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  1. His price tag must be decent. The pot might be empty by the time they sign Mitch, Kap, Johnsson and replace Z?
  2. Let's not go there again. Is Hutch out of the picture?
  3. Welcome home Phaneuf!! Oh lord I hope not!!
  4. topic for discussion: Babcock / Keefe / Leafs

    Ya never know I guess how good a coach can be unless you put him behind the bench of your team. I don’t see MB moved for another season.
  5. topic for discussion: Babcock / Keefe / Leafs

    Look at Berube and Brindamour. They look pretty good right now as relatively new bench bosses. Montgomery from Dallas? Babs is a good coach. I’m not sure he’s a great motivator?
  6. Babs is in the drivers seat. Moneys his regardless. His huge ego and being the first Leaf coach to win a Cup in 50+ years will be the only thing that makes him change.
  7. The window to win for the Leafs just closed a bit more. Money will be tight.
  8. I doubt they skid Babs but I’m tired of his rhetoric. Hainsey n Jake G prob gone. Changes need to be made,
  9. Bruins better.., plain n simple Go Columbus
  10. Did I mention how much I fuckin hate these cork soakers from Beantown?
  11. Well the best part about possibly losing this game is we never have to see ol “deer in the headlights” Gardiner ever again!
  12. We go down 4-1, we are toast. I’m worried history repeats itself. I hate the B’s more than any team. It’s the Leafs turn.
  13. My thoughts too. When u look at the team down the stretch and the team that showed up for the playoffs, it was like night n day. I think this team has learned a lot about what it takes. We’ll see Tuesday if it’s enough.
  14. Wow, Babs better be careful.., the quality of coaching here is unreal. if we lose we lose. I think they have played good enough to win.