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  1. Leafs sign John Tavares

    JVR who?
  2. Derek Ryan?? Never heard of him before? 31 yrs old and 3 years in NHL? Bring back Bozie when JT re ups with the Isles.
  3. IMO Jake needs to go. I have hated that doe eyed prick for years. He was fucking horrible. We'll be back again next year, stronger.
  4. If Lou can’t see what a fucktard Jake is he needs to go to the home.
  5. Jake has single handedly lost this for us. He did it in 2013 too. Wake up Shanny. You guys were right.
  6. Wow... I’ll let you boys wallow in your own misery!
  7. Hey ffs, I know we’re in a jam but fk let’s wait til it’s over. You can always cheer for the Sens.
  8. Actually I am. Not a Debbie Downer like this crowd!
  9. You boys are in a league of your own when it comes to bailing on a team! Well done.
  10. I had hoped speed might overcome size. I was wrong.
  11. Just a well placed elbow to the nose of the rump ranger Marchand is all I ask.