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  1. Only listened but Freddy sounded unbeatable. Big win.
  2. Matthews was fucking awful tonight. But I guess that shit will happen. Willy and Soupy bout the only ones trying. Marner was shit too.
  3. Another 3 hours of my life wasted.
  4. Holl is getting worse by the day.
  5. Why do I cheer for this clown show?
  6. This is sad to watch. The giveaways and pathetic effort in our zone.
  7. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Things look grim on the back end but they’ve outscored their problems before. Might be time to do it again.
  8. Anyone else think this won’t make a difference to the outcome?
  9. Sounds like a shit call . Sounds like the Canes don’t need a goalie anyways?