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  1. 2019 Canadian Electio

    Doug Ford impacted that.
  2. This is Babcock's 5th season. I'm starting to get to the point where I'm realistically wondering if he needs to go. I don't think we do anything during the season, but if things don't end well I think he's gone after the season.
  3. 2019 Canadian Electio

    Meh. Any other outcome would've been shocking. If Trudeau was smart he'd say 'we hear you Canada, we need to do better, I need to do better.'. But he'll be his usual clueless self like everything is fine.
  4. We might not have to give up our 1st rounder this year. Silver lining.
  5. That was stupid, Mitch. Guess he didn't know that rule. He and Kasperi should start a club.
  6. When he learned he was facing the Leafs tonight.
  7. NHL Offseason 2019

    Lemieux vs. the Red Wings Moore vs. the Canucks I tend to wonder how much of it is really hatred and how much of it is now a WWE show. I'm sure there was some tension and dislike at the beginning, but I wonder if these two are just attention whores playing up to the crowds and media.
  8. WTF is this. I leave to go to Parent Teacher interviews and it's 2-0. I come home and it's 4-2.
  9. Tonight is exactly when he's going to show how good he is.