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  1. Comeback you asshole.

  2. So what's been going down this season?
  3. Guess what boys.. First Leafs game this season I've got to watch. Woo.
  4. Random Thoughts #2

    But loves their nuggets.
  5. TFC 2014

    So a shirt sponsor is as obtrusive as stopping the game the players have purposely gathered to play, just for a commercial? Righty-o, time for me to step back from this argument. I'm done (again). I like you.
  6. TFC 2014

    I give up. You're all twats.
  7. TFC 2014

    Lol, what? My defense of shirt sponsors is that its valuable income that's relatively unobtrusive to the game being played. Unlike when games are purposely stopped (not when there's a natural break in play) to fit commercials in. IMO It's crap for the fans who actually bothered to go to the game. And I tend to find there's plenty of time to get a beer, have a piss, scratch my arse during period intervals. And everyone knows there's no point explaining offside/icing to the girlfriend. Get real.
  8. TFC 2014

    Yeah pal, we should just interrupt the game instead, that'd be better.
  9. TFC 2014

    Eat fresh.
  10. TFC 2014

    So it's better to stop the play, mid-game to show commercials on TV, rather than have a club sponsor on the shirt? Lol indeed. "Sorry folks, we're going to stop the game for a moment. All the people at home, who haven't forked out the money for tickets and haven't made the effort to actual go to the games, need to have Subway commercials forced at them". 'Murrican logic right there.
  11. TFC 2014

    It honestly boggles my mind that they get away with it. They'd be a riot if they tried to introduce something like it Europe.
  12. TFC 2014

    Fuck interrupting live games for tv advertising. Madness.
  13. TFC 2014

    I wasn't debating the reasons. Just wouldn't like it from a viewing point of view. With the MLS there's less cup competitions so less games. In "jolly ol' England" there's competitions like the FA Cup, so as the season goes on you quite often have two games a week.
  14. TFC 2014

    I think NHL teams should play less in the regular season. It's ridiculous when teams have to play 3 in 4 nights, it's an obvious disadvantage an I honestly beleive you can have too much of a good thing. NFL goes too far the other way though.
  15. TFC 2014

    To be honest, 3 hockey games a week is a bit much IMO.