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  1. Babs

    What can we learn from the Cup champions both this year and last year and how Babs coaches?Pitts has 3 elite forwards and by the time the dust settled with the coaching change and the new coach became familiar with his team, those 3 players were played on 3 separate lines. Chicago has 2 elite forwards and rarely do they play on the same line. This spread out the wealth made defending against these teams extremely difficult. The Kessel line looked very good and was very effective during the playoffs and that was most likely due to the elite player Kessel elevating the games/effectiveness of his linemates. Crosby doesn't score for 7 games yet Pitts still wins the Cup. Talent is essential to win championships but so is depth so having the talent spread out rather than concentrated, the quality of Pitts' depth was seemingly greater and an essential component of their Cup win.What does this have to do with Babs, when he was coaching Detroit Datsyuk and Zetterberg rarely played together no matter how desperate the team was for more offense. Babs has always spread out the wealth on his teams and we've seen that he wouldn't improve Kadri's linemates to find more offense. TO might have Marner and Matthews on the team this year but I doubt we'll ever see them playing together as this isn't how Babs coaches which I think is the best way to maximize all of the assets of a team. Maybe Marner and Matthews will someday be good enough to win a scoring championship but I think on a Babs coached team they would have to do it with players like Kane plays with on Chicago rather than doing it together on one line.I look at teams like Dallas and Anaheim and basically they load up one line which is very successful during the regular season but as a Cup winning strategy will probably always be wanting in the cap era.
  2. Your dream team of 23 players for 79 mil, didn't account for bonuses, there are 5 rookies on the team and they are probably eligible for another 4 mil. in bonuses. Also all team's rosters must be cap compliant by the beginning of next year and can only exceed the new cap ceiling by 10% from the end of the season till the beginning of next year and this would include LTIR player's salaries. Don't think it's doable as Stamkos alone will bring the Leafs up to around 74 mil.
  3. Really? Babs wanted to ease Nylander into the NHL as a winger with the intention of ultimately being a center, the Marlies used him as a center to prepare him for center duty in the NHL.
  4. I believe Matthews is also a shot first type of center, his scoring stats of goals and assists are nearly equal.
  5. Stamkos this year, 77 gp with 64 pts, +/- +3. Kessel this year 82 gp with 59 pts, +/- +9. Is Stamkos a huge upgrade to Kessel, is he worth 2 mil. per more, his scoring stats appear to be in steady decline. His 4 most productive years were 2009 to 2013 and he was worth 10 mil. but now I don't think TB has lowballed him at 8.5 and maybe they are willing to pay him because of what he was. Stamkos might be able to offer TO intangibles that Kessel wasn't able/willing to offer but at say 9 or more mil. per he needs to be scoring. In the TB games against TO Stamkos hasn't impressed me this year and for the type of money he might get to play for TO he needs to be impressive every night and in every way. I say pass.
  6. I don't feel that Marlie success is an adequate substitute.
  7. Actually I believe it's the passion for the Leafs that unites us all.
  8. This was quite the win for the Marlies, Bridgeport has 3 recognizable names of which 1 is Matt Finn meanwhile the Marlies have a team with 4 career AHL lifers, 3 of which have extensive to some NHL experience.
  9. 2016 Off Season discussion

    5'10", 168 lbs?
  10. This is a good thing because TO should expect the Marlies will give TO the 3rd most bounty of NHL talent of all the AHL teams in the past has supplied. For me, this is all that matters.
  11. 2016 Off Season discussion

    I don't think that's right for LTIR players but feel free to digest the newest contract, good luck on that. If you are right TO would essentially become a 60 mil. cap team in a 74 mil. cap ceiling world. Trades are becoming a rare occurrence during the regular season, summer is when teams do most of the roster maneuvering.
  12. 2016 Off Season discussion

    One of the biggest problems with Robidas and Lupul on IR and not LTIR is that going into next season they are counted against the cap so during the most active trading period, the summer, TO is only allowed to have roster contracts that exceed the cap by 10% but after training camp roster costs need to conform to the cap ceiling. Horton's contract never affects TO's cap so long as he remains on LTIR. Lupul and Robidas are dead weight so being able to sign say Stamkos is going to be interesting and probably only possible if TO has a good supply of cheap talent, the Marlies perhaps.