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  1. Congratulations on getting married, man! Got married a year ago myself. Hope you're awesome, dude!

    1. Tristan


      Thanks man, congrats to you too!

  2. World Cup of Hockey

    I'm so happy you guys are still here. Feels good! Gibby and Ryan and Jordache and jared and Kryl. How about GoLo? Bret? Magnus? MARK? How's Mark? I missed you guys! Watched the game today -- Matthews looked good. Should be a fun year to cheer for the Leafs. Edit -- And puffy and LBB and marg and Tristan and whoever else I've forgotten.
  3. World Cup of Hockey

    How've our guys looked?
  4. We've got a good group of guys, eh? And, man, McLaren and Orr—they've got tough jobs that deserve a whole lot of respect. I mean, I don't particularly like fighting in hockey [that is, from a rational standpoint—when the mitts hit the ice, I'm first off the couch, dancing and flailing like a crazed ape] and in the past I've been critical of lines that play five minutes [or less] a night. But there's no denying these guys' utility; guys like Orr and McLaren, that is. The team rallies around them because they embrace what, to me, is the toughest and most tenuous job in hockey. They show up to the rink nightly, knowing their four minutes'll be spent taking fists to the face in defence of their team. And take a minute to consider what that must feel like; consider the game from their perspective—particularly Orr, tonight, as he made a mistake and was on the defensive from the start. Consider that his time in the NHL is inextricably bound to his performance in fights—when he starts losing, he'll stop playing. He's had some concussion trouble—a worry that no doubt weighs on his mind; he's also fresh off an AHL demotion—one that, judging from Cherry's comments on Coach's Corner, he wasn't sure he'd return from. What do you think his mindset was like after tonight's game, knowing that he'd "lost" his fight—that he "failed" in his "only" job. I'm not saying that fighting it is, in fact, his only job, but think, for him, how much hinges on each fight, each game; he's fighting for his career, when you think about it. And while "all-around" players can go through slumps—no goals in fifteen straight, no points in ten, save-percentage below .800 in four straight, et cetera—they go through these slumps confident they'll be NHL players the next morning. That's not the case with fighters; when they stop winning, they stop playing. It's something that must perpetually figure in their thoughts; and for dealing with that alone, I think they deserve a mountain of respect. That being said, Orr's a hell of a fighter—one of the best in the league; McLaren, too. But above all else, they seem to be genuinely great guys that inspire the team; and you get the impression each player reciprocates in whatever way they can. I love these guys and tonight was a great game.
  5. I didn't get to watch the game. I saw the 6 minute highlight reel, though. Was our team chemistry as good as the clip suggested?
  6. Your 2013 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Hey, man—glad you're still around!
  7. Your 2013 Toronto Maple Leafs

    it was the memory of you that brought me back, Puff. Someone on my Facebook said, "Why is it that everything dubious in Europe has its roots in Romania? Now the horse meat scandal, previously blamed on France, is shifting its sights onto Romania—apparently Romanian gypsy gangs are to blame." Hahah, made me laugh and think of you and the Lf.ca gang—the fact that the Leafs just won big probably helped, too.
  8. Your 2013 Toronto Maple Leafs

    There's no way Kessel is a second line player, unless we're talking strategy. He's one of, if not the, fastest player in the league; his vision is elite; his shot is elite; and his puck skills are elite. He's very shy on the body, which, in my opinion, hampers his overall effectiveness [e.g. his tendency to shoot, rather than driving or buying time when there's no support] but, really, given the prevalence of concussions league-wide, and given that it's just not Phil's game, it'd be foolish to ask [too] much more of the guy, in my opinion. I think there's a tendency to forget that he's still young and still growing, too—he's a more complete player now than when we first acquired him; and he's nowhere near his prime, either. Edit — What's uuuuup!
  9. Chara on Pacioretty

    He looks up about a second before the impact, and direct Max's head into the stanchion with his hands. In my opinion, he knew what he was doing; he knew where he was on the ice. Obviously we will never know, as he's already taken a position of ignorance. But again, I'm not imputing malevolence on the part of Chara; I am, however, suggesting that he exploited the design of the rink and another player's vulnerability. That's worthy of a suspension in my eyes.
  10. Chara on Pacioretty

    Have you watched the video? If so, how can you make the argument you just made. Chara wittingly directed Max's head into the stanchion (at least that's what the visual evidence, and Max's testimony indicates). The act was dangerous, the result was horrific. I don't know what else to say.
  11. 2010/11 Hockey Pool Discussion

    So who is the pool champ these days?
  12. Playoffs?

    The fact that teams get a point for losing still boggles my mind. This is professional sports; when you lose, there are no rewards.
  13. Chara on Pacioretty

    I don't think Chara intended to injure Pacioretty, but in my opinion, he wilfully directed him into the stanchion. He wanted to level him, and he did; he broke his neck. The league's credibility just bottomed-out. No penalty, no suspension, dangerous conditions on the ice; it's deplorable. Sure, all this attention is reactionary, but it doesn't make it any less tenable. It's an absolute disgrace.
  14. 2011 Leafs Trade Talk

    Also, Versteeg was signed to his current contract by the Blackhawks, and Armstrong's value cannot be measured in goals and assists entirely. If you're going to make a retort about fact checking, I suggest you check your facts. Although admittedly, the last point is somewhat subjective.