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  1. Best Leaf Goalie Mask?

    Raycroft or Cujo. Erik-

    Im so lost.. and it hurts a lot! lol.. Erik-
  3. Looking for Tickets!

    Blahh well thats not good.. I'm trying to get these for a friend who wants to take his daughter and family to a game for her Bday.. Guess maybe they have to pick a different game now haha. Erik-
  4. Happy Birthday Puffy!

    double post.. boo
  5. Happy Birthday Puffy!

    Happy Bday Puffer! from one Ducks fan to the other Erik-
  6. Anyone know where I can get anywhere between 2-4 tickets for a Feb 17 game vs. the Oilers. I know of the game day purchasing they they release tickets, but Im trying to get these in advance for a friend. let me know if you know anyone or somwhere. (I already checked ebay lol) Cheers! Erik-
  7. My Game-Used Collection

    Various team sources.. some of the Perry stuff directly from him.. Erik-
  8. Hey Gang, Well Ive been collecting game worn stuff for a little while now.. mostly have Corey Perry items.. but some other cool stuff. and always new stuff on the way. On the sticks page only the Perry, Afinogenov and Miller sticks are mine.. the rest of them are a friends. www.gameusedarena.com Cheers! Erik-
  9. Where are you going for reading week

    Not for Hockey thats for sure haha.. Im only going because of some lady friends that live there lol.. and they are Leafs fans! thank god! lol Erik-
  10. Where are you going for reading week

    Might be going to Ottawa.. Erik-
  11. My second Intro!

    Haha, exactly!! but glad to be back, and I still remember many of yeah.. cool to see you guys remember me too haha Erik-
  12. My second Intro!

    Haha I do?? Ill still make you one.. just wont with any image with a Packer on it Erik-
  13. My second Intro!

    Thanks for the welcomes guys! Watch out.. there are only 2 of us Ducks fans.. but we are strong! haha. Erik-