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  1. If no offer sheets come his way what leverage does he have? Sign or sit is basically it?
  2. Let’s just see what he can do. Why speculate before puck drop. I hope h s worth 8 mil but he better be a lot better than my ol mate Jake.
  3. Barrie was saying he was glad Kerfoot was in the deal with him. Spoke highly of his game. Cheaper version of Naz without the suspensions perhaps?
  4. The longer this drags out the more I think were better off with four first rounders.
  5. Senile ol Lou just might be silly enough to try it? Payback for snatching Tavares. Mitch’s buddy Matt Martin is there. I call bullshit for now as well but if it happens then so long Mitch. Languish in obscurity on the island.
  6. I was afraid of that. But if one doesn’t come soon there probably isn’t one coming at all.
  7. Is there a certain time period another team can offer sheet or could this drag out indefinitely?
  8. Kerfoot has put up decent points in what sounds like mostly a 3rd line role. Spose to be pretty good defensively. I think he might be a good one.
  9. A parent would be slightly bias I feel. I know I would be. I would like to think Mitch wants to sign ASAP and that Dad/agent are in the way.
  10. Lmao. It seems to be getting commonplace. Mitch and Willys Dads are probably bff's.
  11. I have heard Mitch’s father has his nose in this too and not in a good way. Dubas has a little more leverage after Aho accepted the Habs OS. This will get done... just hope it’s not too messy.
  12. I agree with this. No more than 10. If he isn't happy with that then f him.
  13. Easy to move on, yes, but difficult to sign new players with out of control salary demands and the Leafs cap issues.
  14. So after this season Barrie,Muzzin, Ceci will all be looking for raises. Why is Dubas acquiring all these short term deals? Waiting for Liljegren and Sandin to get better?
  15. See ya Kadri. Guess we got our dman.