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  1. McE was brilliant and so were the posts.
  2. Great kill! Boys need to bring it for last 20.
  3. Being an Alberta Leaf fan would love a sweep of the Alberta teams. Bragging rights are good! Need to keep McJesus under control and take advantage of the defense/ goalie.
  4. I said he was ok...not great. Sid got one goal...he usually feasts on the Leafs. We got two points...they didn't get squat. That's all that really counts, right?
  5. Matthews was pretty good defensively. He took Crosby on head on and did ok. Most satisfying win of the season for me. These guys can play against best when they want to.
  6. Only saw last half of third and SO. What did that puke Tchakuk try and pull off? A spear on Martin? Little f-er will get tuned in one o these days.
  7. Hit a hot goalie and didn't start on time. Other than that Leafs played a pretty good game. Trouble is forty minutes isn't good enough.
  8. The day Jake is traded is the day I will drink heavily in celebration!