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  1. Yea, I think we're asking about Vlasic also. I'd prefer not to move Nylander... but Doughty would be something else. I'm not sure we'd part ways with the pieces to make a fair trade for him. You'd have to think it would be some sort of JVR package.
  2. Kucherov calls out TB linemates. "They got their money, and stopped working."
  3. Pierre LeBrun ESPN saying the Leafs are in heavy trade talks with the Kings regarding Doughty.
  4. We are winners regardless at this point. So proud the team. And if we do lose tonight, at least it's in front of the home crowd... as the boys will certainly receive a standing ovation.
  5. Andersen has been stellar this series. I'm worried the 5th goal in Game 4 might've taken some of his confidence away. This is my concern for tonight.
  6. I'm sorry... but the optimism and confidence on these boards as of late is the reason for tonight's loss. Cut the shit.
  7. Glad he's dead. But really hoped he wouldn't have got "off" so easy.
  8. Good to see Matthews find some success this series. He's the type of guy that will vibe off that by getting comfortable. Marner is just an absolute artist, and is beautiful to watch. And Gardiner, I just cannot trust. I feel like I see him constantly doing boneheaded plays... but then I think he plays the most ice time against the hardest competition, so fancy stats would probably say I'm an idiot. Anyways, enjoying it. But pumped to lose the series 4-2 now.
  9. Damn, thought we would lose for sure ... Kadri. I love that little bastard.
  10. It wrecked my night.
  11. Good thing we fed our boy his wheaties this morning
  12. I'm just happy to be here. Bring on the loss.
  13. Anybody keeping up with the Steve Stephens story? I watched the video when he killed the old man. Broke my heart.