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  1. Stanley Cup Final - Vegas Knights / Washington Capitals

    Agreed. Vegas fans are loving this, but fans of any other team should despise this. I'm finding that the only people that love this are haters of the NHL.
  2. No. Because as an AGM the work they do isn't really in the spotlight that much so it's hard to determine what they're good at.
  3. Stanley Cup Final - Vegas Knights / Washington Capitals

    You're gonna be a lonely little boy.
  4. East Final: Tampa Bay vs Washington

    Caps and Knights in the Finals
  5. Hunter not allowed to work for another NHL team until the draft is over and the July 1st FA period settles down.
  6. I believe technically his contract was up.
  7. Let's sign Tavares as a farewell gift.
  8. West Final: Winnipeg vs Vegas

    Fuck me sideways!
  9. Probably one of those intent to sign things and now it's officially official where it was unofficially official before.
  10. Prospect Watch

    He won't slip to us
  11. Prospect Watch

    C - Joe Veleno (unfortunately he won't slip that far) D - Bode Wilde D - Ryan Merkley C - Rasmus Lupari
  12. 2018 Toronto Blue Jays

    That's exactly what they're doing and what I knew they'd be doing...creating the illusion of competitiveness. Biagini was already a failed starter at AA, which is why San Francisco left him unprotected. The fact that he had a nice rookie season in the pen was found money. The Jays trying to jam him down our throats as a starter is completely retarded. He can't start. He's not even a great reliever...he's just solid and useful. Borucki's been up and down but I like him the most out of the AAA options. I think he might be ready for some starts later in the summer if he can get locked in. Sean Reid-Foley is the best of the bunch an I'm expecting him to be promoted to AAA within the next month the way he's been pitching in AA this season. Bottom line...this is a nothing season. The only way I see it as a success is if the intention was to build up the value for some of these spare parts they picked up to make up the roster, and then flip them at the dealine for some intriguing prospects. You're not gonna get anyone blue chip...but maybe a couple of high upside/high bust kinds of guys.
  13. 2018 Toronto Blue Jays

    Vladdy isn't being brought up for a combination of two things. Defense (that's the small part). The large piece is they don't want to stay his service clock. The sooner he's up the sooner he gets to free agency. This is the game that major league teams have to play now. You have to try and time your prospects service time with when you think you're going to be competitive as a team. Especially teams that have to/choose to be financially responsible.
  14. 2018 Toronto Blue Jays

    Or it's a made up injury cause he's been so horrible and it's in his head. Could go either way.