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  1. Leafs re-sign Auston Matthews

    It was, mainly targeted at Mac who said Nylander’s contract was bad and so was this one
  2. Leafs re-sign Auston Matthews

    Dubas just gets fleeced every time eh? Trash GM. It's almost like he calculated what the deal will look like in 3 years as opposed to now, terrible.
  3. Get Jake away from Nikita and we're fine
  4. 2018/2019 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    Freddie's status for Saturday unclear.
  5. I’m not saying that the other statistics aren’t important. What I’m saying is when a guy wins 20 games in the majors and in hockey, sets a franchise record in wins. Are we allowed to celebrate it or is it a product of the system? Because without Freddie we’re a mid level team. Goalies in hockey and pitchers have the biggest impact on team success. They get blamed for loses and not enough credit for wins. All I’m saying we can count all stats in evaluation. But we can’t discredit Sparks because he hasn’t looked amazing. He’s won. Just like we can’t discredit Jacob degrom because he played on the shitty Mets. I’m not saying wins and loses tell the whole story and don’t deserve team credit. I’d just would rather it not be discredited altogether. I’ll take 6-1-1 any day of the week
  6. Yes. I guess I’ll just put it this way last year when Freddie set the franchise record in wins we should give more credit to the absolutely stellar defence the leafs had all year. Every statistic is important, but to say winning isn’t important for both pitchers and goalies. It angers me a little bit for this reason, the leafs got rid of reimer primarily because of the two options they had, bernier was more technically sound. All reimer did was win and stop pucks. Ask Patrick Lalaime whether or not goalies have major impact on outcomes
  7. 2018/2019 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    I know but that again makes you wonder why he was backing up yesterday
  8. If it’s not a relevant goalie stat, why is it tracked? Wins and losses should be the main thing fans care about.
  9. 2018/2019 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    Exactly. My question is how he hurt himself, dude has been off for a week
  10. Man sparks is garbage. 6-1-1. What a terrible backup who’s played like 10 nhl games total
  11. 2018/2019 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    By all accounts he’s been great this year
  12. 2018/2019 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    No, just no, dude wanted 8 that was widely reported. Not to mention he called Dubas in the end and went ok.. lets do it.
  13. 2018/2019 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    Our 6th best player and everyone else’s 2nd and 3rd.