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  1. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Signing Muzzin long term is maybe akin to more Blue & White disease . Forever scarred by Mike Komisarek. No half steppin’. If you sell , recoup all the lost assets from trades past .. & more. Otherwise, you live in the crippling middle . Good luck with that.
  2. This is Ballard level incompetence from the Leafs. I can’t believe it.
  3. Sandin is strugg-a-ling. Getting bullied and fighting the puck ...
  4. God forbid Freddie makes a big save to stop the bleeding.
  5. Fire Babcock. Need to try pairing Rielly with Holl/Dermott Need to stop shooting needlessly from the point. Need to ride PP1 and get Barrie involved. Need to randomize the starting goalie in back to back. so much wrong. so much ego. so much hatred for this coach.
  6. We’re done with Babcock now right ? Thank u , next
  7. I was on lf.ca for that Travis Green goal. I am one happy little beleafer right now. I've fallen for this team hook line and sinker. Buds. All. Day.
  8. Random Thoughts #2

    In for nostalgia.
  9. McDavid is playing a different game than anybody else on the ice. Incredible to watch.
  10. 4-2 Leafs Boyes, McCauley, Lumme, Joseph (Empty Netter)