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  1. They won't. They should retool as they really need to get younger in the field, but I don't see our management team aggressively dismantling anything. There's been enough life in the team this season (in their eyes) for them to want to give it another go in 2018. Another year older.
  2. Maybe. But I'm more intrigued by Joseph Woll for the longer term.
  3. Some real nice highlight clips of Liljegren...
  4. Well... He'll be a Leaf one day. That's for certain.
  5. Mono. And when he did come back he wasn't as good as some hoped he would be. Incredible skater. Offensively skilled. This is a great pick at 17.
  6. This is high risk, immense reward
  7. LOL at the 'Mittelstadt failed to do a pull up at the combines' caption that Sportsnet showed.
  8. I'm thinking Patrick goes 2nd.
  9. I'm positive that I'm not ok with that. This is how you get into trouble. At the first sign of success, abandon, take our fists.
  10. They're gonna suck.
  11. Guess we'll need to start the rebuild again.
  12. Ya. That's how I want my management group building a team. 'Sign'll be cool.'
  13. Amazing start to that franchise if they can round up that many firsts. Assuming their scouts have an idea, their farm system could really hit the ground running.