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  1. Stanley Cup Final - Vegas Knights / Washington Capitals

    I do hate Bettman and the league, keeping teams in places that can't properly support them. Expanding much too fast. Stupid TV Deals. So yeah, I'm cheering for Vegas. And I do think they will win. They had no problem with the Jets, who I think are a better team than the Caps.
  2. Mark Hunter is officially out. He and the Leafs "Mutually agreed to part ways" according to Shanahan. I'm interested to see who Dubas brings in as assistants. I've heard possibly Brandon Pridham might get elevated, and maybe Ron Francis gets brought in.
  3. 2018 Toronto Blue Jays

    That might be the case for Vlad, but it doesn't explain why Morales is still the DH when they have plenty of options at AAA that can hit. Or why Grichuk was starting for so long before they finally went with Hernandez. Or why Biagini gets the starts over Borucki, McGuire or Gaviglio who have all outperformed him at AAA. It just seems like they are doing just enough to seem like they are trying to win, without trying too hard.
  4. 2018 Toronto Blue Jays

    I know they will keep saying that they want Vlad Jr to work on defense, and that's why he isn't in the majors. Does anybody really believe that? I think they want to look like they are trying to compete, but would be happy if they are well out of the race by the trade deadline. Boston and New York are soo far ahead of the Jays in terms of talent right now, they know they can't compete with them this year. But, at the deadline if you deal Happ, Estrada, Donaldson, Smoak, Pillar, any reliever worth a damn, you can stock up on high prospects to help the team starting next year, build around Hernandez, Vlad Jr., Bichette, Alford, Stroman, Sanchez.
  5. Toronto Raptors Thread

    Didn't he just win coach of the year? He was a good coach, but man he was terrible at adjusting things mid game or mid series.
  6. Finally. Although we all knew it was going to happen, I was starting to get a little nervous that it had taken so long. I'm interested to see what moves he makes this summer. Also, so long Polak!
  7. West Semi-Final: Vegas vs San Jose

    I'm not sure how much it's a slap in the face. I think the other GMs screwed this up. No movement clauses and cap space issues forced them to expose players that they otherwise wouldn't. They undervalued some of their players, who have excelled in greater roles. A lot of credit should be given to Gerard Gallant too, showing he's a hell of a coach. Really, I think the only advantage given to Vegas was at goalie. In the past that was the main reason expansion teams took so long to improve.
  8. Yeah, that worked out great. Realistically who are you going to get? I don't see Steve Yzerman or David Polie going anywhere. Other than those two, there are other big name GMs, but none that really blow me away as Must haves. Dubas has done well with Sault Ste Marie and the Marlies. I'm interested to see what he can do with the Leafs.
  9. I can't imagine either one would want to be a Co-GM. I think Dubas is the choice, especially considering there is already interest in him around the league.
  10. Leafs sign Par Lindholm

    Well they needed centres, so this is a good start. I'm surprised they didn't sign some of the college free agents this year.
  11. I hope they don't sign Carlson. Find a team that has lots of RD depth (Calgary comes to mind). Trade a couple of our winger prospects for one of their d prospects
  12. I hope that Management realizes now that you have to take Babcocks toys away. If Komorov doesn't get injured, does Johnsson even get into the series? I'm a little concerned about what they are going to do at 3rd and 4th line centre.
  13. Freddie is fine, work on fixing the defense in front of him, bring up pickard or sparks to play more games at backup. Hopefully he'll have more in the tank come playoff time. I'm sure Freddie is beating himself up a lot today, those first 2 goals in the 3rd period need to be saved. After that the whole team just fell apart as Boston stopped everything they were doing. Also, I hope the Leafs were taking notes of how Boston plays with the lead in the third period. Don't let the opposition carry the puck in, try to force turnovers and counter attack.
  14. But they didn't pressure the puck carrier either really, they seemed to try to do both but ended up doing neither. Considering the two defensemen who did it, I'm not sure it's the coaches fault.
  15. Those 2-on-1s were hard to watch. Take the pass away, why aren't you taking the pass away, oh dear god why are you lying on the ice sliding into the net when he hasn't passed it yet.