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  1. 2018/2019 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    There is nobody else I would rather play in the first than the god damn Boston Bruins
  2. We'll be seeing that at christmas time on Misplays of the Year
  3. 2018/2019 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    I think we did it all fucked up. The FIRST guy we should have locked down is Marner. Hopefully they will get a deal done.
  4. forget about the toast?
  5. wtf that kid beat cancer AND he gets a free stick? give the stick to a kid who isn't gonna beat cancer, that makes more sense.
  6. Leafs acquire Jake Muzzin

    I love this trade. Big price tag for sure, but that's the market these days. Exactly what the team needs.
  7. We probably wouldn't have lost if we had somebody who could fight, right?
  8. 2018/2019 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    but....... eye test
  9. HAHAHA O dog directing the live show
  10. Like the way we played in the first. TSN dudes are killing it. Regional blackout jokes and a "good one, Randy."
  11. leafs fans are the worst
  12. Really like the way we've played tonight. I actually like Brown on that line. And Moore has looked good.
  13. 2018/2019 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    I kinda wanna see fotino hahaha
  14. 2018/2019 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    I think they should give Ennis a shot to play with the top 6