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  1. Completely Random News

    Yes, I am aware that about 20% of the 14M are underage.
  2. Completely Random News

    The PC got 2.3 million votes. Ontario has a population of 14.3 Million. 16% of Ontarians voted PC.
  3. Random Thoughts #2

    Changing shifts at work. Going from starting at 7 or 8 am to starting at 12am. Adjusting your circadian rhythm sucks...
  4. Completely Random News

    Glad I don't live in Ontario anymore.
  5. He helped put together the expansion rules for Vegas. Which are the same rules that will be used when Seattle joins the league. His knowledge of the expansion procedure may have been a factor in my opinion.
  6. Pridham is the Leafs cap guru. Gilman has worked as AGM for the Coyotes and Canucks. Was working with the NHL head office and helped develop the Vegas expansion rules.
  7. Was Lindholm not signed two weeks ago??
  8. West Final: Winnipeg vs Vegas

    Byfuglien went closing time on the Golden Knights...
  9. Prospect Watch

    Taro Tsujimoto.
  10. Sounds like a good move to me. A respectable young group Francis put together in Carolina.
  11. Luke Maile defeats the Red Sox 5-4 in 12 innings.
  12. This is how you score goals in the NHL these days...
  13. He absolutely wanted the GM position, he interviewed for it. That said everyone has known that Dubas was the heir apparent for the GM role, if he really did want a GM position he would probably have left before now, or he will leave sometime soon. I agree that his Southern Ontario ties probably play a big factor in him staying here even if he is not the GM.
  14. A truly shocking development...