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  1. I really hope the next 20 minutes of hockey are the most boring I have ever watched
  2. So what you're saying is we have no chance.
  3. 2018-2019 NHL Season Thread

    I kinda hope they win. The more superstars going to Canadian teams, the better. Fuck u Gary
  4. the series with boston will go at least 6 games I think
  5. as someone in the broadcasting industry, I have to give credit to Bob Cole for a great career. But good riddance. Fuck the Habs.
  6. 2018/2019 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    Zaitsev and Hainsey bother me more than those two. But maybe that's just #EyeTest
  7. We can beat boston in a 7 game series. Not playing like we did last night, but it can be done.
  8. Grabovski with a missed empty netter
  9. Toronto 4-2 McLaren, Orr x2, Kulemin
  10. Kapanen is fast, idk if u guys knew that
  11. Cutting to the wrong camera on that Freddy save was priceless hahaha
  12. 2018/2019 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    There is nobody else I would rather play in the first than the god damn Boston Bruins
  13. We'll be seeing that at christmas time on Misplays of the Year
  14. 2018/2019 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    I think we did it all fucked up. The FIRST guy we should have locked down is Marner. Hopefully they will get a deal done.