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  1. Boyle is a UFA at the end of the year. But $2.5 is too much for a 4th line centre with the cap crunch this team will have. Even if he had been re-signed he'd be let go this summer anyway.
  2. Hyman to have a hearing with NHL Player Safety for late hit on McAvoy. Chris Wagner gets nothing for running Rielly.
  3. Hopefully some kind of message gets through here.
  4. The Bruins can't score against any team but Toronto.
  5. Probably gassed. I started playing hockey again for the first time in a while recently. I'm not in terrible shape, but the second half of my first game it felt I was playing uphill.
  6. Leafs not sharp. And Sparky is fighting the puck.
  7. Jonathan Bernier expected to start for Detroit. Guaranteed shutout.
  8. Does Nylander jump right onto the Matthews line? Or do they ease him in on the 4th line?
  9. Only if Pittsburgh retains $1.2M cap hit.
  10. The Penguins reportedly exploring options to trade Phil Kessel.