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  1. That's about right. And it will catch up to them.
  2. I really hope this concussion speculation doesn't prove to be accurate re: Matthews. That shit is like herpes. Follows you around forever.
  3. 2017/18 season

    I'm reminding every Sens fan I know exactly what their team is. #godswork
  4. Not really. I wish they would though. Not necessarily open ice obliterations, but so many opportunities to paste guys against the boards and they just let them go. Frustrating.
  5. The way the Leafs have been playing is going to catch up with them.
  6. McElhinney with the win. All on his own.
  7. Horseshit penalty. Nurse stepped on Marner's stick.
  8. Seriously. They can't repeat that 2nd period.
  9. Wow. They killed it off. McElhinney has been Andersen-esque.
  10. Here's the game right here. 2 penalties just called on the Leafs. 2 minute 5-on-3 coming.
  11. Haha. 18-0 is not ok. Can't always wear the maple leafs coloured glasses. Clearly Matthews is hurt... As evidenced as his game time decision status.
  12. I was expecting this. He just hasn't looked right.
  13. And now back home to chase McDavid around again for tomorrow