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  1. The regular season is finally here!!!
  2. JVR out for 5-6 weeks with a lower body injury.
  3. Rushing prospects is not a good idea. Bracco is up to 70 points as well. Having a real good season.
  4. Rasmus Sandin on fire. 8 game point streak...12 points
  5. Sounds like the Leafs will be signing Petan to a 2-year extension.
  6. 6:45 into the 2nd period and Nashville doesn't have a shot on goal yet.... But neither do the Leafs.
  7. Hainsey knows where to stand. If I've heard it once, I've heard it a thousand times. There has to be immeasurable value to that as per Babs. ...and yes, everything I write is wrought with sarcasm
  8. I don't think Jake will be back...at least not for the start of the playoffs. He hasn't started skating at all, and they're saying that his injury isn't responding the way they had hoped. That's code for, this is worse than we thought. Dermott will be back within a couple of weeks I'm thinking.
  9. You'd basically be sentencing Nylander to the same non-scoring pergatory that Kadri is currently in. Not a good use of a $7M asset...and Nylander isn't really a shut down player so you can't even leverage that part of his game like you can with Kadri.
  10. Dubas will really need to step up this off-season and deal with the D. If there is any way of blasting Zaitsev out of a cannon and reclaiming that cap space that would be a miracle. And a lesser move would be to someone get Marleau to agree to being moved. Nice player, but not $6.5M nice. That cap space is required elsewhere. Sadly, I don't see either of those things happening.
  11. Not sure that's a good idea. "Babs...we want you to do better but now we're going to expect it with your hands tied behind your back because we fired the crew you want to work with." If you're gonna drop the axe it has to be the head guy...but I don't think we're there yet. I think the Leafs can get bounced in the 1st round and Mike is still fine...but I think next year he's on the chopping block if things don't move to the next step.
  12. He's actually been considered for more than one head coaching job (Isles and Sens that I know of). Word is he was likely going to get the Islanders job until Trotz entered the picture.
  13. And Babcock's response was basically, it's Sparks' job to stop the puck.
  14. This is no kind of argument. Every player in the league is a millionaire.
  15. Leafs are 17-14-3 since Dec 29th. Anyone who thinks they've only been struggling recently is kidding themselves.
  16. Agreed. His soft play would've made this game a real embarrassment.
  17. LOL!!! That goal was beautiful. Nice one, Willie
  18. It almost feels like they're trying to get Babcock fired.
  19. Where the fuck was Sparks going
  20. Nope. Nylander couldn't have a bigger smile on his face tonight.
  21. 4-1 leads don't last. Nothing to worry about.
  22. This team should be so fun to watch. They make me wish I wasn't a hockey fan.
  23. Not sure what Marner was doing there.