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  1. That sucks. Thoughts go out to Emma and her family, hope for some good news.
  2. AA did move a lot of pieces, but not many of them have really turned into anything for the teams that acquired them. And what I loved about AA was his drafts, he loved drafting pitchers early on, as he knew that if he needed to make a trade, pitching prospects are what everybody is looking for. I do like what Shapiro has done with the International signings, and drafting Bichette looks like a great move. It's impossible to know how different the team would be with AA at the helm. But I think he would have gotten more done at the trade deadline. It's pointless to have guys here that aren't going to contribute to this team in 2-3 years. To think that this same group is going to bounce back next season when they are another year older is ridiculous.
  3. They seem so paralyzed with fear that attendance might go down if they trade away big name players. Big deal, it will go down if your old ass team sucks as bad as they have and you don't do anything to get younger. On a good note, Bo Bichette is hitting even better since getting promoted (hitting .410 in 20 games). Vladdy Jr has had a slight dip in production, but he is only 18.
  4. I'm not even looking for anything of significance. Trade the Free agents to be at least!
  5. I'm starting to get the feeling that they aren't going to do anything at all before the deadline. This makes me sad. Bring back AA.
  6. Ugh, can all media just agree not to interview Atkins and Shapiro anymore. I don't know how many more times I can hear them say they are trying to make the team better now and years from now, without giving up any prospects.
  7. Does that put them at 49 contracts, leaving 1 for Brown? Meaning they can't sign anybody else until they make a move.
  8. Definitely more now than a few years back. I think Chicago and LA were some of the early adopters of Analytics and using it to help decide on players, and it worked well for them. Meanwhile the current Colorado Avalanche are ,and the Burke era Leafs were, very Anti-analytics, to not so great outcomes. I don't think any GM makes their decision on analytics alone, but instead use it as one of many tools to assess their players.
  9. Bo Bichette and Vladdy Jr promoted to Single A Dunedin after the Futures Game (they will be the youngest participants on their respective World/US teams). Can't wait to see if they can keep it up at a higher level, as they have been destroying the ball in Lansing. This is why I think Jays should look to rebuild this season, trade guys that won't be around in two years for young pitchers and other position players to compliment those two stud prospects. Keep Sanchez, Stroman, Travis. Trade everybody else you can. Sure would be a rough couple years, but it needs to be done.
  10. Which is fine, except they gave him a full No Movement Clause. Anyway, I'm really not worried about it, I think they have more things planned.
  11. Don't worry, The Leafs will win the cup the next two years, then Matthews and Marner will both take a hometown discount to go for the 3-peat. This is Toronto, what could possibly go wrong?
  12. Capitals are going to be in Cap hell for a while, though I think Kuznetsove makes more sense long term than Oshie. 14 players signed for $65 million. $9 million cap space left to fill out the team.
  13. I'm thinking that Shapiro/Atkins aren't going to be shy about trading away anybody they can. Especially after these recent AL East Series. Smoak is at his Highest Value... ever. Donaldson is still awesome. Not sure they can trade Martin or Tulo, but they will try!
  14. Considering what was available in free agency, I'm ok with Hainsey and Moore on short term deals. Hainsey can play the right side with Rielly, and Moore gives you a decent 4th line centre for dirt cheap. The fact that they were trying to get Hamonic, I wouldn't be surprised if they are still exploring options via trade too. I'm thinking they might trade JVR for D help, and then sign Marleau short term to take his spot.