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    Oh no. I saw her throwing banter back and forth with Dylan on Saturday via Twitter. Things change so fast. RIP to Emma. She was truly one of the smartest people I have ever gotten a chance to talk to. An actual intellectual. Also, she was so, so resilient. Fought her whole life to stay alive. Almost died like 4 times that I can distinctly remember. Damn, this sucks. RIP to someone I truly considered a friend.
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    6 of 8 on the road. I can live with that.
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    Also, a heads up, I've sent flowers to her family on behalf of Lf.ca and myself. I think they deserve to know how big a part of this crew Emma was during this forum's heyday.
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    Well, yeah, obviously it's not good enough. But it's an 82 game season. They're not gonna go 80-3 or whatever it was.
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    The only explanation I can conjure about why Marner et al demanded every last cent was because they had no interest in playing for Babcock unless they got every cent of their demand.
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    Has it ever been stated anywhere that Auston Matthews refuses to kill penalties? Has he ever said to the media "I won't kill penalties."? Has Babcock or anyone else on the Leafs said "Man, our penalty kill would be so much better if only Auston Matthews would get his head out of his ass and play on the PK." No. This is hyperbole. This is bullshit. The coaching staff are choosing not to use Matthews on the PK. They already have several penalty killing forwards, and it is a lot better to use Matthews on the powerplay or at even strength. Matthews excels at not taking penalties, taking the puck away from opponents, and scoring goals. Why do we need to put this guy on the PK?
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    Other than the steep cap hit, I don't understand the complaining about Tavares. Only one player has more goals than JT over the last 5 years - Alex Ovechkin. That's it. Crosby, Stamkos, Kuch, etc. are all behind JT. He scores goals. Tavares also gives the Leafs two legit top line centermen. Kadri was definitely not this. Further, Kadri was an absolute liability in the playoffs and had to be traded (but I've ranted about this before). I saw some defense for Tyler Bozak in this list? Are you guys fucking serious? Bozak?! Do you not remember the years of mediocrity with him as our top C? The only reason he is doing well in St. Louis is because he is playing where he should be playing in the lineup - on the third line. Yes, the Leafs D stinks. However, name an unrestricted free agent top pairing D that the Leafs had a legitimate chance at acquiring in the last 3-4 years. If the Leafs needed to trade for a top D, it would cost the farm. Look what a few months of Erik Karlsson cost the Sharks. I know he re-signed there, but there was ZERO chance the Sens were trading him to Toronto anyway. I don't even get this talk about the Blues trading Pietrangelo. Why would the defending Stanley Cup champions, who are definitely playoff-bound, trade one of their top D and their captain away? Is this really anything other than rosterbation? So no, I have no problem with the Leafs signing Tavares. Not one bit. He improved the team by leaps and bounds. What I do have a problem with is the precedent that it set with the RFAs. I don't understand why Matthews and Marner felt they were owed superstar UFA money. I don't understand why the Leafs caved and gave it to them. The Leafs are in cap hell because of those two contracts. They are not in cap hell because of Tavares or Nylander.
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    Picking apart that play in a 5-2 game but not noticing the amazing strong physical play he made on one of Matthews' goals seems a little disingenuous to me. But hey, it's a valid question. Probably because this game is over, but still, I dunno.
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    I think trading away a contract like Nylander's for a reason like cap relief is insane because his contract IS cap relief. He's outplaying it this year for sure, and probably will continue to do so. It's the same argument for not trading Kadri, but then his production tailed off on the third line last year, and contrary to popular belief, he was barely average defensively. As for the center depth without Tavares, I don't buy that argument. Kadri is no Tavares, so imagine this lineup at center with our Tavares. You're going to have games with Freddie the Goat is playing 15 minutes a night. Spezza is fine on the third line, but he's 64 years old. Who else do you put there?
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    At least Hutch gets to play a well rested Avs team tomorrow.
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    Just try Kasky again. His one shot was in the literal worst run this team has made since the 90s.
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    Three days after giving up 6 goals to the Rangers Carey Price gets yanked after giving up 5 goals on 11 shots to the Bruins.
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    Wish this was a home game cuz it would be waffle time.
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    I’m excited! I think this kid’s gonna stand on his head.