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  1. I concur. Huge win by our boys tonight but next game tells the tale.
  2. If more Leafs played with a little more jam Kadri wouldn't have to. Anyways if he gets suspended the Leafs can go back to stick checking opponents. That'll work.
  3. Fine, let’s just let Boston pound us into submission. Maybe if they don’t retaliate they won’t hit them so hard.
  4. Was it a dumb hit, yes, but we lost because they intimidated us. We were playing scared. I just wish more guys would step up and push back. Boston will bring this every game now. Not sure they have the answer.
  5. Disagree. Kadri stood up for a teammate, something rare for this team. Wish a few more would show a little fire.
  6. Game 3, sit that fuckin Nylander for Ennis. At least he'll hit and get his nose dirty. Muzz throws a big hit, Freddy stands on his fuckin head and pretty boy coughs up that fucking boner. Game over.
  7. So worth it!! Little puke. Bruins will be angry tonight. Stay disciplined, get under their skin and win on the PP.
  8. I agree. They looked bad tonight. They have more to give. But I liked how prepared the Leafs were tonight. Great speed, great forecheck.
  9. I agree. I've been moaning about how the Leafs have played lately but that don't mean shit now. Muzzin and Tavares are big upgrades over last years team. This series is up for grabs. It's our turn.
  10. Leafs steal Game 1 and they have a shot.
  11. Oh man this team is gonna go down in four and not even put up a fight. Wow do they blow. Anything can happen tho in a 7 game series.
  12. Leafs playing like shit. Sloppy, lazy, stupid. Yup, playoff ready!!