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  1. I’d keep Zaitsev unless there is an obvious upgrade.... which I don’t see. Moving Marleau/Brown is sufficient
  2. Stanley Cup Final

    Have Kadri on the ice and Marleau in the pressbox and the leafs probably take out the Bruins. It was so close.
  3. I'm interested to know how long Gardiner is schedule to be out for....
  4. Anyone else worried about the Matthews' surgery announcement. It wasn't the main part. But they said he was still experiencing back pain. That worries me about him. Sounds a bit injury prone.
  5. It was the polar opposite of Dubas who took more responsibility than I thought was reasonable.
  6. The way Babcock ditched the post game presser was cowardly and pathetic. I lost respect for him big time.
  7. I'm thinking he starts at 3rd line RW with Kadri.
  8. The only position we can afford to subtract from is right wing. Kapanen and Brown are our ideal trade bait. Both should be gone to realign our depth. We need two top 6 on each wing. We need Kadri and another 3rd line quality centre in the fold for injuries. Hyman Tavares Marner Johnsson Matthews Nylander That's the top 6 we need to bank on.
  9. Babcock hasn't won much in the new NHL based on speed/skill.
  10. I have absolutely no confidence in Babcock. But what matters more is how Dubas constructs the roster next season.
  11. I agree with you in theory. But I don't want them trading any speed for that size.
  12. They don't need more size. ugh.
  13. Grapes puts the third goal squarely on Reilly.
  14. Call him a taxi tonight and leave his ass on the curb.