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  1. Only listened but Freddy sounded unbeatable. Big win.
  2. Matthews was fucking awful tonight. But I guess that shit will happen. Willy and Soupy bout the only ones trying. Marner was shit too.
  3. Another 3 hours of my life wasted.
  4. Holl is getting worse by the day.
  5. Why do I cheer for this clown show?
  6. This is sad to watch. The giveaways and pathetic effort in our zone.
  7. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Things look grim on the back end but they’ve outscored their problems before. Might be time to do it again.
  8. Anyone else think this won’t make a difference to the outcome?
  9. Sounds like a shit call . Sounds like the Canes don’t need a goalie anyways?
  10. Lord f-in Jesus. Why do I cheer for these clowns.
  11. Why is Hutch in? Did they say? I just tuned in from Thailand?
  12. Put Hutch in. He needs to boost his GA too.
  13. Don’t need advanced stats to see nobody really showed up tonight. Especially Freddy.
  14. This “Pass first” mentality ain’t fucking working.