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  1. Ian Scott will be fun to watch too. Big kid, and has never had a good team in front of him. Not saying he'll pan out, but I'm definitely curious.
  2. Hearing they want 2, 1sts for Hamonic though. Not sure I'm okay with that.
  3. I was about to say that is such a misleading tweet for fans. Outside of that "soft spot" sentence, he made it pretty clear he has no interest in playing here.
  4. The event itself is a damn circus. But whatever. Take my money I guess. It's a disgrace to boxing.
  5. Rychel is already pretty close to "bust" status, no?
  6. Fox over at SportsNet thinking Leafs will protect Martin in the expansion, leaving a guy like Leivo vulnerable.
  7. Anybody have a clue what kind of player Kovalchuk is these days? Button was really emphasizing he'd be more of a role player. We all remember him from 2013 when he was prime. ... it'll be sad if Brown gets dealt. He's my Rudy lol.
  8. Brad, pay your damn bills so we can all benefit while you get nothing out of it. Thanks!
  9. I can only post from my mobile. Desktop doesn't work at all. Sure enough Puffy returns, and the place breaks.
  10. The forum software needs an upgrade most likely, or a license renewal. Definitely been buggy as shit lately.
  11. Anybody having some technical issues with LF.ca? It says I'm signed in as Kryl or Ryan most of the time - and keeps demanding an update from the admin.
  12. Yea, I think we're asking about Vlasic also. I'd prefer not to move Nylander... but Doughty would be something else. I'm not sure we'd part ways with the pieces to make a fair trade for him. You'd have to think it would be some sort of JVR package.
  13. Kucherov calls out TB linemates. "They got their money, and stopped working."
  14. Pierre LeBrun ESPN saying the Leafs are in heavy trade talks with the Kings regarding Doughty.