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  1. Remember those Marlie names as many of them will be Leafs in the coming few years. I hope that the Leafs keep drafting and keeping those picks as development of players is the best way to make your team excel for years in a row. Trading and signing free agents is ok but development is where true teams are made.
  2. As much as I really like Hunter, better he leave now as his heart would not have been in it. Wish him well and move on. If he would have been picked instead, Dubas and Lou would have left. We were never going to have all three long term. So it Dubas time, looking forward to it......
  3. Lou is an American and I think that everyone knew he would move on. His son Chris is assistant GM of the Islanders. I think Shanny knew all along the Lou was heading there.
  4. I love this move. I love Hunter and all his knowledge and am truly hopeful that Dubas can convince him to buy in on his management team but I think Dubas is the right man for the job. I love his work with the Marlies who are possibly going for the Calder this year. Dubas know hockey and has a fresh new approach. Looking forward to seeing him do his stuff.
  5. No coach can MAKE a team play with heart and unfortunately this team doesn't. I think Babcock is sending them a message and I hope it gets through. All this Babcock hate is funny. Why not get a little miffed at the silly players who are the ones at fault. I had a team like this once and I let them reap the rewards of their poor play. Funny after a while they actually listened and by the end of the season were a solid team. Patience, you all were expecting too much too fast.
  6. I wonder if this Leafs team is ready to listen to their coach yet. Babcock has been warning them to play by his system but the fast start makes for deaf players. Time to wake up and play right. Sooner learn that now than in the playoffs
  7. 2017 Off-Season: TML Edition

    Any word on whether Brown has been signed yet?
  8. Leafs sign Patrick Marleau

    If I am to believe everyone of those fancy stats then I guess I do not have to watch any more because the stats already say the Leafs made a mistake. I am so glad I just like watching them play and although the stats have value, I think I will enjoy the changes that they have made. I plan on just enjoying them and have confidence that the Leaf management and coach know a lot more than I do. I do find it funny that a week ago a lot of people were not happy because the Leafs had not made a splash.....Now they have made one and surprise, some people are not happy. Just enjoy the ride......
  9. 2017 Off-Season: TML Edition

    If we go back a few years we would all be waiting with baited breath for the Leafs to sign our next saviour. That is how desperate we were. Now we have a good young team that should keep getting better. We have a AHL team with some decent prospects. I love the patience the Leafs are showing and I can wait till the right deal or player is acquired. Let other pay through the nose for players. Keep watching that salary cap:)
  10. Leafs 2017 Draft

    I love the fact that TML have taken a high risk high reward pick with #17. Could be a huge selection but it might be a bust. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Hunter does seem to have a nose for quality so I am great with this pick. Looking forward to seeing what else they come up with today. On the trade front, I am loving TML patience as some of these prices thrown around have been huge. Why give away the store? They signed two undrafted Swedes and an unsigned Chicago pick already and these guys are projected to be playing two years from now. We have some talent on the farm team so why not try some of them. Scouts are saying Timothy will be ready in a year too. Patience!!!!!!
  11. 2017 Off-Season: TML Edition

    Patience Grasshopper
  12. 2017 Off-Season: TML Edition

    I one hundred per cent agree. Although there is always a chance one of these guys will work out well, we are loaded with other to take their place. I think Vegas is using the rape method of getting ahead. I cannot blame them but some of these asking prices are way high. Teams throwing around first rounders like Toronto did years ago. Stay the course, lose your one player and focus on the draft and maybe a decent hockey trade or two.
  13. Not sure at that but I like what I see management doing. These two guys have good potential and did not cost us any talent. I will hope one of the two makes next years team and if both do fantastic. But lets not forget those guys down on the Marlies. I figure one of them are coming up too. Say good bye to Polak and Maricin.