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  1. My mistake. I thought it was a minimum of 6 games. I love the energy Kadri has, but he has to be able to stop himself from crossing the line. Getting suspended in the playoffs twice in a row is infuriating to me.
  2. Kadri is done for the rest of the series since its an inperson. " What is the difference between a telephone hearing and an in-person hearing? If the Department of Player Safety determines that any Supplemental Discipline from an infraction will result in five games or less or a fine of more than $5,000, the hearing is conducted by phone. If the infraction might require a suspension of six games or more, the offending Player is offered the opportunity to an in-person hearing. In this case, the Player remains suspended until the hearing takes place. If the Player waives his right to an in-person hearing, the hearing will be conducted by phone." He's a fucking idiot
  3. Toronto Raptors Thread

    Raptors seem poised to make a nice run this year.
  4. Holy shit, forgot Brown could actually do that
  5. Of course, but like you said, they're hard to find. In a perfect world you have a couple Matthew Tkachuks in your lineup. But we need to avoid having the Matt Martins or Roman Polaks.
  6. Feel like thats what people said about the canucks after they lost to the bruins. Didnt work out so well for them.
  7. Meh, they're playing well. Just need to finish some of these chances and get some good goaltending.
  8. Only down one is a great 1st period. Hell yeah
  9. I get why they're comfortable with him there, but I just cant watch Pastranak/Marchand/Bergeron destroy Hainsey every shift again.
  10. Hainsey is a lefty playing right. All 4 of those guys are skilled enough to figure out how to play the right side. Does anyone honestly think that Hainsey playing his off side is better than Dermott/Muzzin/Gardiner playing their off side? Though, a Hainsey-Zaitsev pair would be fucking awful, even with sheltered minutes.
  11. I would think about. You definitely dont want to be the team to give him his next contract, so he should eventually be traded. I'd rather keep Matthews and Nylander together. But we dont have anyone else to play 3C, so I guess he'd have to make the move. I think Kadri gets moved either this offseason and or the one after that for a top 4 RHD, not a prospect.
  12. Freddy has bailed the team out a lot, so I'll cut him some slack. But pls snap out of it soon.