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  1. Leafs offense still not getting attacks from the high slot. Not good enough.
  2. ..... my feeling of dread with that call went way up.
  3. Leafs offence is one and done too often.
  4. Special teams was a problem last year in the playoffs. The PP has been a mess since November. The PK has been mediocre for 3 years. That's on the coaches.
  5. How is it the ghost of Chara can walk the line laterally more than the whole leafs d? The shifts before the leafs d was so static.
  6. Nylander needs to put those pucks in the net and the leafs d needs to attack the high slot at some point. Way too many shots coming from the blue line t the boards.
  7. Leafs have been giving up the high slot for free off the rush. Its ugly and leaky.
  8. My fear is the Marleau/Brown combination and the GOAT. I'd put Moore - Nylander - Brown out as our third line. Marleau is getting caved in out there.
  9. I hate our bottom 6 line construction right now.
  10. oh you know this means the conference final is destined to be Islanders vs Leafs.
  11. Yes and no. Depends on the person and the force and angles involved. So many variables. Concussions are not simple science.
  12. Kadri got treated mercifully with the remainder of the first round ruling. I really hope the Leafs win this series and Naz can atone for his mistakes in later rounds.