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  1. Toronto Raptors Thread

    Correct move.
  2. Toronto Raptors Thread

    Well, they won't blow it up, but I think they should.
  3. Toronto Raptors Thread

    LeBron is available this summer, but I think he goes to Philadelphia.
  4. Toronto Raptors Thread

    LeBron is just really good, the Raptors are weak minded.
  5. Toronto Raptors Thread

    LeBron is just incredible to watch. Holy shit.
  6. Preds did a spot-on impersonation of the Leafs tonight
  7. But it can be part of the solution.
  8. Move Willy then. Fred was garbage last night and one of the reasons we lost. How did that 5th goal go in?
  9. If we want Doughty, we gotta give up Lillypad, I'm afraid.
  10. Show some faith in Jake. Don't give up.
  11. Fuck it, go get Doughty. Or at least kick the tires on it. The D is a fucking mess. Yeah, defense isn't the only area they need help in, but start there.
  12. 1. This is no where near as bad as 2013. 2. Who didn't see this coming? 3. Shoulda lost in 5.
  13. This team will never learn how to protect a lead. Jesus Christ.