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  1. TSN reporting the Leafs have called the Rangers about Chris Kreider.
  2. Caps waive Devante Smith Pelly.
  3. sigh.... Not a single PP. Should have had 2 in the final 1:30 of the game....
  4. Got flattened at the blue line in the 1st. Out with concussion. Bettman point secured.
  5. That can't possibly be goaltender interference.... phew...
  6. Dermott and Matthews collide. Dermott clearly hurt.
  7. He hit it a second time before it went. So it's not reviewable. Because reasons.
  8. Bruins 3 points ahead of Leafs. Leafs with 2 games in hand.
  9. Pretty sure that's not a high stick. Original call was a goal though...
  10. Well, now that's a bizarre goal. Should have been a high stick penalty to Hymen. Can't review that. Amazing play by Nylander though.
  11. Have hardly touched the puck this period.
  12. Happens more frequently with teams play hard matchups. As Babcock does. Marner shortie.