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  1. NHL Offseason 2019

    Rangers sign Trouba to a 7 year deal with an AAV of $8M
  2. NHL Offseason 2019

    In their prime... Lindros probably
  3. No American wants to play in Canada. Everyone knows this.
  4. You couldn't possibly be surprised. This world is loaded with absolute blockheads. I'd be surprised if there weren't any people that brought it up.
  5. Was it Lou that wouldn't allow high numbers?
  6. He'll sit before he signs a deal he doesn't like. He's betting on the Leafs not wanting to go through a season without him, losing a year of their window
  7. That's not gonna happen.
  8. What do you consider long term
  9. If no one would sign him, then why would anyone trade for him as they'd still have to negotiate and sign him?
  10. If the only options are trading him or letting him sit out the entire season what's the better option?
  11. Jake is a $6.5m d-man I think. For $8m, I want serious production and less coughups.
  12. Over/Under 65 points for Barrie in '19-20?
  13. Would possibly have to move Nylander to make room.
  14. Barrie is looking for an 8 yr, $8M AAV contract.
  15. Kerfoot doesn't have Kadri's edge.
  16. Toronto Raptors Thread

    It was going to be George and Westbrook. Obviously more than Siakim...but wow that would've been crazy.
  17. Toronto Raptors Thread

    Kawhi signs with the Clippers
  18. If he's gonna let emotion dictate something like this I hope he does it. That can only hurt the Isles and benefit the Leafs.
  19. Until something actually happens I don't think we'll see an offer sheet. committing that much cap space and giving up four 1sts is a very big move...and I'm not sure a smart one. For $12.5M, I'd take the picks, use the cap space somewhere else, use the firsts, or some of the firsts to find a replacement for Mitch.
  20. It's hardly an exact science cause comparing one position to another is hard, however, if you forced me to put a number on it...I'd say that if you take a center and a winger that are very comparable as to what they can do for you offensively, are there aren't any egregious deficiencies (skating, complete lack of any defensive awareness) then I think a center is perhaps 10% more valuable financially. The extra responsibilities defensively and the faceoff responsibilities are the first two things to come to mind. In Mitch's case, yes, he did penalty kill...but the Leafs PK was pretty awful last season. Was that his fault? I can't say...as I don't have the data in front of me...maybe it wasn't at all...but he is going to get lumped into that bad PK just by association. I still think he should fall into the $9-9.5 AAV on a 3 year. If he wants $10m+ then we're talking 6+ years.
  21. And Panarin is was a UFA, so there's a built in overpay there. The point is, consider that he is an RFA, he is a winger, and compare to other top wingers around the league. He should NOT be getting Auston Mathews money. Auston Mathews probably shouldn't even be getting Auston Mathews money...but I think it's easier to make a case for him than for Mitch.
  22. I've read the same things. But that said, have they been using him in a shutdown role like Babs did with Rielly that first season or two?
  23. I was hoping he'd land somewhere a little closer to $3m but I can live with this.
  24. He's asking to be paid like a center. What are the top few wingers paid?
  25. It won't be max. So 3-4 years then.