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  1. I mean, no one else took a discount. Why should he? I guess Tavares did, but the other two didnt.
  2. Not bad. I think Sparks will make like 800k, but that extra money goes towards Kap and Johnsson because I think they'll get a little bit more. Everything stays the same, Brown and Zaitsev need to go.
  3. Already know Marner isnt going to negotiate during the season, so I dont see why they rushed this Matthews deal.
  4. Dubas did not do well on this one at all. He realizes its early february and not late june, right?
  5. Not a fan of that price or term at all. I was thinking 6 so that Tavares comes off the books and that cap space can go the raises of Matthews and Marner.
  6. 6 years, less than 12 a year is fine by me. Not amazing, but good enough.
  7. Crazy how when the Leafs finally have some good RFA's, general managers plan to start using offer sheets. Seems legit.
  8. Blue Jays offseason 2018-19

    From Arash Madanis twitter
  9. Promoting Brown will definitely help the Leafs score goals lol Change the lines, but make at least make some smart changes.
  10. Point is, I wouldnt get worried by the record. If they played poorly, then maybe theres something there. But they've played them well and if they could keep that up for a 7 game series, they have a good chance of winning.
  11. Leafs need a top 4 dman, badly. The team isnt gonna win shit with Hainsey on the top pair.
  12. To be fair, they played well against the Lightning and the Bruins.