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  1. I think the pictures would be more 'interesting' if we renamed it "tank-top nation"
  2. JVR and Bozak are also on the 4th line with kessel?
  3. What a save...we are officially cursed. Get out the chicken
  4. We're better than the best! No puck luck even needed! Kessel has no shots? Which goalie would get the win?
  5. Bernier...had taco bell for lunch apparently
  6. Yeah...like one good draft pick will solve this teams problems... Too many leaks in this boat....
  7. New Layout

    Like the look on my computer, BUT the layout no longer works on my android mobile phone....use to show a mobile version before but now it shows full version on my phone....
  8. Gameday: Stars @ Leafs - 22 November

    Eight? That's close to the square root of 69......(Eight something....aka....ate something)
  9. Wilson is a great coach when he has the talent/players to excute his gameplan. When will he realize that he needs to work backwards and find a different strategy to win with the talent he has today. He should try something drastic because it looks like the same team comes out every night with the same gameplan, with the same crappy outcome. Sure you can't blame everything on the coach but at what point do you say that his style won't work with this group.... I hope we can string together 2-3 wins over the next 4 games to get us back on track but unlikely....bad PP and bad PK is a recipe for disaster (how can a team look that bad on a 5-3 PP)....they need more one-timers (ON NET!). I call for a win tonight, as long a few bounces go our way and our goaltending is 'average' at the least!
  10. Gameday: Rangers @ Leafs

    that was painful to watch.... I guess that's what we get with average goaltending, below average offense and no PP. Would be nice if our goaltenders could 'steal' a game like this once in a while. IMO...Leafs need to practice their one-timers more often, that extra second is just making the oppostion block everything easily. And turnovers....killing us the last few games...rinse and repeat! This juggling of all the lines each game is not working... Keep the lines more stable for a while to let the guys get a feel for each other. Thumbs up for Capputi (sp?)...hopefully his energy is contagious.
  11. If I was Avery, I'd watch my back. I think Kessel has a secret half-brother