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  1. Nice to see we’re using a 4th line that makes sense.
  2. I'm not saying keep him with his old linemates. But at least put him with someone that makes a little bit of sense. I figured the Martin-Marner pairing was a one-two game stint. I think it's time to try him with players that can get open and/or shoot. -- I'm sure Babcock has a reasoning to this madness, but after so many games, I don't see the point anymore.
  3. Matt Martin 3rd line and JVR 4th line. I'm not getting these lines, or how this sets up Marner for some success.
  4. Toronto Sports Radio Wars

    Really enjoyed SteveDangle for a long time. Started following him pretty early into his YouTube days - but lately his screaming and yelling annoys me. He had a podcast episode (or appearance) where he was SCREAMING for what felt like 10 minutes, and ever since it just hasn’t been the same for me 😂
  5. Not watching yet. How are the lines looking?
  6. 2017/2018 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    I read a quote where Babcock said Marleau was acquired to be a winger for the organization, but given that their last stretch it's appropriate to put him at centre. That tells me it's more a temporary thing.
  7. 2017/2018 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    It’s really hard for me to be stoked about these lines when we’re putting point producers on a line with Martin. Just feels like such a waste to me. Although reading online, it seems like the general view is positive. Getting to see Leivo in a non-4th line role. The breakup of JVR-Bozak. Marleau playing center. Carrick with Gardiner. And Bozak a 4th Liner.
  8. D-man tearing the SHL. Nasty hands.
  9. Feels weird having confidence in my team. #HereComesTheLoss
  10. This has to be a motivational tool (however you want to look at it) to get Marner going... or to get Bozak/JVR to wake up (as Jordan mentioned). To shed some light on it, I'm excited to see Brown get some scoring time.
  11. Definitely. I'm the guy that wanted to sign Sean Avery when nobody wanted him. I love that Kadri is a shithead.
  12. Can't wait to watch Kadri play like a dirt bag <3
  13. Leafs acquire G Cal Pickard

    Good goalie. We don't know what he is yet because he plays for Colorado (similar to Dubnyk when he played for Edmonton). His stats are actually pretty strong considering he played on a terrible squad. -- At the very least, he's a more than adequate back-up. But I see some potential upside for sure.
  14. Martin / Leivo - Aaltonen - Brown I think this will be our 4th line come regular season. I'd rather it be Brown - Aaltonen - Kapanen, and then we have 4 scoring lines. Our depth would be incredible for scoring. But Babs loves Martin.
  15. Training Camp 2017

    Babcock says Marleau is going in Browns spot. Very firmly stating Hyman stays with Matthews. Also stated Brown will have a role. Just not sure what it is yet.