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  1. Just didn’t seem to have the rebound control in this one
  2. Freddie was pretty bad this game tbh
  3. They were out against them after the pp goal
  4. Ladies and gentlemen mike Babcock puts 4th line against the top line
  5. I don't know what that answers dude.
  6. Am I the only one who hates the concept of "playoff hockey" now? I mean shouldn't the game stay the same regardless of the time of year? It just seems that it boils down to who can kill the other team physically while bending the rules to perfection ( as in, cheating be definition of the rulebook but not getting called in the playoffs cause playoffs......?) Whereas the regular season is about skill. It's just weird to me that hockey has two different variations of the games style playoffs vs non playoffs
  7. Debrusk doesn’t even get a phone call. Here’s my issue with everything. What Kadri did was dumb, but the second the knee on knee happened and wasn’t called, you just knew something was going to happen. It should have been called even if it was legal just to police the game.