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  1. Random Thoughts #2

    I just got back from 10 days on Vancouver Island. Congrats Bret! As for Hamilton.. it's awesome. What Kryl is saying is exactly what everyone who drives over the skyway without actually coming into the city says. Hamilton is a city on the grow with lots of great restaurants and other shit like that popping up every day. Property values have also been steadily increasing. It's a great investment.
  2. This is such a loaded, bullshit comment. I'm getting so sick of hearing people talk about how Marner is better suited to be a Toronto Maple Leaf because he was born in the GTA. How guys like Matthews and Nylander don't give a shit because they're not from here. It's bullshit. Your username is Mats. He was Swedish. He was one of the greatest Maple Leafs of all time.
  3. topic for discussion: Babcock / Keefe / Leafs

    Have you seen Moneyball? There is a pretty good sequence of scenes where Billy wants Art to play Hatteberg at first. But he's a stubborn, old-school manager that knows better. He wants to play the guy he knows (can't remember his name). Keeps playing him despite Billy pleading with him. Over and over. So Billy trades him. He takes his toys away. Forces his hand. I view the Babcock as a similar coach. He has his "veterans" that he goes to. He's done it with Hainsey, Polak, Bozak, etc., and I'm sure he did it in Detroit. He will play those guys over rookies and young kids. He even said something along the lines of "a tie goes to the veteran." What a fucking idiotic policy. What an antiquated, old-school, policy. Apply that to any of the championship teams in the past several years. I'm sure Babcock's value is how he coaches the players he has. However, I would say that his player selection and utilization is a glaring weakness. Look no further than the ice-time Auston Matthews was issued in game 7 against the Bruins. You know who was on the ice when Matthews was on the bench? Patrick Marleau. 39-years of age. 2 points in the playoffs. Nothing against Marleau either. I'm sure he's great with the young guys... but do you want him on the ice in a clutch situation in place of Matthews?
  4. I agree with what you're saying here. Kadri is playing the way he is because the Leafs literally have nobody else to play like that. He can play with an edge, but he's hardly an enforcer. He's simply not big enough. I'm not saying the Leafs should make a move for a guy like Reeves or Martin either... but there are guys that have a proper balance of skill and sandpaper that won't be liabilities on the ice.
  5. I would still take Connor, Barzal, or Chabot ahead of him... far ahead of him, and I'm glad the Bruins whiffed on picking either of those guys.
  6. Which is fine to think, but re-read what you wrote. "Are we ready to admit Mitch Marner is this team's most complete player? Matthews defensive and transition problems are becoming obvious." Mitch could very well be our team's best player. However, that has absolutely nothing to do with the defensive play of Matthews. This happened, a lot, during the Nylander saga. People don't have to point out Nylander's flaws (or Matthews' flaws) to point out Marner's strengths.
  7. This is the best case scenario for the Leafs. Aside from being overpaid, Backes is a fraction of his former self, and a constant liability in terms of puck possession. The Leafs should be able to use their speed to take advantage of a player like Backes.
  8. I'm not sure why this has to be a polarizing point whatsoever. Mitch is good, therefore I point out a flaw in Matthews' game.
  9. Who is coming back in this trade? Kadri only makes $4.5 M per season, so he's on an absolute sweetheart of a contract. Not sure it makes sense to get rid of that for what comes back. Also. Let's not forget that Kadri had back to back 30 goal seasons. If he was given better wingers than Connor Brown and Patrick Marleau, he might be able to score more.
