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  1. Keep Antropov

    Ok, I'm going to disagree with everyone that says Antropov should not be traded for Kovalev. (just for fun and arguments sake) First, Antropov has two bad knees that can give out a lot easier than an average knee. The potential for serious injury on even basic plays makes him a liability in a sense. Second, Kovalev is an established player who has proven he can score and produce no matter if he's playing with Mario Lemieux or any 4th line slug. Antropov has struggled in the past when not paired with elite players. Third, we as Leaf fans want the Stanley Cup A.S.A.P. In order to go for it today, they may have to give up a part of the future. We are the ones who put the pressure on management to go for it every year so we can't complain and whine if they trade for a guy who is an established NHL player with tons of upside for a guy who may or may not be a superstar 2, 3 or even 5 years down the road.
  2. Now that Darryl Sittler's #27 is in the rafters, who else will join him in the ceiling of the ACC? For Sure: #14 - Dave Keon: Would have already happened if he was on better terms with the organization. #17 - Wendel Clark: The heart and soul of the Toronto Maple Leafs. #21 - Borje Salming: A superstar for so many years. A hero to many Swedes. Maybes: #7 - Lanny McDonald: Was he a big enough superstar? Playing in Sittler's shadow didn't help. Don't hold your breath on this one.... #29 - Mike Palmateer: He was good, but not Broda or Bower good. It won't happen, at least not in my opinion. #31 - Curtis Joseph: Can't see it happening. He just wasn't here long enough. It'll happen in time: #13 - Mats Sundin: The best offensive player in team history #93 - Doug Gilmour: Was outstanding, but was he here long enough? I'd have to say he will be honoured.
  3. Keep Antropov

    Yeah, we do need a defenceman. But I would bet that Yushkevich would be available maybe for as little as prospects and draft picks since L.A. will be going into selling mode. We may have to throw in one player, but its a small price to pay to get one hell of a warrior back
  4. Keep Antropov

    I haven't heard of that, but Vancouver did sign both Jovonovski and Linden to 3 year deals the other day so that right there proves it.
  5. Keep Antropov

    You can sign a player for more than two years. The league doesn't want to admit there will be a work stoppage and only allowing 2 year deals would basically be coming right out and admitting it.
  6. Keep Antropov

    Mario did play against Boston, getting four assists including assists on both of Kovalev's goals.
  7. Keep Antropov

    Yeah, I think Antropov is definitely worth giving up in order to get Kovalev. One thing that worries me about Kovalev is how he will play without Mario feeding him. There's no guarantees that he will play with Sundin, it sounds like Pat would rather have Roberts playing with Sundin (in order to keep Gary happy heading into unrestricted free agency) so Kovalev would likely play with the 2nd or 3rd line guys. I think Pat would probably put Kovalev on the top line anyways, knocking Mogilny down to the 2nd line.
  8. Keep Antropov

    Just some food for thought but it was Pat Quinn that pulled off the Naslund for Alek Stojanov trade I believe (if I'm not mistaken, Quinn was still in Vancouver in '95-'96)
  9. Keep Antropov

