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  1. I would almost say the opposite about Michael's advice to William. I imagine that Michael encourages holding out. In Nylander's eyes, this is an important contract. It will cover most of his prime years.
  2. 2018 NHL Off-Season

    You should post the other clause. The Mike Hoffman clause
  3. I still think it's going to be somewhere between $7-$7.5M.
  4. This is very true. Missing training camp is a terrible idea both in terms of being "hockey ready" and also with your reputation with your coach, your teammates, and fans.
  5. 2018 NHL Off-Season

    Still... Bergevin did pretty well on this trade.
  6. Signing the 'Big Three'

    They can sign the "big three" to 8 years. Tavares can only sign 7 as a UFA.
  7. Signing the 'Big Three'

    I think Nylander and Marner are close in terms of term/cap hit... probably 8 years in the $50-$60M range.. closer to $60. I think Matthews is going to make ~$11M. So Matthew - $11 M Marner $7.5 M Nylander $7.5 M All on 8 year deals.
  8. The CCC. C Cubed. The Cs.
  9. Leafs sign John Tavares

    Interesting... I'm going to flip this to my buddy who does "wealth management" for some NHL players.
  10. Defensive stats

    I would entirely second this. The Athletic is the best way to read sports.. especially hockey. It's also well worth the money. I do think CYS is looking to dink around on his own though... The Athletic is good, but you're at the mercy of whatever the author chooses to write about at the Athletic. If nobody is writing about defensive metrics, at the time he is interested, it doesn't do him much good.
  11. Random Thoughts #2

    You can only masturbate so many times...
  12. Defensive stats

    I mean... you can break it down into the essence of what these stats mean. GOOD CORSI = When player is on ice, his team usually has puck. BAD CORSI = When player is on ice, other team usually has puck. GOOD SCF% = When player is on ice, his team generates more scoring chances than they give up. GOOD GF% = When player is on ice, his team scores more goals than they give up. The thing to keep in mind with all of these stats is that they can be misleading when you look at small samples (one game, or even just a few games).
  13. Defensive stats

    There is no one stat that you can go to. I would also try and erase the idea of defensive defensemen from your mind. The game has evolved a lot and moved away from defensive/shut down defensemen (e.g. Scott Stevens) and purely offensive defensemen (e.g. Letang) to more hybrids (Hedman, Karlsson, etc.). That said, you're looking for defensemen that drive possession (positive CORSI). You can sort CORSI (CF%) for all sorts of situations/positions/etc., here: https://www.naturalstattrick.com/playerteams.php?season=20172018&stype=2&sit=5v5&score=all&stdoi=oi&rate=n&team=ALL&pos=D&loc=B&toi=200&gpfilt=none&fd=&td=&tgp=82&lines=single The problem is that, in the role you're describing, these guys would typically be matched up against the other team's top forwards, who tend to drive possession for their own team. They try to balance this by indexing CORSI against something called QOC (Quality of Competition). This is in and of itself an okay metric, but becomes harder to rank guys. I generally use natural stat trick to look at the ratio of puck possession (CF%, puck possession), and on-ice scoring chances and goal scoring ratios (SCF%, GF%). Take a look at each of them, and you'll start to see some common names near the top of the list... and the bottom of the list. Also worth noting that a lot of the "go to" sites have taken away a lot of their functionality and/or restricted it to premium access... meaning you have to pay.
  14. Leafs sign John Tavares