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  1. 2017/2018 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    I'm ok with Matthews staying out a bit longer. As long as he gets a couple games before the playoffs start, there is no reason to rush him.
  2. Completely Random News

    That's brutal. Worse than firing him via Text.
  3. Completely Random News

    Word is that Rex Tillerson was advised he was out as Secretary of State a couple days ago, before he came out and said that Russia was clearly involved. Doesn't make it much better, as the new guy Pompeo is much less into diplomacy and much more into military action.
  4. 2017/2018 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    Poor Leivo. Hope Johnsson can make the 2nd power play unit work!
  5. Hockey Pool 2016/17

    picked the wrong week to have my worst week of the season. Sigh, eliminated in the first round. Thanks a lot Auston Matthews.
  6. 2017/2018 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    Seeing what Tampa gave up for McDonagh I think the Leafs and others were going after him too, but Tampa was willing to give up more. I was hoping for something like Hjalmarsson out of Phoenix. Oh well. We are stuck with Polak it seems.
  7. NHL Trade Deadline 2018

    I understand, and I don't expect they will trade him, but considering the package Nash brought back, and JvR is the better player, younger, etc.
  8. NHL Trade Deadline 2018

    right? Makes me wish the Leafs would trade JvR, he's gotta have huge value in this market.
  9. Nash is an old man now, since being traded to the rangers, he's only had more than 45 pts once. They gave up a lot to get him too.
  10. Leafs acquire Tomas Plekanec

    If it helps Babcock trust his 3rd or 4th line more against tougher opponents, I'm all for it. This should give Matthews and Kadri more time to spend on offence. Centre is the position where they had almost no depth, so they needed to add something, especially with Matthews hurt again.
  11. 2018 Winter Olympics

    Not many events left. Mens and Womens Speed Skating - Mass start - could get something there. Canada could still get Bronze in hockey, and 4-man bobsleigh Canada 1 is sitting in 4th after 2 runs, still within striking distance of the podium. Would be amazing to reach 30 medals, but either way a pretty awesome performance at these Olympics, best medal count ever, even with only medaling in 1 of 3 curling events.
  12. 2017/18 season

    Lots of high end D, a few high end wingers and almost no Centres. Dahlin is far and away at number 1, Svechnikov and Zadina battling it out for 2 and 3. Next tier is probably 4 to 11 or so, including Tkachuk, Hughes, Boqvist, Merkely and a few others. I love the prospect coverage at the Athletic - Scott Wheeler and Corey Pronman go into a lot of depth about the draft prospects in the first couple rounds.
  13. 2018 Winter Olympics

    I love ski and snowboard cross, so much fun to watch! Missed this live, going to go back and watch the final now.
  14. 2018 Winter Olympics

    Canadian Mens hockey team squeaks past Finland 1-0 and will face either Sweden or Germany in the Semi-Finals