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  1. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Do or die tonight boys. I felt all year it would come down to Florida.
  2. Nice to see Nylander get some confidence back. Gardiner again struggled with the puck.
  3. I think the edge they have, if any, is that nobody expects them to win. They are a team with nothing to lose and could upset a team like Washington if they're not on their A game.
  4. Leafs Trade for Grabner

    Seems like a cleaning house move. I'm sure this wasn't an overnight decision. However, couldn't they have asked for at least one decent prospect in return?
  5. Lou Lamoriello named GM

    Haven't been too impressed with his UFA moves lately, but mind you, he had to convince players to go to New Jersey. Good luck Lou!
  6. Leafs sign Stephane Robidas

    I've been wanting them to pickup this guy for awhile now...few years too late?..we'll see.
  7. Vancouver is going to play like a desperate team (you would think). Hopefully the team shows up tonight!
  8. Well there you have it, another loss. Keep them coming boys.
  9. Something has to give on this team, it's getting old.
  10. LF.CA Keeper League

    I'm intersted in joining, if there is a spot available. I have no problem paying a fee if the first year went well.
  11. Leafs Off-Season Thread: 2013

    What a roster, and to think I actually had some hope they would make they playoffs.