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  1. topic for discussion: Babcock / Keefe / Leafs

    Why would Dubas take away players from Babcock? This I can't grasp, surely Babcock tells him the players he wants/or targets As Bs Cs and Dubas then works to sign them. Sounds like Dubas signs players and tells Babs to get on with it.
  2. For now, his body is young and can probably for the most part play through injuries. However I hope I hope I'm wrong, once he gets older and had a bit more wear and tear on him, will his body break down?
  3. Yeah he was, he was still using Reebok 9k skates, his last pair have finally worn out too. There are alot of players using all kinds of weird kit.
  4. Our PP is shite since he left..
  5. JVR a big guy who could play, sadly we let him walk.
  6. Shouldn't Dubas and Babcock be constructing the roster together, Babcock tells him what players he wants and Dubas tries to get them for him? As for Babcock, this guy has won the lot as a coach. I'm still with him.
  7. In the cap era, you're not going to be able to have 20 top end players, so mistakes and the odd crap player are to be expected. Would things be different if Kadri was playing, fuck knows. Most likely it is time for Gardiner to move on, Hainsey can go aswell tbf. I doubt we're able to get Marleau on Robidas Island, I'd have him in the press box personally.
  8. That character was based on Stuart Pierce
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0mLsS7Owxo
  10. I know, fully aware, however we have gone down the speed and skill route, not toughness and grit.
  11. Aye, for what you're giving up that is big, what player fits that bill? JVR was close and we let him walk.
  12. Where does it go in the line up? D man? 4th line banger? Also finding that unicorn of a gritter that can play and check (Kadri) Simmonds, Reaves and matey in Edmonton are the goto names. Personally I don't think we should add the grit, Goat should lay the body on more, he is a big guy, but then I'd rather have the players back checking than players banging in the corners when the puck is 50 feet away in the wrong direction.
  13. We haven't got a the skill set to play gritty (asides Kadri) we have to rely on our speed and skill.
  14. Bozak is/was a solid player, at the moment, I'd have him of Kadri.
  15. Bunch of cunts, our PK is piss poor, 5v5 we're the better team but killing (trying to) Fucks us. Hopefully they can regroup, and stick it to them in Boston. Still got the faith. We're still in this bitch.
  16. Tbf Freddie has played 4 solid games. I'm not going to pin anything on him. Simply can't, he is phenomenal.
  17. We've won in Boston before, we can do it again. It looks like Boston tire in the last 10
  18. Fuck yes, cracking result. Don't recall seeing to much of Nylander though. However good to see Mango on the score sheet. Steady Freddie had a blinder again. A much better game. None of the bullshit from the Bruins, speed and bank passes seem to be the way ahead.
  19. Do the refs stay the same for the entire series or do they change them up?
  20. Steady Freddie did well Kadri, can't let his emotions get to him, that was fucking stupid, Bruins were running out of gas the more physical they play. We looked better when we stopped chasing the match up too. I'm surprised we didn't get a to many men penalty doing it tbh! 1-1 I'll take that, lets get to T.O. Play our speed game.
  21. They can be as angry as they like, they're not quick enough.
  22. Long slog to go yet, but we're looking good, these slags look doable.