered an opportunity to get assets for their vets.
  8. Bob McKenzie states LA considers Doughty untouchable.
  9. Yea, I think we're asking about Vlasic also. I'd prefer not to move Nylander... but Doughty would be something else. I'm not sure we'd part ways with the pieces to make a fair trade for him. You'd have to think it would be some sort of JVR package.
  10. When a Russian comes out and says that, it's bad.
  11. They're gonna be calling and asking on everyone. Kings will want Marner/Nylander +++ Would you do something like Rielly, Nylander, Kapanen, and 2017 1st?
  12. Kucherov calls out TB linemates. "They got their money, and stopped working."
  13. Pierre LeBrun ESPN saying the Leafs are in heavy trade talks with the Kings regarding Doughty.
  14. Garret Sparks injured, Kasimir Kaskisuo starting for Marlies in Game 3 tonight.
  15. Last week
  16. It has come to this: Russell Martin is starting at 3B tonight.
  17. Not a big fan of the Pens or Kessel but I hope the Pens light those clowns up. I got a real bad taste in my mouth watching the Caps. I won't be watching much more hockey anyways but it would be nice to see St.Lou or Nashville win a first time Cup.
  18. Travis Green to be named head coach of the Canucks.
  19. Bozak and JVR each had 2 goals in a 6 game series. That's not bad. Marner will be fine... he just needs to develop. Playing with Bozak and JVR in a sheltered role was the perfect spot for him. The Caps were deep and were able to contain him, even in that sheltered role.
  20. Great year, great series. Feels weird to lose and not hate our team, coach or goalie... See you guys in June. : ) Go Leafs Go!!!
  21. Leipsic will no longer be waiver exempt, so there's a decision to be made there. Same with Kerby Rychel. They'll likely be exposed in expansion draft, too.
  22. Our third line basically disappeared as the series went on. Bozak and Marner especially. I think you trade both JVR and Bozak to get what you can from the deal. By the end of the series, I was really concerned with Marner not being able to find space. I personally prefer Nylander on Matthews' wing. Having a skilled forward there to hold the puck and thrive off that space is huge. I could see Babcock trying a line combination of: Hyman - Matthews - Marner Leivo - Nylander - Kapanen Komarov - Kadri - Brown Martin - Boyle - Soshnikov When I look at this line up I'm not exactly excited by the skill level on the left wing.
  23. Of course you'd like to keep everything of value, but you have to give something of value to get something back...maybe our 1st rounder can be in play (not that I want to get back into that habit). What's harder to find...a Top 4 D-man or a big winger? I think it's easier to find someone to fit JVR's shoes, than to find a 2nd pairing D-Man...or even a 1st, depending on what you add to JVR. Look at the Hall/Larson deal.
  24. Bozak is a more likely part of a trade package. They will want Nylander at Centre next year. So they'll actually need to add a scoring winger rather than trading one away.
  25. TSN Bobby Mac reporting Ilya Kovalchuk is eyeing a return to the NHL. The Devils still own his rights, so a sign-and-trade is required for him to play with any team other than NJ.
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