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  1. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Yo-yo and Brooks back down to the A.
  2. Whatever way you look at it, that was a scudding.
  3. As much as I don't want to see Andersen start the 3rd as much as I like him. I think Hutch would fair no better.
  4. On paper we're playing well. However the eye test is failing. As I type this we concede another.
  5. That's 2 c'mon get a 3rd before the end of the period
  6. Great. We're not leading in fucking goals though. The only stats that actually count.
  7. Sniz. His contract is looking good atm.
  8. Using my eyes. It isn't working. No harm using the 4th line if you have good players on it.
  9. We're playing like dossers. I hate 11 forwards 7 d. Freddie needs to wake the fuck up too.
  10. Is Timashov scratched or 4th line? Or do we have two? Is it a clone?
  11. NJD= Dossers, Sniz is the shiz In all . seriousness, I like the we'll score more than you attitude, it is how this team is built. You may get the odd blow out game, it's frustrating, but over an 83 game season, who gives a smeg. Hopefully this style of play works in the playoffs because we're not going to out hit any body. However whilst the over team (dossers) are trying to hit everyone, we can pass and move and stick it right in their fucking goal hole.
  12. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Surely not
  13. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    I'm sure the average jock doesn't eat haggis at all apart from something like Burns night. I'm sure you could find normalised food stuffs there too.
  14. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    So a deep fried Mars Bar ain't doing it for you.
  15. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Tbf he hasn't played to bad the last few games, and in a cap era what else are we meant to do? It is designed so you can't have loaded teams.
  16. Thought we overall played well. Freddie had a stinker with the first goal but made some huge saves later on. Points a point. Better than none. Let's beat the next bunch of dossers.
  17. Stupid penalties are going to cost. Wouldn't say we played like dossers though.
  18. 3 points for a win. Regulation 1 point for a draw. 0 points for losing.
  19. Oh yeah I forgot, Isles=Dossers.
  20. Good game, we played to a game plan again, frustrated the Isles, in a game under Babcock, we'd have lost. We kept them to the outside and limited their shots to which Hutch stood up big. So what he had a poor start to the season, his last 3 games he's stood on his head. Leafs don't need to play well for 60 minutes, we can play averagely for 50 and turn it on for 10. Which is exactly what Liverpool are doing in the Prem, they're not playing great, but turning it on when they get a good chance. Keefe has been a revelation, we're playing to our strengths which is a possession based style of play. We were never going to get any where dump and chasing as we don't really have the players for it. Why would you throw away the puck when you can keep hold of it and go again. Never understood that. We didn't look to great tonight, got the job done against a very good Isles team. Nice to see Hyman put away a breakaway for once. Ohhhhh Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Michael Hutchinson
  21. I reckon Nylander gets alot of clacker. Marner, not so much.
  22. Who is on the better contract out of the pair? I do like Kappy. Snizzs contract is looking shit hot at the moment.
  23. Muzz is the one I want back tbh. Marincin gives me kittens. Laine is a dosser.