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  2. Probably. Unless he can...........'heat up'
  3. Goalie Cal Heeter signed to AHL deal, likely to do the AHL - ECHL yo-yo.
  4. I'm very risk-adverse and like guaranteed things. You'd have to give me exact numbers and terms, but I'd probably end up playing out the season to go for the big money. That being said... if I signed now and could earn $6M versus earning $8M with a good season and $4M with a bad season, I take the $6M.... but those exact numbers/term would play a big factor in my decision.
  5. Last week
  6. I would have discussions (which I'm sure they have) and gauge what kind of dollar figure the Leafs are willing to offer...and I wouldn't settle on anything unless it was an overpayment ($8M+/yr)...which they won't. So basically, I'd play it out. It wouldn't surprise me if Nylander had a Leon Draisaitl type of season next season (numbers wise).
  7. What would you do if you were in Nylander's position?
  8. There's risk both ways...but yes, my gut is telilng me that Willie Nye is going to have a big season. And when I say big, I'm talking Top 15 in scoring big (Matthews was #20 in scoring last season).
  9. It's in his best interest.... barring injury, offensive decline, etc.
  10. I'm sure the Leafs would love to. He's probably hoping for 25-30 goals this year. So it's to his benefit not to talk right now.
  11. Surprised there hasnt been much said about a Nylander extension. I'd love to get him locked up this offseason.
  12. Marchenko released, freeing up $1.45-million and a contract spot. He signed with CSKA Moscow for three years.
  13. Aleksey Marchenko placed on unconditional waivers for purpose of mutual termination of his contract. Headed to KHL to be eligible for Olympics.
  14. Emma posted an update. Complications from the surgery. Wasn't expected to live through the night, but made it. Things are moving forward, but slowly.
  15. Title says it all.
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  17. Eddie Olczyk announced this past week that he's battling colon cancer. Wishing him success in his fight.
  18. That sucks. Thoughts go out to Emma and her family, hope for some good news.
  19. Yikes. Hoping for a quick recovery.
  20. I saw something about that. All the best wishes Emma.
  21. Just so everyone is aware, our very own Emma is battling for her life in the ICU right now. According to her Mother who posted on Facebook, she went in for surgery yesterday at 5ish and she's not out of the woods yet.
  22. Shapiro in Cleveland is a completely different story because that ownership spent next-to-nothing. All he could do was draft & develop and trade veterans for prospects. The fruit of his labour is evident in Cleveland right now, but unless that ownership commits to spending, they will have to start over fairly soon.
  23. AA did move a lot of pieces, but not many of them have really turned into anything for the teams that acquired them. And what I loved about AA was his drafts, he loved drafting pitchers early on, as he knew that if he needed to make a trade, pitching prospects are what everybody is looking for. I do like what Shapiro has done with the International signings, and drafting Bichette looks like a great move. It's impossible to know how different the team would be with AA at the helm. But I think he would have gotten more done at the trade deadline. It's pointless to have guys here that aren't going to contribute to this team in 2-3 years. To think that this same group is going to bounce back next season when they are another year older is ridiculous.
  24. I'm an AA fan as well but let's not pretend that he didn't have a hand in the state that the team is currently in. He went all in in 2015. ALL IN! He moved a lot of young pieces to bring in Price, Tulo, etc...and now they're paying a bit of that "price". I'm not a huge Shapiro fan, but he's very well respected within the industry from all accounts, so that has to count for something.
  25. Knows how to do what? Manage a team to mediocrity? His teams have never won anything other than one divisional championship in like 8 years of management. Only after he was "promoted" (e.g. demoted to president) did Cleveland's rebuild start paying off. Last year, after shedding Shapiro, they made it to the WS. They also beat the Jays on their way. The Jays were simply a better team with AA as GM. Yeah Rogers may have had a role in this, but it doesn't change the fact that the AA team had a better future than the one Shapiro has assembled.
  26. I'm gonna chime in from Vegas. Shapiro is a smart man, and knows how to do this, but as Pity said, I have absolute confidence in saying that Rogers has mandated him to field a team that gives the illusion of contention. This team is going nowhere. They are old and need big restructuring. They aren't going to commit to that because of Rogers.
  27. They seem so paralyzed with fear that attendance might go down if they trade away big name players. Big deal, it will go down if your old ass team sucks as bad as they have and you don't do anything to get younger. On a good note, Bo Bichette is hitting even better since getting promoted (hitting .410 in 20 games). Vladdy Jr has had a slight dip in production, but he is only 18.
  28. Are you suggesting that Shapiro, who came from Cleveland, has no idea how to manage a baseball team? Because... I strongly agree.
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