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  2. Yeah! I love it when my players get suspended!
  3. Yesterday
  4. Losses like last night suck but it may help shed light on what this team needs. At least Naz n Hyman showed some spirit.
  5. I hope that game lights a fire under them. That rather gritty encounter could be just what doctor ordered.
  6. There's a difference between having toughness and playing tough. This team hasn't consistently shown the ability to push back when the chips are down and the opposition plays aggressive and heavy. Can they do it? Maybe...but I haven't really seen it consistently yet. The playoffs will tell the tale.
  7. Hate losing to those clowns. Can't seem to beat them no matter who's in the lineup ffs.
  8. Hyman to have a hearing with NHL Player Safety for late hit on McAvoy. Chris Wagner gets nothing for running Rielly.
  9. Who sits? And that's a high price for a rental
  10. This team has enough toughness. Just gotta score.
  11. Hopefully some kind of message gets through here.
  12. Alright. Just tuning in. What's happ- oh my God.
  13. The leafs seem to beat themselves against Boston.
  14. The Bruins can't score against any team but Toronto.
  15. Leafs are too soft. Great speed, talent, creativity but no jam.
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