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  1. Probably. Unless he can...........'heat up'
  2. I would have discussions (which I'm sure they have) and gauge what kind of dollar figure the Leafs are willing to offer...and I wouldn't settle on anything unless it was an overpayment ($8M+/yr)...which they won't. So basically, I'd play it out. It wouldn't surprise me if Nylander had a Leon Draisaitl type of season next season (numbers wise).
  3. There's risk both ways...but yes, my gut is telilng me that Willie Nye is going to have a big season. And when I say big, I'm talking Top 15 in scoring big (Matthews was #20 in scoring last season).
  4. Emma posted an update. Complications from the surgery. Wasn't expected to live through the night, but made it. Things are moving forward, but slowly.
  5. Title says it all.
  6. Eddie Olczyk announced this past week that he's battling colon cancer. Wishing him success in his fight.
  7. Yikes. Hoping for a quick recovery.
  8. I'm an AA fan as well but let's not pretend that he didn't have a hand in the state that the team is currently in. He went all in in 2015. ALL IN! He moved a lot of young pieces to bring in Price, Tulo, etc...and now they're paying a bit of that "price". I'm not a huge Shapiro fan, but he's very well respected within the industry from all accounts, so that has to count for something.
  9. I'm gonna chime in from Vegas. Shapiro is a smart man, and knows how to do this, but as Pity said, I have absolute confidence in saying that Rogers has mandated him to field a team that gives the illusion of contention. This team is going nowhere. They are old and need big restructuring. They aren't going to commit to that because of Rogers.
  10. Aside from Tulo and Martin, everyone can be moved...and even they can be moved if you eat enough salary.
  11. Did you expect anything less?
  12. Liriano to the Royals was circulating a couple of days ago. But no...nothing of significance. Rogers wants to create the illusion of a competitive team to keep asses in the seats. They're just going to go through the motions for a while.
  13. That 9 years was for murder...and everyone knows it.
  14. You can't tank for picks, but you sell off for prospects. If they could move Wells, anyone can be moved...maybe you need to eat salary, but that's the cost of doing business. This is the oldest team in baseball. That has to change in a big hurry. I hope they don't go down the familiar Maple Leaf route...old...and keep adding meaningless pieces to a formula that doesn't work. Problem is, Rogers doesn't want to lose the gate receipts from the fairweather fans that are going to games. The hardcore fans that actually know what's going on will stick around, so of course they're going to piss us off, knowing that we'll stick around. It's a shitty time to be a Jays fan.
  15. Code for 'we're not going to make any moves of significance'.