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  1. I hear you and it’s a rock and a hard place split second panicked decision. Ultimately in that moment, It doesn’t seem like she was willing to take a burnt hand to save the lady’s face. It’s going to cost her.
  2. Sounds like his girlfriend is a dumbass.
  3. topic for discussion: Babcock / Keefe / Leafs

    I don’t want you to share your wet dreams.
  4. NHL Offseason 2019

    My thoughts exactly.
  5. Dubas does seem to be doing a lot of work at the fringes of the roster.
  6. This time he is our cap saviour
  7. NHL Offseason 2019

    What the heck were the flames thinking?!
  8. Leafs Acquire Kerfoot, Barrie

    Kadri was paid third line centre money. Let’s not pretend his salary was anything but a bargain.
  9. I think Marner and Matthews are of equal value adjusted for positions, then let's look at that. If we took Matthews as his salary comparable and adjusted down for being a winger that would be $ 10.44 million per year for Marner on a 5 year term. Since Auston took 5 years.
  10. Sure in the old salary system you overpaid for UFAs. The young kids are fighting to be paid earlier. When tonnes of these UFAs aren't living up to their cap hits. I agree that paying Matthews over 10 million was ill-advised. I'm wondering what you think the premium paid for a centre should be?
  11. 8-11.5 million. Thanks to the Panarin contract.
  12. Leafs Acquire Kerfoot, Barrie

    Recently, Scott Wheeler from the athletic has said his offensive upside has hit a wall. Projecting a #5 at best. Most reports I have read have consistently been guarded about his projection.
  13. Leafs Acquire Kerfoot, Barrie

    Overall I agree with your outlook. I'd be cautious about thinking Lilegren can play on the second pair. It seems like his upside is diminishing.
  14. What is your definition of elite or star? Can we agree that Marner is one of the best 30 wingers in the NHL right now? I think he is already there. He’s probably in the top 15. Think about 2 years from now is he top 5? He’s also not asking for the highest salary in the NHL. He’s asking for Matthews/Tavares money.