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  1. The organization definitely seemed to shift it's focus to Kaskisuo over the past season. Bibeau was pretty bad for the Marlies last year. Kaskisuo stepped up big in the playoffs.
  2. Lance Stroll finishes 3rd at Azerbaijan GP. First Canadian driver to stand on the podium since Jacques Villeneuve at the 2001 German GP.
  3. Dreger reporting VGK likely selected Brendan Leipsic from Maple Leafs.
  4. That's a new one. Welcome to Robidas Island.
  5. They could go a cheaper route and try to get Marc Methot.
  6. I went to an MMA match once and a Baseball game brokeout.
  7. He's a winger. The Leafs have lots of wingers. He would be taking a spot from Kapanen or Soshnikov.
  8. No you don't. Anyone who was in the NHL before I was in high school has no place on this team.
  9. I expected that. With price VGK is asking to pass on players just let one of them go.
  10. Wouldn't surprise me if VGK walks out of the awards show with 5 or 6 1st round picks.
  11. Some of the fancy stat crowd is losing their minds over exposing Leipsic. I'm sure Gwyn is having a stroke right now. But with the Leafs depth at wing and him needing to clear waivers next fall good chance he is lost for nothing in October anyway.
  12. Sens expose Bobby Ryan and Marc Methot.
  13. Leipsic. Or maybe Rychel.
  14. Red Wings to expose Petr Mrazek for some reason. Protecting the older, crappier, more expensive, Jimmy Howard.