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  1. Season starts on Wednesday (26th) Sullinger out for 2-3 months after having his foot stepped on. Ended up needing surgery, so theres that. Battling for 2nd best again.
  2. Toronto Raptors Thread

    Dont think the Raptors have built up the dedicated fan base like the Leafs have, but they're on their way. Could definitely see it being similar to the Blue Jays.
  3. Toronto Raptors Thread

    Kawhi is a God.
  4. Toronto Raptors Thread

    He's been pretty weak for his standards since game 1. But yeah, its really the Kawhi and Pascal show. But now Pascal is hurt and is doubtful for game 4, so theres that. The season has gone to shit and Kawhi is outta here.
  5. Toronto Raptors Thread

    Everyone but Kawhi is choking. Kawhi is an animal though. By far the best player to ever wear a raptors jersey.
  6. "13. Some of my Russian sources aren’t buying that winger Ilya Mikheyev is picking between Toronto and Vegas. They think it is the Maple Leafs, and has been that way for a while." https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/31-thoughts-penguins-big-decisions-include-malkin/ Looks like they'll be getting another Russian too.
  7. Dubas has a lot to do to optimize the roster. Dont think he'll be able to pull it all off this offseason. Biggest priorities: Lock up Marner Get a top 4 RHD Be cap compliant. Would love for him to add a speedy power forward on the left side, but that might be asking too much. I think brown, Zaitsev and Kapanen will be traded this offseason.
  8. Idk about zaitsev. I thought he was solid in the playoffs. I think there may be a couple GM's out there that value him as a shutdown guy.
  9. Nylander is too young and talented to give up on now. Still have to try and get him to up his compete level consistently. I think a forward will be traded for right handed dman to play with Rielly. One of Johnsson, Kapanen or Kadri I think. Gotta address the special teams. PP and PK need to be better. And obviously have to make everything fit under the cap. Brown probably goes and maybe Zaitsev. I wish Marleau would fuck off, but he said he's still searching for a cup, so I guess he's here to stay.
  10. Looks to me that they havent changed shit. Send the puck to Marner, once he realizes he cant make a pass, send it to rielly who will either send it to matthews (who will also send it back to rielly) or he'll go right back to marner. The PP is predictable and they've been running the same shit all season. Doesnt look like they've made any adjustments.
  11. Hiller is just brutal too. Its not like our PP just went to shit in this series. Its been fucking garbage for a little while now and he's done shit all to try and fix it.
  12. So annoying seeing the first pp unit skate off after a minute. Just stay out there the whole time. The PK is so shit too. Special teams have killed us this series.
  13. My mistake. I thought it was a minimum of 6 games. I love the energy Kadri has, but he has to be able to stop himself from crossing the line. Getting suspended in the playoffs twice in a row is infuriating to me.
  14. Kadri is done for the rest of the series since its an inperson. " What is the difference between a telephone hearing and an in-person hearing? If the Department of Player Safety determines that any Supplemental Discipline from an infraction will result in five games or less or a fine of more than $5,000, the hearing is conducted by phone. If the infraction might require a suspension of six games or more, the offending Player is offered the opportunity to an in-person hearing. In this case, the Player remains suspended until the hearing takes place. If the Player waives his right to an in-person hearing, the hearing will be conducted by phone." He's a fucking idiot
  15. Toronto Raptors Thread

    Raptors seem poised to make a nice run this year.
  16. Holy shit, forgot Brown could actually do that
  17. Of course, but like you said, they're hard to find. In a perfect world you have a couple Matthew Tkachuks in your lineup. But we need to avoid having the Matt Martins or Roman Polaks.
  18. Feel like thats what people said about the canucks after they lost to the bruins. Didnt work out so well for them.
  19. Meh, they're playing well. Just need to finish some of these chances and get some good goaltending.
  20. Only down one is a great 1st period. Hell yeah
  21. I get why they're comfortable with him there, but I just cant watch Pastranak/Marchand/Bergeron destroy Hainsey every shift again.
  22. Hainsey is a lefty playing right. All 4 of those guys are skilled enough to figure out how to play the right side. Does anyone honestly think that Hainsey playing his off side is better than Dermott/Muzzin/Gardiner playing their off side? Though, a Hainsey-Zaitsev pair would be fucking awful, even with sheltered minutes.