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  1. NHL Offseason 2019

    Olli Maata traded to Chicago for Dominik Kahun and a 5th. Wasn't Maata the guy the Leafs absolutely had to get in the Kessel deal?
  2. Pretty sure his SP% last year was worse than Sparky.
  3. Random Thoughts #2

    Of course the Raptors would win the night before the biggest exam of my life.
  4. The signing bonus on an extension wouldn't be paid until the contract takes effect. So July 1 of next year.
  5. Unless it relieves the cap situation I'd really prefer to keep him. Who knows what could be coming back. And he wasn't bad on a shutdown pair with Muzzin.
  6. Just getting that $4.5M in cap space would be huge.
  7. Stanley Cup Final

    Blues win game 2 in OT. Carl Gunnarson winner.
  8. Happened last year. Washington traded Orpik to Colorado, Colorado bought out the last year of his contract. He resigned with Washington. That's how the Avs got Grubauer.
  9. You're right it is. Closes June 30th. He would have to be traded and bought out Before July 1st. It would only cost the buying out team $416K this year and another $416K next year. But Marleau wouldn't get the $3M signing bonus. So that seems unlikely. Could they trade his full contract to another team, then bring him back for another pick/propect with Salary retained? If it's done in the summer the other team wouldn't have to pay him any money and would only have a few million in dead cap space for one season.
  10. One theory I've heard for Marleau would be to wait until July 2nd, and pay his $3M signing bonus. Then trade his full contract to a cap floor team, like Ottawa or Arizona, etc, along with another pick or prospect. That team buys out the contract, which would only cost a shade over $400k. The $6M cap hit would only be for next season. Marleau can then re-sign in Toronto, or San Jose or wherever else he wishes. Could give him $1.5M which is more than his base salary for next season anyway. Leafs would save $4.75M in cap space, or the full $6.25M if he goes elsewhere. Marleau would make another $250k for waiving his NMC to facilitate it, and the other organization would get a pick/prospect for $415k.
  11. Stanley Cup Final

    Showing up for games 6 and 7 would have helped too.
  12. Stanley Cup Final

    Patrick Marleau wasn't why they lost.
  13. Toronto Raptors Thread

    This. Three years ago the Jays were selling out the Dome every night. Now it's a morgue in there.
  14. Toronto Raptors Thread

    A Toronto sports team is playing for a championship.