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  1. That's his season record. With the Leafs he's 2-3 with a 2.64 GAA and a .914 SV%
  2. The regular season is finally here!!!
  3. He doesn't want to play here.
  4. That would be wonderful. What's the ask?
  5. Not surprising. Better not be for a rental though
  6. I acknowledge that. My main point is just that I hope Dubas is doing all the necessary work AND if something does present itself, he doesn't think it's "too early" to make a move cause he has 'time'. If the right deal becomes available make the move today.
  7. I know Dubas loves that Lamoriello philosophy "if you've got time, use it", but do you really think waiting until the deadline to bolster the blueline is the best approach? Wouldn't you want a little time for the new player(s) to get used to Babs, his system, the other players, and maybe build some chemistry? Wouldn't you want as much time as you can get before the playoffs start?
  8. Gardiner paired with Ozhinganov now. Dermott with Zaitsev
  9. February 25th can't get here quick enough.
  10. Here's the problem with talking about Gardiner... Half the people think he can't do anything right. The other half think he can't do anything wrong. The same people are either always trying to tear him down, or constantly defend him. He's offensively gifted and does a lot of things well. But his mistakes are fucking brutal.
  11. Wonder if there's anything wrong with that goal?
  12. He's only had 5 shots to stop. Can't tell if he's hot yet.
  13. Probably. But you'd lose Sparks if you waive him...conversely, you can send Hutch down. It's about asset management right now. Is it wise to give up on a goalie that you've been grooming and developing for years after 10 games as a backup?
  14. Leafs extend Trevor Moore. 2 years, $1.55M.
  15. But playing well and losing in the playoffs doesn't really make anyone feel any better. They need to be able to play well...and win. Moral victories are out the window. Now, I know it's January so really, what's the point of getting too upset until April, but I wouldn't mind seeing them beat a few of the other very good teams in the league if for no other reason than confidence.
  16. Bruins will pass us in the standings. Bookmark this so you can refer back to it later.
  17. He's horrible. He makes Jake look worse than he is. That's the truth.
  18. Babs said he's playing well, so that's all the TMan needs. No analysis required. Just swallow what you're told.