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  1. Gaborik may well be on a trip to Robidas Island. And they might find another home for a bad contract in LV. Doughty only has 2 years left so they need to gauge whether he wants to be around for what might be a lengthy rebuild. I think he's smart enough to recognize that's where this is going, regardless of what the organization is saying.
  2. Bob McKenzie states LA considers Doughty untouchable.
  3. Bozak is a more likely part of a trade package. They will want Nylander at Centre next year. So they'll actually need to add a scoring winger rather than trading one away.
  4. Have recently spotted Wellwood and Frattin jerseys.
  5. At Maple Leafs Square now. Most obscure jersey sighted so far: Tom Fitzgerald
  6. Listening to the Caps radio broadcast on sat radio in the car. They want Kadri thrown out of the league.
  7. Or Jonathan Bernier...
  8. Can we borrow Duncan Keith for a few weeks??
  9. Eichel named Coach/GM?
  10. Well...That didn't take long. Buffalo Sabres fire GM Tim Murray and Head Coach Dan Bylsma.
  11. Anaheim first team to advance to round 2.