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  1. It's refreshing seeing another teams defence suck as bad as the Leafs'.
  2. The win is a start but I'm a bit bothered by Sportsnet commentators talking about admiring the response of the players. For me they're still in time out for the forseeable future.
  3. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    I hope they'll be able to expose him in the expansion draft if he falls off a cliff... Guess we'll find out the details soon.
  4. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Timashov claimed by the Red Wings.
  5. At this point the Canes should do a Storm Surge...
  6. I can't believe the breaks the Leafs are getting. They have no business being only one goal down.
  7. Bullshit to give Clifford a penalty there. What is Mrazek doing out there?
  8. Wow, that's some awful defending...
  9. The Leafs showed up for the start of a period?
  10. NHL 2019/20

    Blake Coleman traded from Devils to Bolts for 1st round pick and Nolan Foote.
  11. Imagine if the Leafs could give the kind of effort the Stars is giving on a regular basis... They'd be unstoppable.
  12. At that point there was no hope. For the past years the Leafs have offered something to be at the very least hopeful for. It's the giving an ice cream to a child and taking it away situation.
  13. Pretty sloppy play by the Leafs in the early goings... Trade involving Kapanen in the works?