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  1. Leafs re-sign Auston Matthews

    We'll send you guys some of Babs Motor City favorites...Abdelkader/Glendenning/Helm - all for the low low price of Kapanen...Hell - we'll even retain salary
  2. Leafs re-sign Auston Matthews

    I can see a rival this summer (cough Detroit cough) make an offer of $4 million to Kapanen...That would give the Leafs a 2nd round pick in return.
  3. Outside of a handful of people in attendance - nobody really knows who he his, what he accomplished, nor seen him play. Too bad the Wings took so long to retire his sweater.
  4. Trust me pal - you don't want a piece of me!
  5. 2016/17 NHL News

    Can't imagine him staying in Brooklyn...I know I wouldn't.
  6. I would've thought Dave Lewis still had some ties within the Wings organization where he could sit in a suite instead of among the savages.
  7. What the fuck am I watching? Some fag trying to be Bob Ross?
  8. Leafs hire Mike Babcock

    ​I'm sure the Joe will make some noise when Babcock walks into the arena...With BOOS! All kidding aside - I'm certain he'll get a standing ovation.
  9. Leafs hire Mike Babcock

    ​Hell I'd take both on the Red Wings. The Motor City has this odd habit of resurrecting careers that were once destroyed in Toronto...
  10. Leafs hire Mike Babcock

    ​I guess the way I see it that a 'rebuild' will not only take years, but who knows what it's end result will be? This notion that the Leafs will become the next LA Kings, or Chicago Blackhawks, or Pittsburgh Penguins is a far reach...Hi-end draft picks, and a crap ton of luck (in later rounds), and smart UFA additions are needed. Will the Leafs end up like 1 of the teams mentioned above, or the current day Edmonton Oilers, or what we saw in Chicago circa mid 90's thru 2007?