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  2. Goodnight, Grilli. Thanks for the great end to last year a phenomenal postseason. Time catches up with us all.
  3. They won't. They should retool as they really need to get younger in the field, but I don't see our management team aggressively dismantling anything. There's been enough life in the team this season (in their eyes) for them to want to give it another go in 2018. Another year older.
  4. Not too surprising, he has been awful this season. Nice guy, but doesn't have it anymore. So if the Jays get destroyed over the next 2 weeks by Baltimore, Boston, New York and Houston, will they blow it up? Start adding pieces to go with Bo Bichette and Vladdy jr in the minors?
  5. Jays DFA Jason Grilli.
  6. Ian Scott will be fun to watch too. Big kid, and has never had a good team in front of him. Not saying he'll pan out, but I'm definitely curious.
  7. Maybe. But I'm more intrigued by Joseph Woll for the longer term.
  8. The organization definitely seemed to shift it's focus to Kaskisuo over the past season. Bibeau was pretty bad for the Marlies last year. Kaskisuo stepped up big in the playoffs.
  9. Last week
  10. Brown, Hyman, Sparks and Holl get qualifying offers. Bibeau, Griffith and Kalinin do not and are UFA's.
  11. Leafs do not qualify Antoine Bibeau. He's a UFA.
  12. HHOF 2017 inductees: Builders: Clare Drake, Jeremy Jacobs. Players: Andreychuk, Selanne, Kariya, Recchi, Danielle Goyette.
  13. Some real nice highlight clips of Liljegren...
  14. Stars buying out Antti Niemi.
  15. Well... He'll be a Leaf one day. That's for certain.
  16. Lance Stroll finishes 3rd at Azerbaijan GP. First Canadian driver to stand on the podium since Jacques Villeneuve at the 2001 German GP.
  17. Habs pick Ryan Poehling tells who he really wanted to pick him:
  18. Four defencemen, two forwards and a goalie.
  19. Leafs take future Boston University D Ryan O'Connell in 7th round.
  20. Leafs take Sarnia C Ryan McGregor in 6th round.
  21. Takin a chance on some big boys on the back end. Hope they work out. They'd be a hellova pairing.
  22. Leafs pick 6'6" D Fedor Gordeev in 5th round. Good Tronna boy and all that there. Plays for Flint of OHL.
  23. Can't find any scouting report on Vlad Kara...
  24. Leafs pick LW Vladislav Kara at 124th overall.
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