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  1. I don't know the last time I saw the Leafs play this hungry. They are buzzzzinnnnn
  2. Wtf Travis Dermott. Figure your shit out.
  3. Listen to the bell, Boston. It tolls for thee.
  4. Morgan Rielly not named as a Norris Trophy finalist...
  5. What we have learned from the playoffs this year is that hockey experts don't really exist.
  6. Why were we so bad on the draw at home tonight?
  7. It was bullshit so go out there and handle your business. Confront DeBrusk and square off.
  8. If you want to play the part of the tough guy then go right ahead but fight the guy. Don't cross check him in the head. That's bullshit.
  9. One goal and 24 shots at home against Carolina? Wtf is that about?
  10. Auston Matthews aboslutely fucked that play up with a terrible line change. He hung Kadri and Andersen out to dry. Get your ass back there and help out so you aren't losing to a basement hockey team two weeks before the playoffs start.
  11. We are supposed to win this one, right?