    There is no way Pittsburgh will give up Kovalev for nothing. They've learned their lesson about making bad trades already. The Jagr trade is one example, and another one that not too many people remember is Markus Naslund to Vancouver for Alek Stojanov. Ouch. I wonder if Craig Patrick is kicking himself for that one? Patrick isn't going to be played like a fool again, and he will get something decent for Kovalev. If it's a trade with the Leafs, then the price will probably be Nik Antropov and millions of dollars.
  10. Yeah, I just can't see it being booze again. I think he'd be in the substance abuse program for sure if that was the case. Perhaps all he did was say the wrong thing to Quinn? Who knows, but whatever it was, Pat isn't going to just forgive and forget. He's way too good to be in the pressbox every night. His physical presence is badly missed, Ric and Belak are monsters back there, they add a nice physical aspect to the Leafs "D" It's funny, it doesn't even seem like the media is picking up on this one.
  11. Yeah, maybe he did hit the bottle again, but wouldn't they want to put him in the substance abuse program? It became painfully obvious once again tonight that a solid stay-at-home defenceman is needed. I heard on After 40 Minutes that Sean Hill is available from Carolina, he'd be a solid pick-up.
  12. It kind of reminds of the Nathan Dempsey fiasco of last year. Although Dempsey had a horrible attitude in the dressing room and was not well-liked by the players. Quinn had it in for his agent too which didn't help him.
  13. Quinn has got to have something against Jackman. Just about the only knock on him that I can think of is that he has a tendency to take dumb penalties.
  14. All in all, that was a decent game. It got pretty ugly defensively in the last 10 minutes of the third. Why, oh why is Anders Eriksson still getting chances in the NHL? I counted at least 4 times that he coughed up the puck tonight. It gave me images all over again of the Carolina series last year. Too bad AlMo made that bonehead play to try and come out in front of his own net to ruin Eddie's shutout. Great game by Sundin, but I don't agree that the guys should have been trying to get Mats the hat-trick so early, they blew a lot of good chances to really put the game away by making an extra pass or two in order to get it to Sundin. Anyways, who can argue with a 5 game winning streak? Go Leafs Go and here's to seeing Gary Roberts real soon!
  15. Worst and best leafs players?

    Best: Obviously, Sundin, Belfour, Mogilny, Roberts Worst: Without any shadow of a doubt, ANDERS ERIKSSON! What a waste of $1.4 million (or whatever they pay him)! I know he has spent most of the year as the richest man in St. John's, but still, he's just plain terrible! Just look at how many games he cost us against Carolina in the playoffs last year! It shows how badly the Leafs need guys like Carlo, Pilar and Allan Rourke to develop into solid NHL calibre players because we can't have this guy coming in everytime a defenceman goes down.
  16. Roberts return stalled

    Healey has been a healthy scratch the last few games at least.
  17. Kapanen Traded To Philadelphia

    Certainly not going to lose any sleep over this one. He's probably the weakest of the bigger name players out there. Kovalev would still make a better addition, but I would still rather see the Leafs persue a defenceman if they're going to trade Antropov for anybody. They may have to wait until some teams fall out of the playoff picture to have a bigger name become available, but here's some defenceman who I have heard of that are available right now. Bryan Marchment - Only if they don't give up too much, he's getting slow. Dmitry Yushkevich - Definitely! He's all heart! Mathieu Schnieder - No way. Don't need anymore offensive defencemen. Glen Wesley - He'd be a nice addition as long as he isn't used as a #1 defenceman.
  18. I'll say 4-3 Leafs in OT. Bryan McCabe will jump in off the point to blast one past Theodore for the game winner. On the night that Darryl Sittler's #27 is raised to the rafters, Shayne Corson will notch a goal. Sundin and McCauley will also add goals. I'll take Koivu to score two, Hainsey to add one for the Hab-nots. Eddie will be his usual spectacular self and Gary Roberts will NOT return. That's my story and I'm stickin to it.
  19. Roberts return stalled

    Obviously, the sooner we can get him back, the better, but you can't be too careful in planning this thing. Obviously he won't be the Gary Roberts of old right away, but hopefully he can get enough games under his belt before the playoffs to become the force that he was last year. I'm hoping that Quinn will pair him with Alyn McCauley again to see if Gary can jumpstart Alyn. Although putting him on the first line would be great, placing him on the 2nd or 3rd line would help distribute scoring more evenly and make the Leafs a better threat in the long run. The next question is, who do you remove from the lineup when Gary steps in? The obvious guess would be Tom Fitzgerald, as I would like to see Wade Belak stay in there as he is becoming a fairly stable player with tons of physical upside. His ability to play both defence and right wing is a huge asset too.