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  1. I'm very risk-adverse and like guaranteed things. You'd have to give me exact numbers and terms, but I'd probably end up playing out the season to go for the big money. That being said... if I signed now and could earn $6M versus earning $8M with a good season and $4M with a bad season, I take the $6M.... but those exact numbers/term would play a big factor in my decision.
  2. It's in his best interest.... barring injury, offensive decline, etc.
  3. Knows how to do what? Manage a team to mediocrity? His teams have never won anything other than one divisional championship in like 8 years of management. Only after he was "promoted" (e.g. demoted to president) did Cleveland's rebuild start paying off. Last year, after shedding Shapiro, they made it to the WS. They also beat the Jays on their way. The Jays were simply a better team with AA as GM. Yeah Rogers may have had a role in this, but it doesn't change the fact that the AA team had a better future than the one Shapiro has assembled.
  4. Are you suggesting that Shapiro, who came from Cleveland, has no idea how to manage a baseball team? Because... I strongly agree.
  5. To quote the great BRYZ... "HUMONGOUS BIG!"
  6. Arbitrators almost always pick a number smack dab in the middle of what the player is seeking and what the team is offering. I'm with you in that I don't think Hyman is worth that much money ... especially now that he's going to be on the third/fourth line and killing penalties.
  7. That's fine... it's not for everyone. I'd much rather read an analytical piece than listen to Nick Kypreos or Don Cherry. But that's me. Some people like to hear those guys. I don't mind a bit of it, but I have a mathematical mind, and I like the concept of analytics to improve a hockey team. It combines two of my interests.
  8. Not surprisingly... there are lots of "bad" teams on the right with higher GAR, and lots of "good" teams on the left with lower GAR. It's easier for bad teams to add good players and improve, and harder for good teams to keep good players AND improve. As Ryan mentions.. this should be relative to their performance last year. So even if Carolina scores 30 more goals this coming season, they would be ninth in league scoring (up from 20th). I don't think this stat measures anything defensively whatsoever.
  9. I seriously don't get why people think Chiarelli is a good GM. Yes he won a Cup in Boston, but he also left that team in shambles on his way out the door. He basically fell ass backwards into Connor McDavid... so any success that Edmonton reeps in the near future will be a direct result of that one move. He has overpaid guys like Lucic and Russel... he's going to have to pay a shitload for Draisaitl, and he has shipped Taylor Hall, Nail Yakupov, and Jordan Eberle out the door. In return he has Adam Larsson and Ryan Strome.
  10. Those are basically two different answers. On one hand you're saying that you're trying to help promote the Athletic by showing the type of content they have. That's actually somewhat valid, and it's why they don't paywall all of their articles. On the other hand you're saying it's okay because people have done similar things in the past. I guess my counterargument to that would be to use your first argument against the second - How many people on this forum ended up paying for a television or online streaming subscription based on the free streaming links that people found here? Also, the Athletic is a bit different than a big cable/telecommunication company. It's a small group of guys who adapted a new business model to sell their articles. It lives and dies on those subscriptions. I'm not saying that anyone would be more justified by stealing from a big company as opposed to a small group of guys.... but it's just something to consider.
  11. The irony of it all is that you made an illiterate joke in that same post. I still love you though.
  12. Absolutely. It's nice to know that you're going to be reading a well-written, insightful article every day. I also like that they're not shy about their use of "advanced" stats. Even their baseball coverage is great. I haven't read much of their TFC/Argos coverage though... I'm only one man.
  13. The Athletic is behind a paywall. The Atlantic is an ocean... or an NHL division... or a news outlet. Maybe some of it will eventually be behind Trump's wall
  14. I realize that. I meant that he copied and pasted the article in its entirety into this thread. Had he linked it, anyone who clicked the link would have been shown a preview of the article with the paywall blocking the rest. In addition to that being a general dick move to the guys at the Athletic, I'm sure Brad wouldn't be too happy about having stolen content posted on his forum. I pay for the Athletic for a reason: Quality content. That quality won't stay if people steal their stuff.
  15. I doubt the Athletic appreciates you ripping off their content and posting it here.