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  1. Feels weird having confidence in my team. #HereComesTheLoss
  2. This has to be a motivational tool (however you want to look at it) to get Marner going... or to get Bozak/JVR to wake up (as Jordan mentioned). To shed some light on it, I'm excited to see Brown get some scoring time.
  3. Definitely. I'm the guy that wanted to sign Sean Avery when nobody wanted him. I love that Kadri is a shithead.
  4. Can't wait to watch Kadri play like a dirt bag <3
  5. Leafs acquire G Cal Pickard

    Good goalie. We don't know what he is yet because he plays for Colorado (similar to Dubnyk when he played for Edmonton). His stats are actually pretty strong considering he played on a terrible squad. -- At the very least, he's a more than adequate back-up. But I see some potential upside for sure.
  6. Martin / Leivo - Aaltonen - Brown I think this will be our 4th line come regular season. I'd rather it be Brown - Aaltonen - Kapanen, and then we have 4 scoring lines. Our depth would be incredible for scoring. But Babs loves Martin.
  7. Training Camp 2017

    Babcock says Marleau is going in Browns spot. Very firmly stating Hyman stays with Matthews. Also stated Brown will have a role. Just not sure what it is yet.
  8. Matthews lookin' like a much stronger breed of horse than the rest.
  9. It's really, really shitty hockey. Feels like everyone is going at 50%... even the guys that are fighting for jobs.
  10. Maybe it's just the moments I've paid attention, but Leivo looks like trash.
  11. 2017 Off-Season: NHL Edition

    I can't imagine another team making sense in Texas. Austin, Houston, and San Antonio - are all great sport cities, but they hardly handle minor pro hockey teams. I know there's other great options, but I think Seattle would do very well.
  12. 2017 Off-Season: NHL Edition

    Reports Former Texas Rangers CEO Chuck Greenberg close to buying Hurricanes for about $500 million
  13. 2017 Off-Season: TML Edition

    Who's the Tortora kid?
  14. 2017 Off-Season: TML Edition

    You need to learn this shit incase one day you land a GM position in the NHL. Wake up.
  15. 2017 Off-Season: TML Edition

    Can someone explain to me what this chart represents?