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  1. 2017/18 season

    I think they are holding on to Quebec and Houston as relocation destinations for each conference. I still think we will see a team back in Quebec City within the next 5 years, whether it's Florida or Carolina, they can't keep bleeding money forever.
  2. Why is Polak on the ice against the Oilers. Seems obvious that Edmonton will try to exploit that.
  3. 2017/2018 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    I love how quickly people switch back and forth between Marner and Nylander as to which one should be traded for a d-man. Early in the season Nylander was untouchable, now he's being traded for just about anybody that might be available.
  4. God damnit. With Martin out of the lineup, they were supposed to dominate! Now Babs is never gonna sit him again.
  5. Roy Halladay dies in plane crash

    Best pitcher I ever got to see live. RIP Doc.
  6. Toronto Sports Radio Wars

    I don't think it's Envy, I don't want to be him, I don't want to have a podcast, or write sports articles.
  7. That first period was hard to watch, but the Leafs were the better team after that. Maybe chalk it up to back to back in different cities. Agreed, those turnovers in the 1st were just awful, way too many times they would try to shoot the puck out only to have it blocked at the line by LA.
  8. I watched up to Marleau's goal in the 3rd. 1st and 3rd period were much better. 2nd period there were times they were pinned in their own zone too long, and the penalties did not help that. But Andersen played better again, Bozak had his best game of the year by far. Hope they can build on this against LA.
  9. That's another thing to remember, they are currently 7-5 with pretty terrible goaltending to this point. I thought Andersen played better last night, and hopefully he can get back on track, but there were months last season where Andersen was on fire. If he can get hot, the leafs can rack up some more wins. They obviously need to improve Defensively, but the goaltending hasn't helped much so far.
  10. Damnit 4th line. Bring back Leivo
  11. 2017/2018 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    Leivo looked like the best player on the Leafs against Philly, got another point. Does he stay in the lineup?
  12. U.S. Election Night

    Monday should be interesting!
  13. Toronto Sports Radio Wars

    I'm sure he's fine. I just hated his youtube videos, hate his writing, etc.