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  1. I was on lf.ca for that Travis Green goal. I am one happy little beleafer right now. I've fallen for this team hook line and sinker. Buds. All. Day.
  2. Random Thoughts #2

    In for nostalgia.
  3. McDavid is playing a different game than anybody else on the ice. Incredible to watch.
  4. 4-2 Leafs Boyes, McCauley, Lumme, Joseph (Empty Netter)
  5. Love the logo. Will we see the New Jersey reveal in a Stamkos presser? Speaking of... This team still finishes bottom 5 with Stammer next year, IMO. The signing would scare me because it hints at a stunted rebuild.
  6. Could seriously damage his career. Didn't Gretzky go through something similar, and was never the same?
  7. Fuck losing and Fuck Bernier. Way to earn your coaches trust, Mandela.
  8. Absolutely awful. As it needs to be.
  9. 2015 Federal Election

    ​RIP Facebook
  10. Random Thoughts #2

    LF.ca about as slow as I can remember it. No Leafs talk in sight.... I know expectations are low, but it's a shame to see.
  11. 2015 Leafs Offseason

    ​Owen Nolan trade comes full circle.
  12. Obviously Sanchez is suspended. That HBP was the straw that broke the camels back.
  13. That's a little skewed , Ryan. He went 2 1/3 , 8 earned against the Yankees in a snow storm . Watch the games , bro. /sarcasm