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  1. What worries me more is that it looks like they’re actually trying....
  2. So why did the Nylander goal get called back? The arm didn't go up when he deflected the puck with a "high stick" onto his shoulder then into the net. Which was called a good goal on the ice. Oh right, it's Boston...
  3. I don’t think the Habs are going to help out there. Looks like they’re starting their spring swoon and won’t make the playoffs. Fuk the Habs.
  4. No no. Drop passes and fancy stats is all that’s needed....
  5. Not bright move by Rielly. Some excitement there...
  6. Johnnson! 1-0. For those of you that are still up.
  7. He certainly wasn’t the solution. 2 he’d want back.