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  1. I hope that game lights a fire under them. That rather gritty encounter could be just what doctor ordered.
  2. There's a difference between having toughness and playing tough. This team hasn't consistently shown the ability to push back when the chips are down and the opposition plays aggressive and heavy. Can they do it? Maybe...but I haven't really seen it consistently yet. The playoffs will tell the tale.
  3. He's the missing piece. Two 1sts and a 2nd should get it done. ... Unprotected of course.
  4. I guess there's no better way to get your legs and stamina than get right in there and do it.
  5. Not nearly as one sided...Only recently have we been taking care of business at home... 2010s - Home: 15-7-0 / Away: 5-17-0 2000s - Home: 12-13-3 / Away: 8-18-2 1990s - Home: 3-9-2 / Away: 3-9-2 1980s - Home: 5-7-4 / Away: 4-12-0 1970s - Home: 13-11-3 / Away: 10-16-2
  6. I'm still not completely sold that the Sabres will finish ahead of Boston this season...but they are definitely a team that will be making noise sooner than later
  7. I don't really have a fire burning in my belly for the Sabres. They're kinda like an annoying mosquito to me still. Ottawa, Montreal, Boston. Hate them all. Buffalo I almost feel sorry for. Hope that changes though. It's so much more satisfying beating teams you dislike.
  8. This is the worst 3 on 3 I've ever seen. It's like they're killing off a penalty.