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  1. It's happened a few times this season, the d man seems to pressure neither. I wish they'd tie up the passing option and let the keeper take the shooter. Fucking basics.
  2. Well if it doesn't work, surely him and Hyman can just swap back..
  3. Stick Kadri or Komarov to him like a limpet.
  4. I'm guessing with Lupul going we should be ok then.
  5. Random Thoughts #2

    Got the keys to my house on Monday, up to be rented out today.
  6. How do bonuses fit in with the salary cap?
  7. How's that a penalty Kadri got pushed into the keeper by the D man.
  8. What has Leivo got to do too get into the line up?
  9. Cheap expendable body who is trying to put himself in the shop window for next season.
  10. I'd go back too 2 D men on the powerplay. To many defensive fuck ups with 4 forwards.
  11. Could be worse, could be an even longer flight back to Toronto.
  12. The Great Dane played well, Marner will get his goal soon, and Gardiner needs to stop being a bone head.