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  1. And a lot of Canadians too..
  2. aspiring to be Lindros?
  3. Same leverage Nylander had. Seemed to work for him...
  4. Hopefully they’ll be spread out and at less crucial moments.
  5. As a back to back 32 goal scoring 2nd line center he's a bargain. As a 16 goal scoring 3rd line center, not so much.
  6. Yes. Which is why he was traded. If your not being used as a 2nd line centre, you can’t produce as a 2nd line C. So why pay 2nd line c money? Hopefully Kerfoot will be a good 3rd line C replacement at a better $.
  7. But the way Kadri was being used last season, he probably wasn’t going to see 30 goals again. I will miss the edge when he’s playing though.
  8. I don’t think Liljegren is diminishing. Looks like he is coming along nicely for a 20 year old who suffered some setbacks through injury. Still needs another year, but I bet he gets a good look this fall. If any team has a 17th overall pick D make the team as a 21 yo, I’d say that’s a win.
  9. Doesn’t cost anything to ask. Maybe someone will offer it to him, but I doubt it.
  10. Ya. Tough luck for Marner. Take a seat and use the cap space for a good rental.
  11. Draisaitl is at 8.5 x 8. That sounds about right for Marner....if he scores 50 goals and 105 points and play center as well as wing. If not, let him sit for a year as an example to the rest. I like Marner a lot, but ya gotta draw a line in the sand eventually. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to go last.
  12. NHL Offseason 2019

    Wonder if Montreal goes after someone else?
  13. They get Kadri at a good price for 3 more years and Barrie is a UFA in a year.
  14. Kadri and Rosen and a 2020 3rd gone back for Tyson Barrie and Kerfoot and a 6th