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  1. NHL Offseason 2019

    It's ok, boys. Sean Avery said we were getting Jacob Troubda. That's still a done deal.
  2. NHL Offseason 2019

    The Sharks are gonna live to regret that one
  3. Toronto Raptors Thread

    Defense wins championships.
  4. NHL Offseason 2019

    December 1 - Mitch Marner re-signs with the Leafs.
  5. Stanley Cup Final

    I wouldn't care less. No Leafs. No care.
  6. Toronto Raptors Thread

    Raps clowned around the last 2 minutes and couldn't close.
  7. Marleau has put his North York house up for sale. Asking $11.888M for anyone interested.
  8. Actually, if you watch his video it's Nazeem Kadri for Jacob Troubda.
  9. Even mediocre defencemen are a hot commodity.
  10. 2019 Toronto Vladdy Jays

    MLB Draft starts tonight. Jays pick 11th.
  11. No one asked for your facts
  12. Arizona showing interest in Marleau. My guess is a 1-year extension for 6.5M with a $6M signing bonus paid right away by the Leafs, only to be dealt 24 hours later to a cap floor team gets him to waive his NMC.
  13. I think Alec Martinez is more likely.