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  1. Where the hell is Lou? This team should not be standing pat.
  2. I'm really stoked to see all the side assets Vegas has assembled.
  3. I'd trade the farm to get Dumba and Manson from Vegas. 2 firsts, Brown, plus to get it done.
  4. Brown is exactly the type of player we need to send in a package once his entry level deal is up. Sentimentality to a mid-6 winger is what kills team development.
  5. Its been years of all the old white dudes complaining about PK Subban having too much personality. Waiting for it to end.....
  6. Larry Brooks reporting Leafs express interest in Kovalchuk. No thanks in my opinion.
  7. There is no doubt Mark Hunter is next in line.
  8. bernier...... soglad we ditched him for freddie.
  9. People keep talking about having to trade Nylander to get a top 2 defenseman. So maybe not? At this point Nylander looks more dangerous and better. Better playoffs better WHC
  10. Who is better Nylander or Marner? Is it age difference?
  11. The leafed that good.
  12. As much as Polak has been a good foot soldier, he is obsolete now.
  13. In Dreger's interview with Babcock at the world championship, Babcock said to expect multiple new additions to the team to be signed/announced after the WC.
  14. Defencemen asap
  15. Really wish they could have lowered that AAV a bit, but oh well. Hopefully this fucker plays well for the 7 years.