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  1. Kadri concussed... Let's hope it's not a bad one.
  2. The Bruins has taken over 2nd place in the division, albeit with one more game played and only a point lead.... Would the first wild card spot be preferable to playing Boston in the first round?
  3. That's a lot of guys who should give back paychecks for failing to show up to work.
  4. This may be the slowest I've seen them play all season. Quite pathetic really.
  5. They somehow got their groove back. Matty!
  6. Good pic, Jordan. That's the last good jersey Ottawa had. Their jerseys have been utter shit ever since the Reebok revamp.
  7. Leafs acquire Jake Muzzin

    Seems like a good trade. Hope he gets running sooner rather than later.
  8. It's a confirmed firing now as per Ryan Rishaug of TSN.
  9. 2019 World Juniors

    Welcome to Eliminationland.
  10. I think Marner is banking too much on the cross seam pass that just isn't there when 4 Bolts collapse on their net.