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  1. I don't think 6.5 is out of the question but two sixty point seasons don't merit 8 mil per.
  2. I would hesitate at offering him 7 million. I can see him wanting to hit a home run at his first shot at a big contract but come on, it's a game you love to play, it's a team on the rise and it's still going to be more money than you'll ever spend ffs.
  3. Willy better realize this team can still win without him. Yes, he is a valuable piece but not entirely a necessary piece.
  4. Signing the 'Big Three'

    Wouldn’t that be great!!
  5. Signing the 'Big Three'

    I agree completely. Leafs have got Jakes best years (if you can call them that). It's really time to move on from him.
  6. Signing the 'Big Three'

    I just hope we get them all signed long term for a price that won't affect other areas of the team....namely defence. Marleau, Hainsey and Hortons contract all come off the books the season after this one so that will help. Can't see Gardiner being a Leaf past this season either. To have the big three and JT locked up long term would be incredible.
  7. Correct, he is not a #1 or 2 but neither is Jake. With our hi octane offence Jakes points not be missed so much . Dermott should improve over last season I’m assuming. Jake will cost us close to 6 mil next season or more. Johnsson would be hard to lose but like you say he is still unproven and could go either way. We have an adundance of smallish forwards. I would be tempted to do this deal. Prob not much meat on this rumour. Slow time of year
  8. I heard Gardiner and Andreas Johnsson? That wouldn't be enough would it? This guy is huge, right handed and avg's 30-35 pts/ yr.
  9. Leafs sign John Tavares

    JVR who?
  10. Derek Ryan?? Never heard of him before? 31 yrs old and 3 years in NHL? Bring back Bozie when JT re ups with the Isles.
  11. IMO Jake needs to go. I have hated that doe eyed prick for years. He was fucking horrible. We'll be back again next year, stronger.
  12. If Lou can’t see what a fucktard Jake is he needs to go to the home.
  13. Jake has single handedly lost this for us. He did it in 2013 too. Wake up Shanny. You guys were right.
  14. Wow... I’ll let you boys wallow in your own misery!