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  1. Actually.. that table shows EVERY Leaf on the right side of the ledger.. it just shows that Marner is doing well in terms of scoring chances for vs. against.
  2. This is also some food for thought. This table is prior to last night's game, but still, it shows Marner is on the right side of the ledger in terms of scoring chances. Also.. WOW Kadri... https://s25.postimg.org/twlwc139b/YFlb_W3c.jpg I am having trouble embedding this for some reason.... Jordo... any idea?
  3. JVR and Bozak have never had good +/- numbers... they've also never had good possession numbers. When those two are on the ice, the opposition has the puck much more than the Leafs do. Moving Marner doesn't help the JVR-Bozak line get better... it just reduces Marner's ice time. I'm not sure what kind of freedom Marner will be given on the fourth line, as he'll probably be deployed in a bit of a checking role. One of Marner's best assets is his playmaking ability. The two guys he's paired with (Martin and Moore) are hardly known as finishers or goal-scorers.
  4. I just responded to this in the gameday thread, but Marner isn't the problem. JVR and Bozak are a defensive nightmare. This goes back years before Marner came along. Marner isn't the problem.... it's mostly Bozak and JVR. Hopefully Babcock still gives Marner a bunch of powerplay time. To me the simple fix is to pair Marner with Kadri, put Leo on the fourth line, and Brown with Bozak. If the Bozak line is still shit (which it will be), it demonstrates that Marner isn't the problem. Also, this yet again reinforces how dumb the Matt Martin, Moore, Smith, Fehr, and Komarov signings really are. Imagine being able to ice a fourth line of Kapanen - Boyle - Brown/Soshnikov?
  5. Can I just go on the record as saying how much I hate the fact that Mitch Marner is playing on the fourth line while Bozak and JVR are still playing together? Bozak and JVR were a defensive nightmare long before Mitch Marner came along. Put Mitch on Kadri's line, put Leo on the fourth line, and leave Brown with Bozak. The Bozak line will still be a disaster, but it will at least demonstrate that Marner is NOT the problem.
  6. Andersen has been very meh this season.
  7. Also... Emma mentioned Grundstrom... here is a great (FREE) writeup on him from the Athletic. https://theathletic.com/123464/2017/10/11/the-gifted-carl-grundstrom-and-the-art-of-getting-pucks-on-net/
  8. Well.. maybe against last year's Devils... this year's team looks a bit better. I agree though. The Leafs need to win this. If they're in the playoff hunt at the end of the season, a regulation loss to the Devils in October is the kind of thing that bites you in the ass.
  9. I meant Fehr, not Laich.
  10. If only they had a young, puck-moving defensemen that could also shoot the puck. One that was great in the community and also in the dressing room. Too bad his skin was the wrong colour.
  11. I think this fails to recognize the potential for injuries. While Josh Leivo may not have a guaranteed place on the 2017-2018 100% healthy roster, that can quickly change. Any one of our LWs could go down with an injury, and the door would open up for Leivo/Kapanen. I also don't know why Komarov will likely be replaced by Grundstrom. Komarov could/should be playing on the fourth line, and Connor Brown should be playing with Kadri and Marleau. In fact, I think this swap will be inevitable. Connor Brown is too good to be playing on the fourth line, and Babcock is probably starting to see it. The more you look at the guys the Leafs have on their roster and the guys they have in the AHL, it really makes you question both the Komarov and Martin contracts. I personally think the Leafs would have been much better off with a better fourth line center (that they already had, in Boyle). Boyle fills the goon/protector role of Martin... and he's a C... and he wins faceoffs... and he kills penalties... and he's good with the young guys. Now the Leafs have Moore AND Ben Smith (why?), not to mention a jam of wingers. What they have.... Hyman - Matthews - Nylander Marleau - Kadri - Brown JVR - Bozak - Marner Komarov - Moore/Laich - Martin When they could have had..... Hyman - Matthews - Nylander Marleau - Kadri - Brown JVR - Bozak - Marner Kapanen - Boyle - Sosh/Leivo Someone at the Athletic wrote a good piece on Kapanen and the logjam at LW the Leafs have. It's a good problem to have though. Kapanen isn't going to be held back by playing another year on the Marlies.
  12. Well... your question alludes to someone like Doughty.... can we suggest other #1D that we would trade him for? If the premise of this discussion is that William Nylander can be traded in a one for one trade for one of the top 5 defensemen in the league, then anyone who says they wouldn't trade Nylander is nuts. There was a discussion on Twitter yesterday about trading for Ekblad. The guy has already had a handful of concussions, but is only 21. I wouldn't trade Nylander for Ekblad unless the Panthers retained some salary.
  13. Who's signature is this?

    Could be. Kinda looks like a 14.
  14. 2017 Off-Season: TML Edition

    Yeah I'd highly recommend it. It's worth it for Justin Bourne alone. If you like analytics, Tyler Dellow and Dom ... something... do a great job of presenting the numbers and explaining their significance in more layman's terms. Plus... Mirtle.
  15. Top 25 Under 25

    Pretty much. There was a time when Luke Schenn would have topped this list, and the guys beneath him were less than impressive. Our top 3 T25U25 would be better than any team in the NHL with the exception of Edmonton... because... McDavid.