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  1. Lucky bounce but good hands by Matthews.
  2. Love to hear the Leaf fans cheering a goalies name. Been a long time since we had a good goalie. Reminds me of the Eddie chants.
  3. The good pk should help give the Leafs zip.
  4. Marner has given a couple of great hits and Hyman has set up two good scoring chances.
  5. I put this loss on Babcock. The pp was clearly not working and he did nothing about it. I know he is a great coach but it was up to him to change something on the pp. The reason the Caps are ahead in this series is that their pp is better than ours. The Caps know that the Leafs do two drop passes and then try to enter. They were sitting and waiting and it made the pk very easy. Babcock did nothing to change it. It is simple, if they Caps are standing lined up 4 across at the line you have the wingers flying in and you dump it in. This slow two drop passes is slow in developing. It is great if it is working, but when it isn't (and it hasn't been) the coach has to change something. The Caps were prepared for our pp and had a plan. Now the Leafs have to have a plan to counter the Caps plan. They better have something ready for the next game.
  6. It was not the ot goal that cost them the game it was the pp. The pp was terrible all night and took the steam away from the team.
  7. These teams are really close, but the Leafs will be getting better and better.
  8. Lots of good chances at both ends.
  9. Leafs are getting outplayed this period. They need to step it up.
  10. Let's see a pp goal!! They need to work harder, skate harder, and score!
  11. Our special teams have bee terrible. now we need a good pk.