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  1. The Last Movie You Watched

    It's not a movie I would have picked to see either, but my date picked it. I was pleasantly surprised.
  2. The Last Movie You Watched

    it was actually more funny than heartwarming.
  3. The Last Movie You Watched

    Saw Wonder. It was actually okay.
  4. Toronto Sports Radio Wars

    I like Millard
  5. Marner with a game saving defensive play Hockey rules.
  6. Toronto Sports Radio Wars

    Yeah I think he definitely plays it up now. Eventually he will get his own show on sportsnet and become another boring talking head.
  7. I'm willing to ride out Gardiner's contract. For better or worse, we're pretty much stuck with him.
  8. I agree, I would like to see Dermott as well.
  9. Babcock is probably absolutely losing his shit in the locker room right now
  10. welcome to the Jake Gardiner show
  11. didn't catch the game but that's what I like to hear.
  12. Random Thoughts #2

    woah, what a hottie yer wife is cute too
  13. I trust Babcock. I am not sure if I trust this roster to play the way he wants them to though.