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  1. NHL 2019/20

    At this point, it really doesn't matter who wins the Cup for the legitimacy of it to be questioned by fans of 30 other teams.
  2. NHL 2019/20

    Maybe they should come up with a better plan then. Or cancel this NHL season. It's shit or get off the pot time.
  3. NHL 2019/20

    You clearly have never played ice hockey or skated intensely. After 30 seconds of hard skating, most people are winded. The average NHL shift length is probably in the 30-45 second range. Those guys are PEAK athletes. In beer leagues, some guys will stretch a shift out for a couple of minutes. It becomes quite clear that they shouldn't be out there, as they can't keep up with the play or join a rush. It's not a cliche to say "keep the legs fresh," but it actually means "keep the lungs fresh."
  4. NHL 2019/20

    I would prefer a tie to a shootout, but I think 5 more minutes of OT would be great.
  5. NHL 2019/20

    Smaller markets .... aka.... anywhere but Winnipeg.
  6. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Ugh, I'm glad that didn't happen. The Leafs got a younger and nearly equivalent goalie for a fraction of that cost.
  7. NHL 2019/20

    Shitty man. Sorry.
  8. I've never reffed, but I kinda get the penalty on Rielly. I get that he had nowhere to go, but he kind of jumped into the net and it looked a bit intentional. I've seen much worse calls, and I'd rather have them calling this shit than letting it slide - even if it's against the Leafs.
  9. LOL at our D and the amount of our key D on IR. When you see it listed like this, it's laughable. Other than Tyson Barrie, most of these guys played in the AHL either this season or last season.
  10. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    So flip this and look at it from Dubas trading Marchment. He knows what Marchment is and what he's not. Marchment has shown he cannot skate at the NHL level. If Dubas is willing to trade him to the team he's competing with for a playoff spot, what does that say about how the Leafs feel about Marchment?
  11. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Who doesn't believe in analytics? Nobody is denying that the goaltending has been shit. However, the analytics also show that the defense is pretty shit. I think it's also worth restating that the Leafs have been playing a LOT of lower-tier teams since Keefe came in. They haven't had to play Boston or Tampa. They haven't played Washington or Pittsburgh. They've played a couple of decent teams, both mostly bottom-tier teams. Also, the Leafs are basically leading the league in man-games lost. So injuries have been a huge issue.
  12. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    The Leafs have been terrible in February. They have played mostly bottom-tier teams and only have ONE regulation win. Their upcoming schedule is ridiculous. Aside from playing every other day for the next two weeks, they have to play Pittsburgh (twice), Carolina, Tampa, Florida, and Vancouver. They really could have used some points against the weaker teams.
  13. NHL 2019/20

    This could be devastating to Nashville's salary cap for several years.
  14. I don't mind his shot selection in OT. I mind his absolute mailing it in on the backcheck. He is the lone defensemen on the ice, and he was the one responsible for that breakaway. I'm fine with everything up to this point. However, he did not catch up to Ilya fucking Kovalchuk (who is my age), who ended up scoring the winning goal. That was his man. That is the reason that goal is on him. I would even have given him a pass if he had put some effort into that backcheck, but he just dog fucked it all the way back. It was embarrassing.
  15. The team defense is atrocious. Not just the defensemen, but the way the team plays defensively. However, if I'm pointing the finger at anyone - it is BY FAR the D. They've got this amazing group of forwards, who are absolutely killing it this year. Matthews, Marner, Tavares, and Marner are all playing as advertised. They can all improve defensively though. But take a look at our actual D corps, and it's easy to see why it's terrible. In fact, look at how many of our defensemen recently played in the AHL. Sandin and Liljegren were in the AHL this year. Holl would have been there last year if Babcock wasn't a complete turd and had him stapled to the press box. Now the actual NHLers. Our best defensemen, Morgan Rielly, is injured. When he wasn't injured, he wasn't playing nearly his best. Cody Ceci has been exactly what Sens fans told us he would be - a lia-fucking-bility. Absolute dogshit. His injury right now is a prime example of addition by subtraction. Jake Muzzin - probably my favourite defensemen on the team right now, but is being forced to play too much and against higher QOC than he should have to. He's going to earn himself a higher contract than he is worth too because the Leafs have nobody else to play in his place. Tyson Barrie is this year's Jake Gardiner. High-end offense with loads of giveaways and defensive lapses. He probably isn't as bad as he seems, but he's also not nearly as good as his supporters make him out to be. There is a reason Colorado was willing to part with him in exchange for Kadri. Martin Marincin - somehow this guy is STILL neither a Leaf nor a Marlie. I'm uncomfortable with him on the ice, especially on the PK. Travis Dermott - Probably the biggest disappointment on the blueline this year. I had pretty high hopes for him, but he seems to have taken a step or two back. Maybe it's because of his new partners or something, but he just isn't the same guy from last year. Now look at any other team that has recently been a serious contender for the Stanley Cup with the possible exception of Pittsburgh. Their blueline is filled with experienced guys that are capable of playing in the NHL with maybe one new guy here or there. Compare our blue line to St. Louis, Boston, Washington, Tampa. It's not hard to see why the Leafs are barely holding onto a playoff spot or why they haven't won a playoff round since Mats Sundin was a Leaf. We have Justin Holl trying to shut down the opposition's top line! Try and take yourself back to the summer and remind yourselves of Dubas' main goals. They likely would have been to improve the blueline and find a capable backup. Here we are in early February on the fringe of the playoffs and about to go into the hardest part of the schedule... and our blueline is still a joke, and we only recently traded for a capable backup. It's fucking agonizing to watch the Leafs lose games they should easily be winning because their D is comparable to a men's league. We are wasting the brilliance and youth of Matthews, Marner, and Nylander because of our shotty, shotty D.
  16. I have no problem with people singing Barrie's praises as long as they're allowed to point out his flaws... such as the OT against Montreal.
  17. Ideally Ceci, but realistically and sadly Sandin.
  18. Our two best D, of a very weak D corps, are injured and Freddie isn't superhuman for some reason. Also, somehow Jersey beat Tampa recently. They certainly seemed like a dogshit team last night though.
  19. This is just my semi-frequent reminder that NHL refs should be fined (severely) if an unpenalized hit or play leads to a suspension. For example. If Okposo gets suspended for last night's hit, both refs get fined.
  20. I want to hate Eichel in terms of the reports of him being a coach killer, the fact that he's a curly-headed fuck, and that he plays for Buffalo... but damn is this kid playing at a higher level this year. In terms of a hockey player, I like him.
  21. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Hard to be worse than Hutch.
  22. NHL 2019/20

    4 coaches have been fired since the last time the Red Wings won a hockey game.
  23. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    I fully believe that Shanahan was the one endorsing Babcock from day one. I imagine Dubas wanted to let Babcock go after their loss to the Bruins last season. If what you're saying is true, and Dubas knew about that history between Babcock and Marner, then Dubas really whiffed on the Babcock firing AND the Marner signing. He must have known! Why else did the signing take until the eleventh hour?