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  1. 2019 Canadian Electio

    It's really quite impressive to take a strong economy and low unemployment and turn a majority into a minority...
  2. 2019 Canadian Electio

    Now predicting Liberal minority government.
  3. 2019 Canadian Electio

    CBC predicting Liberal Government. Unsure as to whether Majority or Minority.
  4. Well either way it wasn't covering the puck. And was a soft Penalty shot call call.
  5. The refs arm was up before that. I think it was an epically soft hook by Reilly.
  6. When did Korpisalo become Patrick Roy???
  7. NHL Offseason 2019

    When was the last time two players disliked each other as much as Doughty and Tkachuk? Grabovski vs the Kostitsyn's?
  8. You know it's a bad call when Jack Edwards is on your side.
  9. 2 minutes for protecting your goalie.