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  1. The Last Movie You Watched

    just saw JOKER holy. shit.
  2. They played fantastic, other than the awful start.
  3. Training Camp 2019

    yeah, christ that kid can skate
  4. Training Camp 2019

    It probably cost him the C but IMO it should have been Reilly anyways
  5. Training Camp 2019

    He guessed right. It's not that big of a deal compared to other allegations against premiere athletes. It will be forgotten by the time the puck drops on opening night.
  6. Training Camp 2019

    Yep, no more distractions. Let's get that silver baybayyyyy
  7. Toronto Sports Radio Wars

    now Doug Maclean
  8. Random Thoughts #2

    I think I need to move to Hamilton somebody talk me out of it
  9. 2019 Toronto Vladdy Jays

    ok at this point it's kind of hilarious
  10. 2019 Toronto Vladdy Jays

    Disgraceful. It's like Rogers wants to alienate this fanbase so they can finally sell the team...
  11. 2019 Toronto Maple Leafs Offseason Thread

    I honestly didn't know that Eric Lindros was at one point a Maple Leaf until yesterday
  12. 2019 Toronto Maple Leafs Offseason Thread

    I love Marner, but I think him sitting out is a better option than the Leafs trading him. Having him sit lowers his value, and I think he would probably sign eventually rather than sit out the whole season. We can win games without him. Can we win a cup without him? Probably not. But we can show him that if he wants to play here than fucking play here, but we're not gonna waste time on his ass and we will build a championship team without him and he can rot away in Anaheim or some shit while we win a Cup.
  13. 2019 Toronto Maple Leafs Offseason Thread

    It can be done if Dubas drafts smart enough. Which I think he has the ability to.