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  1. Hopefully obsolete for this team.
  2. Nice. Curious to get a look at him.
  3. I expect that from Jose, but really Pillar? We're playing that tired game?
  4. Losing two steps would mean that he's basically standing still.
  5. Ha. Fuck. I haven't been paying attention at all. In Florida on vacation and thought I heard 2-1 series lead for Ottawa.
  6. Don't they have 2 wins already? 2 more to go.
  7. And two games away from the Stanley Cup finals
  8. Just another Toronto team that can't tank properly.
  9. Agreed. Always BPA. This isn't the NFL where you're drafting 21, 22, 23 year olds and you can draft based on need. Drafting 17, 18 year olds, their games change so much. Take who you think will develop into the best pro.
  10. Apparently not. He was playing hurt.
  11. Can't start a new thread for some reason. Tried to create one for Zaitsev's extention but didn't seem to work.