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  1. 2018 NHL Off-Season

    Time for the offseason to ramp back up soon. Hitting that window of a few weeks before camps start up. Time to get those last few contract-less RFAs signed, *cough* Nylander *cough*, and the other shoe has to drop sooner or later on the guys everyone expects to be with new teams prior to camp like Karlsson, Pacioretty, etc. Any predictions? I would really not be surprised at all if the Sens stick with their asinine idea to try to unload the Ryan salary with Karlsson rather than maximizing their return in assets. Which, would be a huge setback to the organization, but seems right in line with Melnyk's M.O.
  2. Yo boys! This "rookie showdown" seems to be the first things heating up this month in the world of Leafs hockey. Everyone knows they've done this previously, and it is a nice chance to try to see some of the prospects before full blown camp starts. It'll be our first chance to see picks like Sandin and SDA with any of the group, and get our next look at guys like Liljegren, Grundstrom, Bracco, Brooks, and Co. I am in hockey withdrawal pretty bad, so I will probably try to find a stream to watch the games when they're on. The schedule is down below, and here is a link to the SN article listing the rosters for each of the three teams. It looks like the breakdown by position for the Leafs players is: 17 F, 11 D, 2 G. So I would expect there to be some shuffling of rosters between the games on 9/7 and 9/8, with a handful of forwards and d-men to play in both games. SCHEDULE: September 7, 2018, 7:30 p.m. ET - Game No.1 Montreal Canadiens vs. Ottawa Senators September 8, 2018, 3 p.m. ET - Game No. 2 Ottawa Senators vs. Toronto Maple Leafs September 9, 2018, 3 p.m. ET - Game No. 3 Montreal Canadiens vs. Toronto Maple Leafs
  3. This whole summer has been great, but this was just icing on the cake. It is awesome confirmation of forward thinking management and emphasis on bringing in a variety of backgrounds and POVs. Remember a few months back, or even that period between Dubas getting promoted and Lou leaving? Everyone just had to say, "Well, we really don't know what goes on inside the management group and who is arguing for specific players, stats, or playing styles..." Well it became pretty obvious pretty quickly. I mean Lou freaking traded for Martin and signed Komarov - two players who couldn't make the fourth line on this roster by the end of last year.
  4. Signing the 'Big Three'

    It would be great if they could get all three for under $25 mil. I don't see how we can't get Nylander for 7 per with so many comparables in Pastrnak, Ehlers, and Larkin. That leaves $18 mil for Matthews and Marner to split. Call it 11/7 or 10/8 , hell, let them fight it out this season and split it up next offseason. I actually do wish that there was more of an expectation of "team friendly" deals from these three. Tavares left 2 mil per year on the table to come here and make this group awesome. And that is a guy who has already played into his prime on a ridiculously team friendly deal. And you don't get more of a sure thing than JT. I know that all three of these guys are insanely good and all also "sure things" in their own right, but don't they want to keep the group together and be as competitive as they can be for the next ten years? Everyone taking a slight discount can mean the difference between being able to keep some young defenceman out of an entry level or being able to sustain the level of supporting cast we currently have for this insane core. Oh yeah, what's up, dudes? Is it hockey season yet?
  5. Have the leafs had a game yet go beyond regulation and NOT go to the shootout? We are bringing down the league average, and keeping the shootout alive.
  6. Happy Birthday Gibby

    Let's grab a beer sometime! Happy day!
  7. I will be at this game!!! Wooot! I hope I am not just there to watch the Leafs get slaughtered, but hey, it'll be a live slaughter!! P.s. Not sure if you all realized this, but it is cold and real fucking windy up here.
  8. Going to be in T.O.

  9. Going to be in T.O.

    Heh. Do you dumbshits even know what "online" is?
  10. Going to be in T.O.

    Sounds good. I paid once online and it didn't get to you, so not going down that path again. I'll be working in North York area, wherever the hell that is.
  11. Going to be in T.O.

    Yo homies. It looks like I will be in Toronto for work the week of 11/17. Looks like there are a few games that week, and while somehow trying to get tickets is obviously out of my price range, I'd love to hit a few good bars and catch the games. Let me know if anyone in the area is interested!
  12. The West is also going to finish with 4 cup contenders for every 1 in the East.
  13. Brilliant, Kryl. Yeah, these collapses have been a joke all season (and last) and this losing streak was bound to catch up with them at some point.
  14. 2013-2014 Toronto Maple Leafs Thread

    But if the heads roll in management as well, it would likely happen as soon as possible as they'd want to give people time to prepare for the draft, free agency, etc. For that reason and a few more, I doubt it will go all the way up to Nonis, which is almost too bad. But Carlyle is a must go at this point, and that at least gives me some hope. I doubt they have a GM replacement in mind or lined up in that time frame, and they can can the coach and not worry about naming a replacement right away.