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  1. 2018 NHL Off-Season

    Guess they didn't want to pay him.
  2. 2017/18 season

    Maybe the Habs will convert Domi to a C as well....πŸ™„
  3. Marlies out shoot Dallas 45-23. Lose 5-2. Sparks pulled after giving up 4 on 17 shots. I see now why some are not on the big club. Hope they pull it off on Thursday.
  4. Vegas wins 5-4. The fairy tale (marketing dream) continues.
  5. Wow. Wtf was that?
  6. Ok. I can’t keep up. 4-4
  7. Now 2-1 Caps 2-2.....
  8. It's a Cinderella story. America will eat this up. Mighty Ducks, A League of Their Own, Major League.
  9. Pridham I understand, but can someone please explain how Gilman improves the management team? Use small words...
  10. Reports say Lou was already talking to Tavares. Can he do that when still under contract to the leafs?
  11. Lou gone to the Islanders.
  12. East Final: Tampa Bay vs Washington

    Shoulda had that one...πŸ™„