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  1. We're dominating 5 on 5, but I don't like our chances in Boston.
  2. Leafs are doing good, just can't score. That's a problem.
  3. Do you really expect the Leafs to be able to lock it down? I'll get my lucky rabbit's foot out.
  4. Chara flies in with a cross check.
  5. We were still in the game at that point. That's what pissed me off most about Naz's hit.
  6. That's probably a suspension for Naz.
  7. Yeah, this lead sure is safe. (rolls eyes)
  8. Dub is back! Just in time to watch us get humiliated again. I'm more than willing to be proven wrong.
  9. Wouldn't be surprised if Boston sweeps us.
  10. How many games do you think the Boston series goes? Wouldn't be surprised by a sweep.
  11. Another big L coming tonight, boys.