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  1. His best days behind him imo. Not worth what he will be asking.
  2. Obsolete? Don't think so. He'll find work somewhere in the NHL if not the Leafs. He's only 31 I think!
  3. Babs likes his right side d to be right hand shots. Both these Swedes are LHD. RHD seem to be at a premium these days. Anybody ever hear just how serious Polaks injury was?
  4. Polak may not be out of the pic yet. Need RHD and some toughness. Roman provides that. I think Marincin,Marchenko and Hunwick will disappear and Carrick will need a great camp to stay with the team.
  5. Not a big fan of the Pens or Kessel but I hope the Pens light those clowns up. I got a real bad taste in my mouth watching the Caps. I won't be watching much more hockey anyways but it would be nice to see St.Lou or Nashville win a first time Cup.
  6. There are a few UFA dmen available. I would give Stone and Kulikov long looks and like was said..not sure what they do with Bozak and JVR but JVR could certainly get us a top four dman IMO. Marincin, Marchenko and Hunwick will likely be cut loose. Not blaming Marincin but he was front and centre in a couple overtime goals against. Great season with bright seasons ahead. Whole team played their guts out and a bounce or two our way and we advance. A summer in the gym for Marner and Nylander and they will be even more exciting to watch.
  7. Bruins it!! Gettin close to puck drop boys and girls!! Time to crack a coldie. Hope boys are ready to rock n roll!
  8. Extremely nervous about this one but that comes from previous disappointments over the last 50 years. This team just might be different. We have battled the best team in the league tooth and nail and gave them everything we had. Regardless of the outcome better days are ahead. GO LEAFS GO!!
  9. It won't be long before hockey players look as stupid as soccer players when it comes to diving. Makes me sick
  10. No sense pointing fingers... we kick their ass in game six.
  11. When I think about how poorly we played in Game 4 and still only lost by one after being down by three I'm thinking Washington who?? These clowns can be beaten and this is the team to do it. If we just tighten up on the mistakes and giveaways and get back on the body these clowns will be toast. Get an early goal, shut the crowd out and pound these clowns into the ice with speed, hits and goals!! GO LEAFS GO....BIGGEST GAME SO FAR!!
  12. We played like shit and still damn near won. We can beat these clowns.