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  1. One game does not a season make. I read he has been solid. Maybe just a bad game. Coach is still high on him.
  2. six footer, 180+ pounds, shoots left. Never a bad signing. Outside chance to make to Leafs and if not he can help the Marlies. We need some cheap surprises to help our budget
  3. topic for discussion: Babcock / Keefe / Leafs

    I didn't say Babcock would be terminated but I am saying he is starting to get a bit of a stink to him. I just wonder if he wants to move on because any losing coach expresses some remorse but not him. Just makes you wonder
  4. topic for discussion: Babcock / Keefe / Leafs

    Dubas took the blame because that is what a responsible executive does. I have a great deal of respect for the man especially after he took one for the rest of the team. While I think Babcock is a good coach, he really dropped in my respect category with his post - season antics. I want to see some contriteness and some acknowledgement that maybe he took could have tried some things differently...…..like perhaps playing his best players in the late part of a game seven when you are down. That would be a novel move and maybe just maybe a player like Marner, Matthews or Traveres might have brought them back from the dead.
  5. topic for discussion: Babcock / Keefe / Leafs

    yes and yes
  6. Simmons is saying upper management wants Babcock to change his ways in order to stay head coach. Now there is humour for you
  7. Senators interested in Leafs coach DJ Smith as head coach
  8. I am starting to think He wants out and is acting this way to get out of Toronto. I cannot see Shanny being impressed with him today. I cannot see his players respecting him either.
  9. Watched part of Babcock's end of season interview......not impressed. Dubas accepted responsibility for the exit but Babcock nothing. Thinking maybe Babcock needs to change his tune. I wouldn't be to upset if he left. His player choice with goalie pulled and behind by three was a mistake. Just say it and accept it.
  10. Trading Willie now is probably not ideal. Let him play with Matthews and see if you cannot get that spark back. Maybe you trade him later but not now
  11. I wouldn't give up on Zaitsev. I thought he looked solid in the playoffs. You can get rid of players but you have to have one to replace them as good or better.
  12. This all comes down to two really poor goals for Freddie to let it. The rest of the game was even and I would even give TO a slight advantage. Rask stood on his head, Freddie did not. End of story...…….
  13. talk about being snake bitten...... I feel for the guy. There is plenty of time yet guys......have another beer and chill