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  2. 2017/18 season

    Fuck the Habs. #fuckthehabs
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  4. Habs get pumped 5-1 by LA to fall to 1-5-1.
  5. The only think that worries me is that you know the offence is going to go into a slump. It just happens. I know they shut the Caps out last night, but I'm just not confident that they can play a tight defensive game should they need to...at least not consistently. Maybe they will add that to their arsenal, but it's not there yet. All this said, I love this team so much and the future is as bright as I can ever remember it...and I've been a Leafs fan for over close to 35 years.
  6. They're not playing that great and they're 1st overall in the league.
  7. 5-3 heading into the 3rd. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous.
  8. It’s Marner. Send him down....😜
  9. Maybe clearing the front of the net is a good idea
  10. Love those 3 goal leads... 4-2... ... And now possibly 4-3, if no-goal gets overturned
  11. The Mendoza line... The Mrazek line....
  12. thankfully detroits goalies are playing like shit, cause they've looked better than us so far.
  13. That’s not even a good batting average....
  14. Thank God Detroit goalies can't make a save. 4-1
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