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  2. Marlies sweep Lehigh Valley and will play for the Calder Cup. Johnsson scores twice in 3-1 Game 4 win. Marlies haven’t lost since Johnsson & Dermott returned.
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  4. It's a Cinderella story. America will eat this up. Mighty Ducks, A League of Their Own, Major League.
  5. Vegas is well rested and hasn't had a tough time with anybody. It's theirs to lose.
  6. By all accounts, Gilman is blunt in his assessments and isn't afraid to share his views, so he's not a 'yes' man.
  7. Stanley Cup Final - Vegas Knights / Washington Capitals

    I do hate Bettman and the league, keeping teams in places that can't properly support them. Expanding much too fast. Stupid TV Deals. So yeah, I'm cheering for Vegas. And I do think they will win. They had no problem with the Jets, who I think are a better team than the Caps.
  8. Stanley Cup Final - Vegas Knights / Washington Capitals

    I love ice hockey. TBF it can't be a fix, however it does seem like a manufactured story line for the Americans, either way Vegas will win. If they win the cup, they'll be heros, if they lose they'll be the valiant runners up.
  9. Well, I definitely hate the NHL as a league. Love hockey, though.
  10. He ran the canucks and the coyote farm teams. Experienced in contract negotiations. They are gearing up for signing Matthews, Marner, and Nylander. He also worked for Vegas on the draft after creating the rules it sounds like. Getting ready for next expansion. Sounds like solid forward looking hire.
  11. He helped put together the expansion rules for Vegas. Which are the same rules that will be used when Seattle joins the league. His knowledge of the expansion procedure may have been a factor in my opinion.
  12. Stanley Cup Final - Vegas Knights / Washington Capitals

    Agreed. Vegas fans are loving this, but fans of any other team should despise this. I'm finding that the only people that love this are haters of the NHL.
  13. Stanley Cup Final - Vegas Knights / Washington Capitals

    I hope the Caps fucking ruin them.
  14. No. Because as an AGM the work they do isn't really in the spotlight that much so it's hard to determine what they're good at.
  15. Pridham I understand, but can someone please explain how Gilman improves the management team? Use small words...
  16. Stanley Cup Final - Vegas Knights / Washington Capitals

    You're gonna be a lonely little boy.
  17. Go Knights simply because fans who feel entitled to a shot at a cup before another team because "we've suffered longer" are not the type of people I want to surround myself with. Knights in 6.
  18. Pridham is the Leafs cap guru. Gilman has worked as AGM for the Coyotes and Canucks. Was working with the NHL head office and helped develop the Vegas expansion rules.
  19. Laurence Gilman & Brandon Pridham named assistant GM’s.
  20. Happy for Knights fans, a loyal fanbase finally getting what they deserve. They've stuck with their team through thick and thin and have waited months to see their team play for the Cup. What a fucking joke. Go Caps.
  21. East Final: Tampa Bay vs Washington

    Caps and Knights in the Finals
  22. As much as I really like Hunter, better he leave now as his heart would not have been in it. Wish him well and move on. If he would have been picked instead, Dubas and Lou would have left. We were never going to have all three long term. So it Dubas time, looking forward to it......
  23. Hunter not allowed to work for another NHL team until the draft is over and the July 1st FA period settles down.
  24. Mark Hunter is officially out. He and the Leafs "Mutually agreed to part ways" according to Shanahan. I'm interested to see who Dubas brings in as assistants. I've heard possibly Brandon Pridham might get elevated, and maybe Ron Francis gets brought in.
  25. Lou is an American and I think that everyone knew he would move on. His son Chris is assistant GM of the Islanders. I think Shanny knew all along the Lou was heading there.
  26. I believe technically his contract was up.
  27. Reports say Lou was already talking to Tavares. Can he do that when still under contract to the leafs?
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