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  1. Training Camp 2019

    It appears that Mitch had two offer sheets but refused to sign them. All this talk about him being non loyal was just that. Glad things worked out and that he stayed where he wants to be.
  2. Training Camp 2019

    I will respectfully disagree. I think the numbers are about right. That is the trouble with having an elite group of young players....they get expensive.
  3. Training Camp 2019

    Marner will fill Marners spot
  4. I would not trade Mitch. Wait it out....I still think he will be signed day one
  5. I doubt she had time to think about that. this is an accident but since there was also large amount of alcohol involved, there was probably also a lessened amount of logical control. There is definitely grounds for a verdict here but it is going to be nasty if it makes it to court. The majority of lawsuits never see a judge as insurance companies settled.
  6. Actually, the home owner does assume "risk" and liability for his guests. The only irregularity here is that usually the home owner and his insurance company are sued but in the case six individuals are named including the manufacturer of the fire pit. I don't know about you but if I am named in a lawsuit, it would bother me even if I was really not to blame. The media is describing the incident of the young lady and it is not a nice story. I was burned a few times in my life and can tell you it is very painful. Her scars look very real to me and if I was Cody that in itself would bother me. Hopeful it gets resolved and everyone can get back to a good life.
  7. Looks like Ceci might have a huge distraction this year. He is named in an eight million dollar lawsuit.
  8. Spelling wasn't my favourite subject:)
  9. Yes Ryan, Marner would work just as hard for an other team that drafted him. BUT would he bolt that team to play for his hometown team that he idolized as a child if he had the opportunity and the paycheck to go with it? Traveres came to Toronto because he had the chance to come here to (hopefully) win a cup in his home town.. Maybe Matthews adopts Toronto and Canada and never wants to leave but I think he would go to play for his hometown team if the money and opportunity were there to do so. Matthews left the USA for Switzerland because he wanted to play in a men's league and that was the only way he could do so. AND why not see a beautiful country while playing the game you love.
  10. Gibby, I didn't quite write that comment as I had intended. I was trying to say that Matthews has an attachment to the USA and if a free agent would probably bolt there if given the opportunity. He is here because he was drafted here not because he picked Toronto. BTW, My user name is my name:)
  11. Dubas knows he needs the right deal here. He needs length of contract and doable fair numbers so unless Marner wants out that is what is going to happen. There is no evil in this this is strictly business. We will see who blinks first.
  12. I sense your frustration. However this is business. Marner is blue blooded but I also think the Leafs are using that to their advantage. Matthews gets a sweet heart deal because he really couldn't care less about the Leafs. He will bolt when he is a UFA. I say be patient and wait. He will look at all his options and sign with the Leafs. Lets not get too angry with him as he is only taking care of business. My prediction is he ends up signing with the Leafs long term but it is going to take time. I do not expect an offer sheet
  13. I will drink to that deal:)