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  1. I think I'd rather play Pittsburgh than either Boston or Tampa. I know Pittsburgh is a bit of a different beast in the playoffs, but the Leafs have handled them fairly well this year.
  2. Yeah... I hear you. For some reason I feel the Leafs have a bit of a mental block against Boston, but it's not like playing Tampa Bay will be any easier. These divisional playoffs really can fuck over a great regular season. "Hey Toronto... congrats on your great year.. your reward is to play this team in the first round!"
  3. Amazing what he can do with a decent Center (Kadri) and not a plug like Bozak.
  4. To be Fehr, so did I.
  5. Patrick Sharp is an interesting option... not sure we need the help on wing though.
  6. The last 5 teams in the E.C. are all Atlantic teams. It's us, the Bruins, the Lightning, and then a lot of dogshit.
  7. It's true. Colorado is also playing incredibly "lucky" hockey recently. Their streak is built on both ridiculously high shooting and save percentages. When those come crashing down to the norm, that team will be a bubble team once again.
  8. I don't remember him ever being decent defensively. Last year he simply made up for it by scoring a lot more. He was terrible defensively in the OHL, and I imagine being sheltered on the third line, coupled with playing with Bozak, has really been bad for his defensive development.
  9. I imagine Babcock hates both Nylander and Marner's style of play.
  10. To be fair... Marner and Nylander are both wingers. There aren't a lot of high-end talent wingers that are also good defensively.. especially at even strength. Where I really notice Nylander and Marner's defensive lapses are in the 3 on 3 OT. They seem to have no concept of their responsibilities. I think you could easily blame goal that lead to the loss to the Blues on Marner, and Nylander had one recently (against Columbus). I would love it if Marner/Nylander were more like Marchand/Hossa... but they seem to be like most other wingers in the league. I think Marner would greatly benefit from a better C than Bozak. As for Nylander... he has one of the best two-way Cs in the league. Not sure what his issue is.
  11. Can't seem to score much either. Some of the Leafs are having trouble finding the back of the net. The team has really shifted since the beginning of the year. Thank God for Freddie.
  12. 2017/18 season

    I think these are two very separate arguments. If your benchmark for picking up Franson is that he's better than Polak, that's not a good enough reason. And even if the Leafs sign Franson, Babcock will find a way to play Roman Polak. His possession stats may look good on the surface, but he wasn't the top pairing guy in Chicago, and he's not the guy we need in Toronto. Cody Franson this year is like Jake Gardiner last year. His numbers look great, but if you were Babcock, would you throw him out there against Sidney Crosby or Connor McDavid? I saw enough of Franson in Toronto to know what he is and what he isn't. He is a great puck mover, and he can play the point really well offensively. However, in his own end he is a nightmare, and he skates like he has cinder blocks strapped to his feet. As the speed of the NHL keeps getting faster, big slow guys like Franson are going to continue to be liabilities in their own zone. There is a reason Chicago waived him and there is a reason nobody signed him. He isn't good. I know every Leaf fan wants this "free wallet." Let's just fix our D by signing a free agent or picking someone up on waivers. But those really good D just aren't available.
  13. Not to mention the "should have been" interference penalty before this break. The reffing was terrible this game and has been terrible all year. I feel like the refs also have way too much power with these fucking reviews, and I absolutely cannot stand these new faceoff violation penalties. I watched the Tampa Bay Carolina game last night. A Chris Kunitz goal was called off after video review that the play was offside. Each replay I saw of that video showed the puck way up in the air as he crossed over the blue line. There was no offside call on the ice. Now, I am willing to concede that the refs may have had a view that the viewers didn't, but in no way, shape, or form, could you watch what I watched and definitively say that play was offside. What's worse... because Carolina challenges this... if they "lose" the challenge, they get a minor penalty. I am convinced that the refs made the call based on that. I am of the opinion that a missed call is better than overturning a very close decision. Worse, there has to be something to challenge, and there are only certain calls that coaches are allowed to challenge. Last night in the Vancouver-Washington game the net somehow got tipped onto Markstrom, but didn't come off its moorings. The Canucks defensemen actually pushed the net back into position, while leaving Ovie wide open. Just as Markstrom is getting back into position, Ovie scores. Now, the call on the ice was a goal and nothing about the net was called... so if I'm a Canucks fan, I'm thinking... "why wasn't the net coming off called?" and maybe that's a valid thought. Green challenged goaltender interference. Really? How? The net was unintentionally knocked on the goalie. So yeah that was a bit of a bad dice roll for the Canucks.. but if that had been overturned based on goaltender interference, I would have really lost it. Lastly, I don't understand how a team can score a goal, the opposing coach successfully challenges for goaltender interference, and no penalty is issued. I think the whole review process is terrible, it's implemented poorly, it's far too subjective, it slows the game down, and it creates some pretty terrible "borderline" decisions.
  14. 2017/18 season

    I'm sorry... but what does Franson add to the Leafs? He's a powerplay point man, and a complete liability in his own end... we don't need that. We need to move away from that.