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  1. Good thing the Flames resolved their Goaltending last offseason...
  2. If the Hockey gods exist, the Bruins will lose these two games and have to face Washington in the first round.
  3. Just win. Clinch the playoffs by beating Tampa Bay soundly. None of this hoping for an Islanders loss, or shootout whatever. Just win.
  4. Congrats Jordan, you win this round. Wasn't even close apparently.
  6. You're going down Jordo. Though I might need to hire somebody to take out Bobrovsky
  7. Season finishes on Apr 9th, which is a Sunday.. I'd guess the first round starts Apr 11th or 12th? They usually try to slot Canadian teams into Saturdays for Hockey Night in Canada when possible. so maybe aim for Apr 15th.
  8. Man, you forget how much fun it is to watch games like this down the stretch. Especially when they are winning. Islanders win to stay 3 points back, but if the Leafs can keep this up, that won't matter. Really need to focus to ensure there isn't a letdown game against a weak Devils team.
  9. I'm only on episode 5, and I agree, by far the worst of the 4 shows. The fight scenes are terrible so far, and there is waaay too much "Explaining exactly what's going on, even though if you've been watching you already have figured it out." It lacks a distinct Villain so far. And the main character isn't terribly likeable. I'll stick it out so I'm caught up for the Defenders, but the quality of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage probably had my hopes too high for Iron Fist.
  10. You can tell we've been hurt too much, when things are looking good and we are all just holding our breath waiting for it all to flip around again.
  11. Ok, I must have missed that on the replay. At that point in the game, I would hope it was a real penalty. None of the players seemed to know who it was called on when it happened, and neither did the announcers.
  12. Looked to me like he got cross checked into his legs. Didn't look like he did anything intentional. Buy hey, I'll take it!
  13. Thank goodness for that phantom interference call. That was a terrible call.
  14. amazing. Good for them for bouncing back after a thrashing against the Panthers. In other good news: Islanders Lose Flyers Lose Panthers Lose Sens Lose Bruins trailing, but they'll probably come back and win because the Leafs can't have that good a night.