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  1. Just gonna put this out there... that Larkin OT goal was nasty.
  2. The official motto of the Kryl
  3. Blue Jays offseason 2018-19

    Earned himself a -1.3 WAR last season. Fucking awful.
  4. Not sure a forward is the type of player this team needs. I wouldn't mind an extra goalie and of course someone to upgrade the blueline
  5. Signing the 'Big Three'

    Double post
  6. Signing the 'Big Three'

    So Matthews's annual salary has gone up by a million and Marner's by almost three million? Is this a result of Nylander's or what is the deal?
  7. Signing the 'Big Three'

    One down, two to go. Fewer years and less annual salary then we predicted which is great news. Does this change anyone's opinion on what Matthews or Marner might sign for?
  8. Six losses in 20 games. Buds all day.
  9. Same boat I was in.
  10. I've been thinking about this now for a few days...how good of an idea would it be to give Morgan Rielly captaincy instead of Tavares or Matthews?