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  1. Andersen should learn that stick on the ice thingy
  2. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    I threw up in my mouth a little when I read this.
  3. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Next 3 games should tell the tale. Win and they stand pat. Lose and something will happen.
  4. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    On a positive note, maybe this 8 weeks will fix all the other nagging issues that have been plaguing Rielly this year.
  5. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Good opportunity for Sandin.
  6. Musta had a great time on the beach.
  7. .fukn Barrie with his weak ass backhand passes.
  8. NHL 2019/20

    Hope they hire Burkie so I don’t have to watch him on SN any more. But they won’t.
  9. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Marner going to the All Star Game. Kinda torn on this. How will he perform after that party weekend?