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  1. Fuck off, any decent judge should laugh that out of court.
  2. Looks like he is trying to keep his options open, three and six year deals for him will be team/cap friendly.
  3. So I'm guessing Marner signs once the season has started.
  4. Thank god for that!
  5. So we have a 4th rounder, any danger of Clarkson coming off LTIR? If he does, we're fucked?
  6. Trading him soon as he hits UFA he'll have to sign a lower deal. No cunt would sign him on these demands
  7. Leafs Acquire Kerfoot, Barrie

    Hopefully, I liked Naz alot, I think Babcock got the best out of him. Hope he does well
  8. Leafs Acquire Kerfoot, Barrie

    How is he progressing, admittedly I don't keep up with the Marlies as much as I should do.
  9. Leafs sign Jason Spezza

    If Marchand won us a cup I'd be the first on my knees to suck his cock.
  10. Kapanen and Johnsson re-signed

    Good deals, tradable if need be, lets get Marner locked up and see if we can get some D tied up.
  11. Don't want one cup, I want countless!
  12. topic for discussion: Babcock / Keefe / Leafs

    Why would Dubas take away players from Babcock? This I can't grasp, surely Babcock tells him the players he wants/or targets As Bs Cs and Dubas then works to sign them. Sounds like Dubas signs players and tells Babs to get on with it.
  13. For now, his body is young and can probably for the most part play through injuries. However I hope I hope I'm wrong, once he gets older and had a bit more wear and tear on him, will his body break down?
  14. Yeah he was, he was still using Reebok 9k skates, his last pair have finally worn out too. There are alot of players using all kinds of weird kit.
  15. Our PP is shite since he left..