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  1. Just want to put this out there: Barrie's breakout passes were unreal tonight. He was hitting everyone. Deserves a lot of credit.
  2. What a save by Hill. I thought Kerfoot had him upstairs.
  3. Yowza. That was a pretty ugly sequence in their own end.
  4. Hinostroza sticks his leg out and trips Matthews right in front of the ref. How do you miss that?
  5. I'm really not that worried. Aside from my lack of general intelligence, this core of this team's age makes me not overly concerned with these tendencies. I feel like they'll iron them out over time. Matthews, Marner and Nylander are all 23 or younger. Lots to learn yet.
  6. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Campbell and Clifford wasn't enough to have its own thread?
  7. Yikes. That was a lazy effort to hand out that hat trick.
  8. Brutal. Just brutal.
  9. Random Thoughts #2

    Congrats, buddy. Enjoy the ride!
  10. Random Thoughts #2

    I tell you, it's quite the accomplishment.