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  1. Completely Random News

    Speaking of massive explosions, I recently saw this... this is... wow.. incredible footage. Keep watching til the end. This explosion killed ~170 people a couple of years ago. Scary stuff. What really grabs me about this explosion is the human reactions in 2015 to something like this. Notice that their first reaction isn't for their own safety or the safety/well being of anyone down there... but it's to ensure that they're capturing this video. I think it's a good commentary on modern society. Make sure you film it or take photos! Link:
  2. 2017/18 season

    They're on the wrong side of the continent for this to balance. Given Detroit's insistence, and rightfully so, on moving from the WC to the EC, which team(s) do you move from the east to the west to make this balance?
  3. I've got tickets for the game on Saturday. I am looking forward to checking out a few of the prospects.
  4. You jest, but he scored 4 and they lost to Ottawa in the first game of last season.
  5. He's been killing it for the Marlies this year too. He is probably the next in line. I like the idea of Sosh on the fourth line wing a lot more than Kapanen or Leivo... which isn't any indication on Kapanen or Leivo... it's just that role seems like the perfect fit for Soshnikov.
  6. They were horrible in the last 2.5 minutes. They had some good chances in the first half of OT... but the second half was all Vegas.
  7. Toronto Sports Radio Wars

    I hate Dangle too. And Jeffler. And Steve Simmons, Damien Cox, Nick Kypreos, Pierre Maguire, and Don Cherry. I'm not envious of them either. I just generally hate their views on hockey and/or how they are presented. I like Friedman, Mirtle, Ferraro, Bowen, and Hodge.
  8. Random Thoughts #2

    Good stuff. My wife's best friend's brother works for WestJet as a mechanic. He also just DJ'd our wedding. Anyway, he was telling us how amazing WestJet is as an employer. His dad has had some significant health problems, to the point where he needs a wheelchair and a ramp built for his house. He worked for Stelco and due to all the BS that's happening there, his insurance (and pension) can't be counted on. So the kids decided to throw a fundraiser for him. WestJet threw in a free flight anywhere they fly as the main prize.
  9. Random Thoughts #2

    Our photographer told us to do that a lot. I didn't really like the idea of it at the time, but those are the ones that I like the best.
  10. Agreed. Andersen has not been the goalie the Leafs need him to be this year. The Leafs offense bailed him out of some games they had no business winning. The goaltending needs to improve if they want to be legitimate contenders in the playoffs. Albeit, you're not going to win many games if you continue to give up 30+ shots.... so the defense really needs to improve.
  11. I'll agree with you about it being a shame having Marner on the fourth line, but Bozak being on the fourth line is appropriate. There or the press box. As others have mentioned, anyone who has been reading the Athletic would know that Bozak's numbers, both offensive and defensive, are atrocious this year.
  12. Random Thoughts #2

    We got some of our wedding photos back… pretty pleased! Now it’s time to let myself go, gain 50 lbs, and yell at the neighbourhood kids to stay off my lawn. I just put a few in here, but if you actually want to see more of Mr. and Mrs. Gibby (it’s okay if you don’t), there are about 20, here.
  13. New member introducing myself

    You should go into sales, my friend!
  14. Actually.. that table shows EVERY Leaf on the right side of the ledger.. it just shows that Marner is doing well in terms of scoring chances for vs. against.
  15. This is also some food for thought. This table is prior to last night's game, but still, it shows Marner is on the right side of the ledger in terms of scoring chances. Also.. WOW Kadri... https://s25.postimg.org/twlwc139b/YFlb_W3c.jpg I am having trouble embedding this for some reason.... Jordo... any idea?