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  1. What would you do if you were in Nylander's position?
  2. I'm sure the Leafs would love to. He's probably hoping for 25-30 goals this year. So it's to his benefit not to talk right now.
  3. I saw something about that. All the best wishes Emma.
  4. Last place team still has top attendance in the AL. Fans rewarded with 7-15% raise in ticket prices for 2018.
  5. O.J. Simpson granted parole after serving 9 years of a 33 year sentance for kidnapping and armed robbery.
  6. And the Canes lease at PNC Arena is considered one of the best in the NHL. Unlikely they leave before it expires in 2024. Also Forbes reports that all Greenberg has is a non-binding letter of intent, and that he hasn't even come close to raising $500M. https://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeozanian/2017/07/14/carolina-hurricanes-500-million-sale-is-fake-news/#54854d756090
  7. Matthews and Kadri's shot supression numbers are very similar, according to Own the Puck. However Kadri starts 63% of shifts in the defensive zone, while Matthews only 37%. Guess how big of a factor zone starts have on shot supression.
  8. Matthews doesn't play in defensive situations. That role will be for Kadri and Moore. The majority of Matthews shifts start in the offensive zone.
  9. Interesting they chose to do this, especially if he's going back to Europe for the 17-18 season. Wonder if they want him with the Marlies instead...
  10. Recent clarification from the league states that LTIR can infact be used for cap relief during the offseason. Even a number of NHL GM's were unaware of this, and contacted the Leafs regarding the Connor Brown situation. Presumably now one of Nathan Horton or Joffrey Lupul have been placed on LTIR and the Leafs now have the cap space they need to sign Brown and make additional moves.
  11. From a fan perpsective I would find it difficult to understand and/or question the moves my team was making if they're an analytics focused team and I don't understand them. But at the same time I get that looking at numbers, graphs, and spreadsheets isn't for everybody. As with gibby I do a lot of math in my daily life and am pretty good with numbers so this stuff comes naturally to me.
  12. Passed the Flight Instructor rating flight test today and was immediatly hired by the flight college I trained at as a Flight Instructor. Officially a professional pilot.
  13. It's a good indication of the NHL's drive for parity around the league. Successful teams are punished, poor teams are rewarded.
  14. By combining a number of metrics a players value is represented by the number of goals above or below an average replacement level players that he can be expected to contribute over the course of a season. Teams at the top of the chart, like Carolina, Dallas, and Toronto added players who represent a high Goals Above Replacement (GAR), while removing players with a low or negative GAR. Teams at the top should be better teams than they were last year, while those at the bottom may see a dip in results.