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  1. Leafs & Caps going outdoors

    I dunno.... I quite enjoyed the centenial classic. I have enjoyed the outdoor games for the most part.... keep it going.
  2. 2016-17 General Discussion

    I feel the same way... lets keep the triple threat going and just build our D with quality depth.
  3. 2016-17 General Discussion

    I think it's close.... but Nylanders pro experience is giving him the edge right now.
  4. Big game tonight boys!!! Who's excited to get back into this one?!!! GO LEAFS GO!!
  5. It sure gives us hope for the upset. They are having some trouble with our speed.
  6. Still buzzing from that game..... watched game in 6 a couple times now lol If Kap keeps this up he is going to get a rep for big game goals!
  7. I'm just going to assume we won't have Zaitsev for this series.... It will just be a nice bonus if he is back in time for any of this series.
  8. I'm ok with Marincin for the most part. He looks worse the higher in the line up he plays.... but I dont mind him at all anywhere in the 4-6 slots
  9. The Leafs have surprised the hell out of me so far... I'm not counting them out already, that's for sure.
  10. Nice!..... we have a better chance of beating the Caps than the Caps have of winning the Cup!
  11. 2017 Scoreboard Watching

    Well I think last night turned out pretty good. All 3 teams (TB NYI TOR) had very tough matchups last night and we Didn't lose any ground, and even pulled away from TB a little!
  12. 2017 Scoreboard Watching

    Funny how it worked out that way. All 3 teams fighting for that one spot are playing top end teams tonight. So at least if we lose, there is a good chance Tampa and NYI will lose too!
  13. Gardiner

    Bingo! We just don't have the personele to utilise him the way he should be..... he has way too much defensive responsibility right now to play to his strengths.
  14. The wins that pull teams out of slumps generally aren't pretty...... this certainly fits that mould lol