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  1. Not too surprising, he has been awful this season. Nice guy, but doesn't have it anymore. So if the Jays get destroyed over the next 2 weeks by Baltimore, Boston, New York and Houston, will they blow it up? Start adding pieces to go with Bo Bichette and Vladdy jr in the minors?
  2. Good point, they needed to make a move, and got back a pretty good piece.
  3. Sergachev is pretty highly rated, so could go either way. Habs need scoring, Drouin will help there, but Tampa getting another possible stud D-man is pretty good too.
  4. Are Leaf fans getting ideas? Good god I hope not, he's been awful the last few years, and getting worse.
  5. He scored 52 points with the Marlies last season. I'd say he and Leivo are about equal, but Rychel is younger. Too good for AHL, but not quite top 6 material. I think he'd fit on a 3rd line nicely (or higher on an expansion team).
  6. I'm thinking they'll take Rychel from that list. Maybe Leivo, but Rychel is younger.
  7. Expansion lists expected to be made public on June 18th, draft from 18-20. Should be fun to speculate once we get the lists, from the sounds of it, Vegas is making side deals with just about everybody in order to get extra draft picks.
  8. I'm not sure I'd even do 1 year, I think guys like Connor Brown, Kasperi Kapanen deserve the roster spot over a washed up Kovi. It's not like he's been lighting up the KHL while he's been away, and he won't be as fast as he once was at this age. Maybe as a 3rd liner and power play specialist? But then he's not going to get the money he wants for that role.
  9. I don't think Nashville is untalented, they just have their talent on defense, instead of forwards. They don't have to resort to playing a Trap to have a chance. I think the loss of Johansen hurts them, as they don't have the depth to deal with a loss of one of their top forwards. In all though, if the Penguins win again, it really gives me hope for the Leafs. Pens are built with strong centres and a good goaltender. Add in some talented wingers, and piece together some defense with whatever you can find. Sounds a lot like what Shanahan is building here.
  10. This 4-gamer against the Yankees should be interesting. If they can continue the hot hitting, they definitely have a chance to make up some ground.
  11. Those rumours/suggestions started back when Willy was having trouble sticking on Matthews line, but that got sorted out and he played much better as the season went on. Both are great players, Willy has the edge right now, but I think Marner might be better long term. They would be crazy to trade any of Matthews/Nylander/Marner at this point. See what you can get for JVR, Komorov, etc. See what you have in Nielsen, Dermott, Lindgren plus new guys Rosen and Borgman. Add some more D in the draft. No need to move a big part of your young core just yet.
  12. Who cares, they are both Leafs for a long long time.
  13. Or maybe another Contract dump like they did for Michael Grabner of some lower level prospects for a 3rd or 4th liner.
  14. Good thing the Flames resolved their Goaltending last offseason...
  15. If the Hockey gods exist, the Bruins will lose these two games and have to face Washington in the first round.