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  1. yeah plus about half of the Buds goals should not have gone in.
  2. 2017/2018 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    My vote would go to Carlson
  3. The Last Movie You Watched

    Molly's Game. I liked it a lot. I was expecting more though, being written by Aaron Sorkin.
  4. The Last Movie You Watched

    I saw The Greatest Showman the other day. Brilliant. Fucking loved it.
  6. 2018 World Juniors

    cue the swiss comeback
  7. with an empty netter
  8. we'll probably lose 5-2
  9. 2018 World Juniors

    this is ridiculous
  10. 2018 World Juniors

    uh this
  11. Mackinnon is fuckin sick though mooseheads life
  12. Hahaha for real, he had so many breakaways and scored on literally 0 of them Good game though! get those W's boys.
  13. The Last Movie You Watched

    I saw Coco and I loved it
  14. I am not defending the way they've played but you guys are acting like the sky is falling.