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  1. Toronto Raptors Thread

    fuck boston
  2. Stanley Cup Final

    Fuck Boston. Forever.
  3. 2019 Toronto Maple Leafs Offseason Thread

    You're absolutely right. But that's kinda my point.
  4. 2019 Toronto Maple Leafs Offseason Thread

    Yep. But honestly I would rather keep Zaitzev than give up anything worthwhile enough to make this trade happen.
  5. 2019 Toronto Maple Leafs Offseason Thread

    that's like Rich Clune demanding a trade
  6. 2019 Toronto Maple Leafs Offseason Thread

    Like wtf, we aren't gonna get anything back for you and you don't want to be here so now we're fucked.
  7. 2019 Toronto Maple Leafs Offseason Thread

    a "suitable trade" for zaitzev likely results in... a 6th rounder and cash considerations
  8. Stanley Cup Final

    hahaha carl gunnarson
  9. Toronto Raptors Thread

    A lot of people would argue that Durant playing provides a better opportunity for the Raptors haha But we'll see!
  10. Toronto Raptors Thread

    Don't get me wrong, the Leafs are the most popular sports team in Canada I think. But specifically this city, the passion for the Raptors seems to be the most prevalent. At least from what I have witnessed. Even Jays Mania a few years ago wasn't like this. But I suppose you guys are right, if the Leafs were to make it to the Final this city would go apeshit.
  11. Toronto Raptors Thread

    People love the Leafs, but the last few years it's become clear that this is a Basketball city.
  12. topic for discussion: Babcock / Keefe / Leafs

    Yeah there was never any doubt about this. My question was mostly a hypothetical scenario in which we fail as miserably next season. My main focus was Sheldon Keefe and whether or not he is a suitable replacement IF Babs is somehow no longer the Coach in the near future.
  13. Disclaimer: I am not on the "fire babcock" team, by any means. I think that's knee-jerk ridiculous even if currently our GM and Coach are clearly not on the same page. This can be an easy fix, if Babs is willing to slightly set aside his stubbornness or whatever the hell is making him adverse to this new (to us) style of hockey Dubas is trying to build this team around. BUT, my question is this: If Babcock WERE for some ridiculous reason to longer be the coach of the Maple Leafs, is Sheldon Keefe really ready to make that step up? I only follow the Marlies loosely, and it's hard to compare and know whether or not a Coach can compete at a higher level like that. Jon Cooper is a good example of a success story in this regard, and I know in all 4 major sports there is a culture of not really letting new guys step in, rather castoffs from different teams get hired simply because of big-league experience. Do people think Keefe hypothetically COULD realistically coach the Leafs to greater success than Babcock? He does know these players quite well, but do people think he is a good enough coach to translate success at the highest level? Just curious what people think.
  14. 2019 Toronto Maple Leafs Offseason Thread

    all we need is one big fast guy with grit who can get to the dirty areas and score and is defensively responsible and a right handed shot easy
  15. It seems like we went all-in on a style of hockey that our coach doesn't agree with and can't or won't coach that way. But it's not his fault that the defence is bad. Like REAL bad.