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  1. I don't ever recall Babs having that chip on his shoulder when he was in Detroit...I'm guessing the bank account, and media attention can do that to ya. Can't say enough about Dubas; like you said - he owned it, and did so with integrity, and poise.
  2. Yeah - Babs more, or less shrugged off any responsibility while Dubas accepted what all had unfolded (not locking up Nylander sooner, and not shoring up the D). Then he thanked everyone in the room for their time...Dubas really impressed me; articulate, and appreciative.
  3. The view from Gardiner's seat as the plane arrives back in Toronto...
  4. 2018/2019 Maple Leafs Official Thread

    Yeah...Seems as though Burns/Giordano will only have few if any more chances considering their age (but in all honesty is Burns more worthy than Rielly)? For what it's worth - Rielly will most likely get the nomination for the next several years.
  5. When Chara gets a goal...You're having a tough night .....
  6. Christ on a cross...Is this the same crew who officiated game 2?
  7. I hope that cherub faced McAvoy loses a few teeth, and gains a few dozen stitches before this series ends.
  8. And the 'zebras' wonder why the boos reign down upon them.
  9. Wow - that call on Matthews was weak...
  10. Marner gettin his nose dirty - blocking shots.
  11. Wow - the pathetic obligatory pen in order to 'even' things up.....