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  1. Shanny said in the presser that Mark wanted the job. I could see Hunter leaving the Leafs and going back to his job in London. Hopefully they both stay.
  2. Toronto Raptors Thread

    lebron is using ped's
  3. Toronto Raptors Thread

    The way less talented Pacers just took the cavs to 7 games, and now the raptors are looking they'll be disposed of by those same cavs in 4 games. Theres something wrong here and you eventually have to make changes. I dont think they'll blow up a 59 win team, so maybe a new coach will come in and a slight retool might happen. Turning Ibaka and Powell into something that can help this team would be great but they're both trash and on bloated contracts, so I cant see how they'll get anything more than some shitty expiring contracts for them.
  4. Toronto Raptors Thread

    Yeah, its about time some significant changes be made.
  5. 2017/18 season

    Sucks that he'll be in our division, but its better than Montreal
  6. 2017/18 season

    Pls win carolina
  7. Problem with the Gardiner situation is if you trade him you weaken your back end even more, unless you can turn him into another dman that plays a more steady game. I cant think of one team that has an abundance of steady top 4 dmen that they're looking to move for an offensive dman.
  8. Of course. But Doughty isnt the guy im moving Nylander for. Doughty would be amazing, just not at the cost of Nylander, imo. If columbus for some reason offered Werenski for Nylander, I'm taking that deal.
  9. Toronto Raptors Thread

    Bench has been bad this series. Missing FVV hurts for sure.
  10. No idea how they'll bring in a top 4 rhd. Sign the 'big' three Also sign Gardiner. If you cant, you trade him.
  11. well they gotta revamp that whole backend.