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  1. whatever happened to ryan o'byrne
  2. I haven't decided if I would be really fucking happy or really pissed off
  3. NHL 2019/20

    Not really. The fact remains that roughly 30-40% of the leagues revenue comes from Canadian teams.
  4. NHL 2019/20

    There's no way Bettman doesn't award a Cup to one of his beloved American franchises for this season. Even if he does so in some ridiculous nonsensical way. Like, the team with the highest combined jersey numbers is the champion. He must be weeping everyday the league doesn't reopen. No hockey in the desert! The horror! Don't worry, little gary, the Canadian markets will keep your warm-climate hockey teams in business, like we always have.
  5. NHL 2019/20

    That's a joke. 3 on 3 OT is safer than peewee hockey
  6. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    my guess is that hockey, basketball, and football all start back up again in october
  7. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    It's not going to be that long. It will probably take them that long to have a vaccine, but you can't keep people locked up for that long, especially because eventually the curve will flatten. Sports will be one of the first things to come back.
  8. these Leafs look different. Strong on the puck.
  9. Even this board is becoming a caricature of leafs fans. THIS is the loss you guys care about? The last 3 games have been way better defensively and incredibly better goaltending performances. DESPITE the 1 out of 6 points. Sure, they're not the 2013 Blackhawks, but this team has been slowly but steadily improving. Do I think they can win a cup? Probably not. Do they look better than we all thought they looked after the Carolina loss? You fucking bet.
  10. holy fuck get him out of there
  11. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    I also like the Muzzin deal. You could argue that he's pretty much the best player on the team right now
  12. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Trading Barrie now sends the message that they're basically tanking. Management must think this team is better than they look right now.
  13. I feel like we are dangerously close to jersey tossing territory. what the fuck is this team
  14. yeah but leafs only have .479 expected goals for blocked shots against minus save percentage