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  1. Losses like last night suck but it may help shed light on what this team needs. At least Naz n Hyman showed some spirit.
  2. Hate losing to those clowns. Can't seem to beat them no matter who's in the lineup ffs.
  3. Leafs are too soft. Great speed, talent, creativity but no jam.
  4. I hate those cockheads too. Been a Leaf fan since the sixties. Never thought I’d hate a team more than the Habs but I do now.
  5. Quit teasing!! I like his game. He's a UFA isn't he? I wonder how much it would take to land him?
  6. Exactly. It’s not inconceivable that they couldn’t score their way to a Cup but that has never been the norm. Never. Sandpaper with some skill... that’s all. Not facepunchers.
  7. I don’t have to go back to the 70’s... just the finals last year. If you think the Leafs as they are right now could beat the Caps of last year then you better put down the crack pipe. I never said we need face punchers??? Joe Thornton, Malkin, Iginla aren’t face punchers but would if provoked. That’s the kind of guy we need.
  8. Not when they go after your stars. Babs seems to think the PP is the retaliation? Might work in the regular season.
  9. Well he had the Leafs one and only fight. He wasn’t afraid to mix it up a bit. I don’t care who tf it is but we need somebody don’t we?
  10. Does Dubas just let his star players get crunched like Matthews did last night or does he find a guy that might stand up for a teammate? Kinda like Leivo?
  11. Sparks got better near the end. Take the point and dig in for the f-in Bruins. Did Nylander get hurt or benched? I could only listen to game.
  12. Sparks has yet to fill me with much confidence despite 4-1 record. Boys need to wake up. Wings play a style similar to Babs. Better in fact so far.
  13. Wings gave Tampa all they could handle last game so stick to the game plan and they should be fine. I think Mantha has a broken hand and Bertuzzi suspended and with Bad Goal Bernier in the nets it shouldn't be hard for Sparks to outshine him. I hope.