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  1. i was rooting for the canes to win so the leafs get a wake up call. what's the point? they had so many wake up calls this season. BLOW THEM UP.
  2. whenever it’s 4-1 it’s guaranteed it’ll be interesting
  3. Babcock Fired; Keefe Hired

    babsocks off, keefes briefs on
  4. babcock has lost his bench. you can see it in their faces.
  5. Training Camp 2019

    insane... let’s hope for a huge cap increase sooner than later who needs good defence when you’re stacking up front lol
  6. I agree. Seemed like nothing was his fault and he did everything right. The worst was saying that he made adjustments alongside Cassidy's tactics. He came across as a really stubborn man.
  7. and considering matthews is shooting fire WTF
  8. Babcock's gotta shorten the bench now. get moore and ennis out there. sit marleau and brown.
  9. hey hey hey, bester is tiny compared to sparks!
  10. classic leafs. see you guys again next year.