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  1. Bozak and JVR each had 2 goals in a 6 game series. That's not bad. Marner will be fine... he just needs to develop. Playing with Bozak and JVR in a sheltered role was the perfect spot for him. The Caps were deep and were able to contain him, even in that sheltered role.
  2. This. The Bozak hate stemmed from the fact that he somehow managed to find himself centering Kessel and JVR. He was not suited for that role, and both he and the Leafs suffered. Now that Kadri and Matthews can play above Bozak at C, they can tuck Bozak in with Marner and JVR on a sheltered third line where Bozak and his linemates are thriving.
  3. Yeah snarky and Bryan are the two I miss the most.
  4. It's hard to believe that a game against Columbus' B-squad determined us playing this powerhouse team or a depleted Senators team. Even harder to believe the Leafs couldn't capitalize on that golden opportunity and yet again squandered a multiple goal lead. I'm rooting for the Leafs, but I have very low expectations for a positive outcome. My heart says Leafs in 7, but my head says Caps in 4 or 5.
  5. Or won a shootout or two...
  6. Leafs haven't lost to Boston this year....
  7. Does released mean "waived"? I like Upton. Is he no longer in the Jays system at all?
  8. Gwyn, aka brigstew, is a regular contributor and masthead member of PPP. He left because he thought was a bit too close-minded and was sick of getting in arguments over minutia. So now he does the same thing over at PPP.
  9. I thought it was a penalty on the Leafs.
  10. He definitely interfered. The one angle shows it a much more clear view of the infraction.
  11. No thanks. Rielly is the new Phaneuf. He is our #1 D and therefore our scapegoat. It's not an easy job to go out there every night and play against the best in the NHL, but Rielly does it. He would really benefit from having another stalwart D to play alongside him, but that will have to happen in the offseason, if at all.
  12. I agree, but I think his injury isn't fully recovered. I wonder if he's always going to have lingering injury issues.
  13. He is in my keeper fantasy league. He's alive. I know he is getting laid off soon or that already happened... so that sucks. But he did get a decent severance package.
  14. In my opinion, Rielly has been much worse than Gardiner. Especially as of lately.