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    At Maple Leafs Square now. Most obscure jersey sighted so far: Tom Fitzgerald
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    Yes, there has been way too much of that recently. Another 12 years of angst and depression please...
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    mitch mariner is good but he's not as good as austin matthews
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    No one thought this game would be close. It was. That's a good sign. Trending positively.
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    The gang is almost all back together. Just need Austin, Bryan, and Gwyn. Also, Marg.
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    Price starts tonight against Tampa.
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    The licensing officer at my school signed off on my commercial license on Friday. Officially a commercial pilot!
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    I hope the Leafs stay calm and stick to the long term plan. Draft well and train well and use your own players as much as possible. I cannot see giving up too many of our young talent for a Dman unless the deal is too good to pass up. I can wait a bit longer if we build a team that can contend for many years to come.
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    A good old fashioned 5-0 ass whooping would go down a treat tonight. No need for any OT palpitations.
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    I'm sorry... but the optimism and confidence on these boards as of late is the reason for tonight's loss. Cut the shit.
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    dude remember earlier when puffy posted in this thread? CRAZY SHIT
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    Win or lose... need to make sure Caps need to know we ain't goin away anytime soon!
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    They're playing much better now. Have to keep playing flat out. Never stop skating. That's been their key all series long.
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    think next year my expectation top 2 in the division and making it out of the first Round. I don't want to be disappointed. But it would be best if we challenged for a cup before Matthews and Marner were off their ELCs.
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    What a load of fun these playoffs are!!!!!! These kids just keep on surprising. Mathews, Marner (yes I got the spelling right this time:), Kappy and all the rest. What a future. It not just playoffs this year but hopefully for many years to come.
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    Damn, thought we would lose for sure ... Kadri. I love that little bastard.
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    But with injuries on D, Leafs making it count anyways .... Doesn't get any better....
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    I believe that this game will really be the one that really makes the difference. Marner didn't get an assist on the goal, but it was his hard work that made it. Kadri is proving to be the real leader on this team. Down 2-0 and Kadri comes out and make 3 thunderous hits and changes the game. Leafs then score. Kadri sets up the winner. I know that everyone is saying Matthews should be the next captain for the Leafs, but it is Kadri that has been the leader all year. Once again he out plays Ovi.
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    Boys need to not let the excitement of the atmosphere get to them. I hope it fires them up the right way!!
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    Zaitsev taking part in line rushes, paired up with Gardiner. He's in.
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    Caps are in shock that 5 on 5 the Leafs are better than them in all four lines.
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    I was on lf.ca for that Travis Green goal. I am one happy little beleafer right now. I've fallen for this team hook line and sinker. Buds. All. Day.
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    Sundin was the same way. He'd seem pretty average for a while then go beast mode.
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    An overtime win sometime in this decade would be nice.
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    Well you're in luck, because nobody said he was.
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    That was an unlucky bounce for Gardiner. Right onto Backstrom's stick
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    Gardiner set up the goal that made it 3 to 2. The issue was the classic Leafs strategy of failing to clear the zone with 4 different opportunities.
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    He's gone till autumn. That knee will need surgery.
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    Ovie is awake - Matthews line needs to finish rather than just Dance with the puck.
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    I have no problem with calligh a tight game. As long as that is the standard for the entire game.
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    I thought they played an excellent period. Just some bad luck on Andy's part on that goal.
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    Hello puffy. You just came back because I came back, didn't you?
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    Leafs just reaching playoffs is bonus enough....gravy is giving rookies that extra experience. OV and Caps have far more to lose than Leafs by a long shot.....Leafs upsetting Caps a huge long shot, but all the pressure is on Caps due to never being able to see it through in playoffs to this point....
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    You mean we just watched 82 games of Leafs hockey and don't have to stop? I don't give a shit who we're playing. We get at least 4 more games.