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  1. I’m not comparing them either. Maybe the Leafs (Marner esp) don’t take Columbus for granted without Anderson in net. We know they’ll pay attention against Boston, but it might not be enough with Hutch in net.
  2. Maybe they play better in front of him and I guess we’ll know tomorrow if it was the right move or not.
  3. Andersen starts for the guaranteed 2 points eh?
  4. Must be conserving their energy for tomorrow...
  5. Refs being passive aggressive because of Babcock’s comment.
  6. Marincin playing hot potato. Then interferes with Andersen...
  7. Parent Teacher interviews are never good....
  8. I'm on the ferry with 43% phone and no charger. Hope the phone makes it.
  9. Back end of a back to back. At home. Against the Habs. Easy win...