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  1. Right. But you're also not getting a number one guy for Nylander. Matthews sure. But i'm not trading Matthews.
  2. Then you draft, I just don't like the idea of trading one of the teams stars unless you're getting a proven star in return, which they won't be.
  3. Late to the party, but go get a d man in free agency. Not a fan of trading something good for something you don't know. There's never really a trade market for a number 1 D man. The best you're getting is an Adam Larsson type. Look how that worked for Edmonton.
  4. He's the reason we made it to game 7 but sure. let's call the guy who faced over 200 shots more than any other goalie in the NHL and the guy who set a franchise record in wins inconsistent. There's a lot to be critical of for the Leafs Freddie isn't one of them.
  5. You lost all credibility when you called Freddie inconsistent..... He was easily the most consistent Leaf from November on. Including in the playoffs.
  6. Leo on line one..... no thanks
  7. My point is Boston also has at points this season. They had a very good stretch in February. But they aren’t immune to shit play. As per the extra point being the reason they achieved what they did. Yes you’re right. But what I’m trying to say is the following: The Leafs have a very good hockey team and so do the Boston Bruins. I think the Leafs top to bottom are better. Period. I think the Leafs fan base needs to start expecting the team to succeed rather than harp on the notion they’re inconsistent. 105 points isn’t all that inconsistent if you look at it. Yes The Leafs have had inconsistent play at times, so has Boston. Has it been more frequent on the Leafs? Yes. But I’d take the Leafs playing at their best vs Boston at theirs. That’s what I expect come playoff time from both sides.
  8. So how much more consistent do you want the franchise record for win leafs team to be....? I’m not saying Boston isn’t a good team. I’m just not calling them world beaters. This is going 7. And the leafs are going to win.
  9. Also Playoff Rick Nash is garbage not scared
  10. I’m going through the ‘teams’ so aside from Bergeron Marchand and Pasternak how are they better? Even the line mentioned above is a push when the leafs have last change. Go through all four lines side by side and Boston is not the better team. They just aren’t
  11. Not true even slightly, Anderson is the better goalie this season and yes there defence is good but losing Carlo hurts. I think we have the most depth between the two teams especially on forward. Don’t sleep on Reilly and Gardiner either both have 50 points for the first time since McCabe and Kaberle
  12. Am I the only one who thinks Boston isn't that good except for one line?
  13. What's the magic number to clinch?
  14. 2017/18 season

    When do they fire Bergevin?
  15. Thank you. Don’t get me wrong the defence has been brutal but dudes got to make a save or two. I also understand that not all the goals are his fault. Just been average