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  1. Sorry... I love Andersen, but he WAS inconsistent in the playoffs this year. The Leafs definitely didn't give him ANY support defensively. None whatsoever. Freddie stood on his head in each of the Leaf wins... however in the Leaf losses, especially Games 1-2, Freddie was mediocre. At the end of the day, Freddie is NOT the problem. The D is. But if Freddie can give you .920 or .930 SV% each game consistently, as opposed to 0.850 one game and 0.950 the next game, the Leafs would probably do much better. Again, I would not put one single iota of blame on Andersen for what happened in this playoff series. However, you cannot argue that he was consistent for the last 7 games. The numbers simply don't back it up.
  2. Yeah... they need to take Komarov and Polak away from Babcock. Even Bozak. He is way too loyal to those guys.
  3. I actually agree with you guys on the size thing. We have a ton of fast, skilled guys, but a lot of them are on the smaller end. It kind of makes me wonder why we traded Soshnikov. The Marlies actually have a couple of big boys too.... Mason Marchment and the Goat up front, and Calle Rosen and the Borg Man on D. I have said this since the preseason, but the Leafs are going to regret letting Brian Boyle walk. He wasn't even that expensive when you consider that they signed Dom Moore to fill that role, and then traded for Plekanec. Had they signed Boyle, they would have had a reliable 4th line centre that could win draws, drive positive possession, and hit/fight. I bet you could even make a case that Martin could play on Boyle's wing with Kapanen... that line would be such a pain to play against, and give the Leafs some size up front. They are going to have some opportunities to tinker with their 3rd/4th lines this offseason with Bozak, Komarov, Moore, and possibly JVR all leaving. The Leafs are a dumpster fire on the back end right now and the Bruins are taking full advantage of them. It also doesn't really look like it can get better in one year. The Zaitsev contract is looking worse every day that passes. And I know everyone hates Don Cherry, but before he went on his 2 on 1 rant last night, I did the same thing on both those goals... one was Zaitsev, one was Polak. Yes they were caused by bad pinches, but you have to play the pass on a 2 on 1. You learn this in fucking Atom. Let the goalie worry about the shooter, and you play the pass. As much as I'd love to trade for Doughty, he's going to cost a fortune both to trade for and in cap hit moving forward. The Leafs do have some big bodies that need to use their size more. I saw Matthews throw a decent check last night. He needs to do that a lot more. Yes he is a star player, but he is a big star player that should be hitting. Look at Ovechkin... that guy scores more than anybody and he is not afraid to lay some bone crunching hits either. The Bruins have some smaller D... Krug, MacAvoy... and even Marchand is pretty small. They have generally gone untouched in this series. We need Matthews, Hyman, Marleau, JVR to really start hitting the Bruins. Not career-ending dirty hits. Clean contact by finishing checks.
  4. Upcoming Movies...

    Is Captain Winters going to take up smoking crack as part of his method acting?
  5. I thought the Leafs played like ass. They were sloppy defensively. I'll never understand how they can go from playing as well as they did against Tampa and Nashville to playing that badly against the Wings. Leafs were lucky to get a point, let alone two. Matthews and Nylander look incredible together. Magic every time they have the puck.
  6. I think I'd rather play Pittsburgh than either Boston or Tampa. I know Pittsburgh is a bit of a different beast in the playoffs, but the Leafs have handled them fairly well this year.
  7. Yeah... I hear you. For some reason I feel the Leafs have a bit of a mental block against Boston, but it's not like playing Tampa Bay will be any easier. These divisional playoffs really can fuck over a great regular season. "Hey Toronto... congrats on your great year.. your reward is to play this team in the first round!"
  8. Amazing what he can do with a decent Center (Kadri) and not a plug like Bozak.
  9. To be Fehr, so did I.
  10. Patrick Sharp is an interesting option... not sure we need the help on wing though.
  11. The last 5 teams in the E.C. are all Atlantic teams. It's us, the Bruins, the Lightning, and then a lot of dogshit.
  12. It's true. Colorado is also playing incredibly "lucky" hockey recently. Their streak is built on both ridiculously high shooting and save percentages. When those come crashing down to the norm, that team will be a bubble team once again.
  13. I don't remember him ever being decent defensively. Last year he simply made up for it by scoring a lot more. He was terrible defensively in the OHL, and I imagine being sheltered on the third line, coupled with playing with Bozak, has really been bad for his defensive development.
  14. I imagine Babcock hates both Nylander and Marner's style of play.