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  2. That 1st was a shambles, the gamble of sticking with Great Dane paid off, he should have some confidence back after that. However good to see the team play well, Sniz is looking good (like anyone would be surprised) Kappy is looking better too. Back to back wins are decent too. In the pre game they were saying Florida were moaning because they'd had a 5 game road trip and then a flight to Florida. Who gives a fuck, it happens to all teams through out the season. Personally I'd like a reduction of fixtures and a more evenly spread fixture list.
  3. Barrie stepped up huge, too. 81 percent and 25 minutes. Coulda had a 2nd round pick, though!
  4. Sandin with 80% expected goals 5 on 5. Liljegren with less than 10%...
  5. Leafs have won their last 3 games against NHL goaltending.
  6. Liljegren only play about 30 seconds in the 2nd period.
  7. Marincin gets 2 minutes for the Chara special.
  8. The team defence, at its absolute worst this year, has been league average. Years past may be a different story, but this year is this year.
  9. Andersen has covered up this teams poor defence for years. Unfortunately he has fallen off a cliff. It’s not an either or.... it’s the perfect storm of him sucking hard and an shattering of our top 4, plus poor zone play.
  10. He's not a liability out there. Which most so-called tough guys are.
  11. I like him because he tried my strategy of holding the other players stick to draw a penalty. Now, he got 2 penalties for it but, and hear me out here, he made me look like a complete idiot for suggesting it. And that's something I can respect. But overall, nah. He's just another 4th liner who is what he is, but he's not young and he has no room for improvement. It's hard to say what he brings to the room, but he jusy goes and does what he's supposed to I think. Bangs a bit, not good with his hands, and decent speed.
  12. Anyone else underwhelmed by Clifford? I don't expect a Wilson, but it would be nice to hear his name on a hit occasionally..
  13. Good scrap from Kap. Weegar is a tough customer.
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