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  1. Tbf Freddie has played 4 solid games. I'm not going to pin anything on him. Simply can't, he is phenomenal.
  2. We've won in Boston before, we can do it again. It looks like Boston tire in the last 10
  3. Fuck yes, cracking result. Don't recall seeing to much of Nylander though. However good to see Mango on the score sheet. Steady Freddie had a blinder again. A much better game. None of the bullshit from the Bruins, speed and bank passes seem to be the way ahead.
  4. Do the refs stay the same for the entire series or do they change them up?
  5. Steady Freddie did well Kadri, can't let his emotions get to him, that was fucking stupid, Bruins were running out of gas the more physical they play. We looked better when we stopped chasing the match up too. I'm surprised we didn't get a to many men penalty doing it tbh! 1-1 I'll take that, lets get to T.O. Play our speed game.
  6. They can be as angry as they like, they're not quick enough.
  7. Long slog to go yet, but we're looking good, these slags look doable.
  8. I'd say Nylander looks into it, thrown a few checks
  9. I still think we miss JVR, but what the fuck, lets beat these cunts, we're not going to check them off the ice but we can skate quicker than them.
  10. Why would you even challenge that? Fucking stupid.
  11. 2018/2019 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    What would sacking Babcock seriously achieve.
  12. We've got some people here that need to fuck off to their safe spaces. But we're not as bad as you guys.
  13. If Rielly got suspended because some cuck on the internet THOUGHT he'd said a homophobic slur I'd be pissed off. If it's not in the refs report, it didn't happen..