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  1. It'll be good to have Komarov outta the lineup for a few games. Gives us a chance to see if we miss him or not.
  2. I would be very happy re-signing Bozak at his current cap hit.
  3. How much do y'all think Bozak will fetch on his next contract? And JVR as well? JVR will probably be out of our price range, as he's pretty much a proven 30+ goal scorer now.
  4. I got a little soft spot for Bozak, especially lately.
  5. Is there any chance JVR and/or Bozak would take a discount to stay with the Leafs? Or would that still not be enough to keep our salary cap in check after resigning Matthews/Marner/Nylander?
  6. After the optional morning skate, Babcock was asked if he projects Johnsson to be a full-timer next season. He said "I think so, for sure" -- "But in saying that, our job is to find more players. That's the beauty about hockey. The truth is not the truth tomorrow. If you get someone better... that's just the way it is."
  7. 2017/2018 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    Komarov practicing on the 1st line with Marleau and Kadri. Cool!
  8. Completely Random News

    Oh, I understand what you mean now lol. I think you'll see the next US election will have someone riding the coat tails of federally legalizing weed. Probably would've happened already if they didn't have a 2-party system.
  9. Completely Random News

    What's wrong with a white person?
  10. Don't worry he'll be gone in a few weeks. ... doesn't even make me feel better.
  11. Plekanec scores tonight and gets the boys buzzin
  12. The Last Movie You Watched

    Wow for some reason I thought this happened 2004 lol
  13. The Last Movie You Watched

    Watched "I, Tonya" last night with the gf. Honestly, I don't recall this ever happening or the media surrounding it all... so I didn't have any nostalgia from it like my girlfriend seemed to have (she remembers the media coverage back 10+ years ago when it occurred). It left me feeling confused, as if I'm not sure what I was supposed to learn from the movie. Almost felt like the film was just trying to make excuses for what happened. It was the moms fault. It was the fat idiots fault. It was the husbands fault. Not hers. My girlfriend loved it though.
  14. 2017/18 season

    2nd game with the Blues... Soshnikov leaves the game with an injury. Guy can’t catch a break.
  15. JVR delay-of-game penalty lookin' about as stupid as his penalty shot attempt last night in Tampa.