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  2. 2019 Canadian Electio

    Doug Ford impacted that.
  3. 2019 Canadian Electio

    I voted communist though, so what do I know
  4. 2019 Canadian Electio

    I think pretty much everyone figured a liberal minority. I thought the Conservatives would do a bit better than they have so far, though.
  5. I’m not comparing them either. Maybe the Leafs (Marner esp) don’t take Columbus for granted without Anderson in net. We know they’ll pay attention against Boston, but it might not be enough with Hutch in net.
  6. 2019 Canadian Electio

    It's really quite impressive to take a strong economy and low unemployment and turn a majority into a minority...
  7. This is Babcock's 5th season. I'm starting to get to the point where I'm realistically wondering if he needs to go. I don't think we do anything during the season, but if things don't end well I think he's gone after the season.
  8. I would hardly compare Boston to Columbus. You put your best squad on the ice against both teams you obviously have a better shot to win against Columbus.
  9. 2019 Canadian Electio

    Meh. Any other outcome would've been shocking. If Trudeau was smart he'd say 'we hear you Canada, we need to do better, I need to do better.'. But he'll be his usual clueless self like everything is fine.
  10. 2019 Canadian Electio

    Now predicting Liberal minority government.
  11. 2019 Canadian Electio

    CBC predicting Liberal Government. Unsure as to whether Majority or Minority.
  12. Maybe they play better in front of him and I guess we’ll know tomorrow if it was the right move or not.
  13. We might not have to give up our 1st rounder this year. Silver lining.
  14. Do you think you get one point in that game with Hutch in net?
  15. Well either way it wasn't covering the puck. And was a soft Penalty shot call call.
  16. Marner hooked the guy, not the glove. Dumb af.
  17. Andersen starts for the guaranteed 2 points eh?
  18. The refs arm was up before that. I think it was an epically soft hook by Reilly.
  19. That was stupid, Mitch. Guess he didn't know that rule. He and Kasperi should start a club.
  20. Must be conserving their energy for tomorrow...
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