  10. I would argue that toughness is a very subjective and slightly idiotic term. What I think people mean when they say toughness is that a player is more willing to hit and fight. As a team, I don't think having an abundance of those players is helpful. I think having one or two guys might be okay. But I think it's much better to have a group of skilled guys and coach them to play more physically. I would also argue that skill is far more important to winning. Looking back at Stanley Cup winners, most of them have had some of the most talented players in the league. Ovechkin, Backstrom, Holtby, Carlson, Kuznetsov.... Crosby, Malkin, Kessel, Letang, Fleury.... Kane, Toews, Keith. People will argue that a guy like Tom Wilson helps Washington win the Cup. He prevents people from taking liberties on their star players and also puts the fear of God on the other team. Okay. He's also a boat anchor in terms of scoring and possession. He plays on Ovie's line and scores somewhere under 0.5 ppg. While taking a boatload of penalties. Boatload. However, Washington wins the Cup, so their formula (and Wilson's narrative) proves itself. Tom Wilson also gets a ridiculous contract for a player of his talent out of that narrative. What about all the other "tough/big" teams that didn't win the Cup last year? Why aren't we talking about the Jets? The Jets were one of the biggest teams in the league last year. They got curb-stomped by Vegas. Why aren't we talking about the Ducks? The reason we're not talking about them is because they didn't win the Cup. If the Caps don't win the Cup last year, nobody talks about Wilson as this pivotal player to free up Ovie to do his thing. He's regarded as the boat anchor that he actually is. As an FYI, the top 5 teams in hits last year? Montreal, Edmonton, LA, Arizona, and Ottawa. Not exactly elite company. What I would like to see on our team, wrt "toughness" is two things.: 1) I would like to see our guys standing up for each other. If someone takes a run at a teammate, any teammate, stand up for him. I can't believe how often Freddie gets run or someone lays a questionable hit and nothing is done about it. Johnsson got wallpapered by Max Domi and nobody did anything. Max Domi! It's not like you have to fight Boogard. Fucking stand up for your teammates. Go lose a fight and take an instigator. Who cares? This even stems back to Phaneuf. He would never drop the gloves. People always point to Kadri, which is great, but he's hardly the only one the Leafs that can fight. And if you're not going to fight, at least go out the next shift and thump a couple of bodies to stand up for yourselves. 2) I would like to see our bigger guys using their bodies a bit more. I don't even mean with hits, I just mean that these bigger guys could easily play a more physical game. Matthews is a big guy. Gauthier is a big guy. When we had him, JVR was a big guy. These guys never seem to use their bodies. Matthews put Shea Weber on his ass against Montreal and it was awesome. Everyone loves Ovie when he lays a big hit, but he didn't come into the league hitting like that. He realized that he had to be a bit more physical in addition to being a skilled player. Matthews could lay out some big hits pretty easily, and it would be awesome. TLDR: I think it's better to teach skilled players to hit than to pay a "gritty tough guy" $5.2 M per season. Also, if you look at Tampa Bay - this is what they are doing. They currently sit 6th in hits and #1 in just about everything else.
  11. It's going to be interesting.... Nylander's agent had radio silence and Marner's agent is doing the opposite. 95% of Leaf nation rallied against Nylander, and his agent wasn't antagonizing or vocal. I don't think we're going to see the same rally against Marner though, because Mitch is Canadian and grew up a Leaf fan. That settles a lot of nerves for people that happen to be both Leaf fans and Ford supporters.
  12. Leafs re-sign Auston Matthews

    This contract was actually a good deal for both sides. When you consider that an 8 year deal would have cost them much more, this 5-year deal is the right balance. In terms of % of the cap, this Matthews contract is much closer to the deal that Rick Nash signed than any of Stamkos, Crosby, Kane/Toews, etc. You can't really overpay your star players. You pay them what they're worth. Matthews deserves this contract.
  13. Bold predictions Thread - 2018/19

    One of those teams may or may not be trading two of their best players before the deadline.
  14. Bold predictions Thread - 2018/19

    Don't look now, but the Flyers have won 8 in a row! Carter Hart seems to have been the solution. My Sens/Canucks predictions aren't too bad either. My Tampa prediction is holding up too. I'm not so sure on my Nylander/Kadri predictions, and I rally doubt Carey Price gets traded.
  15. Ah... still below average!