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  1. Eklund Rumors

    Same rumour was in some finnish newspapers too. After seeing him play both here in Finland and the NHL, i must say that he will never make it in the big league. He is really fast on skates, but he just cant handle the physical play in smaller rinks. Lets hope he signs with a european team. It would be best for both him and the Leafs.
  2. Brett Engelhardt

    Excellent skating and stickhandling. Shoots also pretty well. Is a very good player. The only minus is his size, but he can compensate that with movement. Should be a very good addition to any european team. Propably better player than his older brother Steve.
  3. Brett Engelhardt

    We really dont need more hooking calls, since our defence is the slowest in Finland. Good work ethic sounds good, because our 2 top forwards doesn´t care about defence. Westrum to Italy? On holiday? There are takers for him at better leagues for more money.
  4. Brett Engelhardt

    Pretty much so. In english Aces. In finnish Ässät, which is pronounced almost like asshat. It really does sound kinda funny if you speak english.
  5. Update on some of the Leafs in the IIHF Tournament.

    Little off-topic: Legendary Aki Berg is likely playing for Team Finland, which ruins our hopes of winning the competition
  6. There are rumours, that this guy is coming to Europe next season and since my team Assat of Pori is strongest candidate for his new team. Please, give some info on him: - Skating speed (We have some huge rinks here in Finland) - Shot (Our team has an excellent playmaker, so we need someone who can shoot the puck) - His linemates this season in The Marlies (did his linemates made him look good)?