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  1. The Mendoza line... The Mrazek line....
  2. I would be very surprised if this isnt tied by the end of the first.
  3. Never going to happen. As long as that line is working well. Or there's an injury.
  4. Every one of these contracts is done at the end of the season, except for Martin, and Fehr wasn't signed he was already under contract this season. I suspect before the regular season is over the fourth line will look like that, except for Boyle. But there may be another deadline pickup at centre there. As for Marner, We talkin 'bout practice. Even if he's listed on the fourth line for the game tonight suspect by halfway through the second period, if not earlier he'll be back on the Bozak-JVR line. Unless Brown lights it up, in which case all the better.
  5. Well, they're not putting Eric Fehr or Matt Martin anywhere but the 4th line. So JVR and Bozak aren't moving down. Brown is the only one who can move up.
  6. All alone in front. No coverage at all...
  7. Bozak line burned again. But Andersen has to have that one.
  8. Price has been surprisingly average so far this year as well. 3.30GAA and 89.9SV%. But I guess that means he's in the perfect time to absolutely lock it down on the Leafs.
  9. Habs booed off the ice in their home opener.
  10. I hear Ian White is available.
  11. As per James Mirtle: Matthews played majority of his ice time against Keith, Seabrook, Kane. 84% possession. Even strength shot attempts were 29-3.
  12. Upcoming Movies...

    The new Star Wars trailer... OH.MY.GOD