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  1. Meanwhile the other goalie is setting picks and no call.
  2. You know that net without a net cam is going to play a significant role before this game is done.
  3. For a while now the Oilers have been the best team in the NHL when they are on the ice. And the worst when they are not.
  4. NHL 2019/20

    Healthy Taylor Hall not playing tonight. Sitting for "precautionary" reasons.
  5. Player goes down on his own, grabs the net and pulls it off ending a scoring chance. How is that not a penalty...
  6. They're done. No backbone on this team.
  7. NHL 2019/20

    Niagra goalie Tucker Tynan's leg cut by a skate. Shocking amount of blood. Hearing he has had surgery and is in stable condition.
  8. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Matthews scored his 100th career even-strength goal last night. The fastest an active NHL'er has reached that total is 243 games by Alex Ovechkin. Last night was Matthews 244th game. He did it faster then McDavid, Stamkos, Pastrnak, etc. And Ovechkin didn't lose any goals to offside and goaltender interference reviews.
  9. He should be more focused on defense and killing penalties.