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  1. NHL Offseason 2019

    He's a right-handed defencemen which these days is like a left-handed starter in baseball. Whether or not he deserves it, I wouldn't be surprised to see someone pay up for him.
  2. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    The Wild have made some questionable trades recently. Who knows what they'd let him go for.
  3. NHL Offseason 2019

    I know Hall rumors have been around for a while and him being traded is imminent but I'm interested in Subban. $9 mill per while being moved a few times in recent years. Wonder what kind of return he would land the Devils.
  4. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    I don't see why they couldn't make a move for a guy like Alex Stalock. Salaries are close enough that you could find a deal. Dubas could figure this out fairly easily if he decides they need an upgrade behind Andersen.
  5. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Backup goalies are quite often moved for a draft pick alone and I'd imagine this circumstance is no different. Dubas shouldn't have to give up a roster player for goalie depth if he doesn't want to.
  6. NHL Offseason 2019

    Something is going to happen in Jersey today. Their performance against the Rangers this afternoon was one of the worst efforts I've ever seen. I'd imagine the coach is gone and a fire sale will happen soon enough. You might as well cue up the Taylor Hall and PK Subban speculation right now.
  7. 2019/20 Toronto Maple Leafs

    I'm with you on this one. Give the kid another crack at it.
  8. Babcock Fired; Keefe Hired

    You're probably gonna regret this one
  9. Morning skate has Timashov in and Petan out
  10. Plenty of opportunity for a lot of these guys to prove their value right now. Let's see who makes the most of it.
  11. Unreal game by Freddie. What a gem.
  12. Random Thoughts #2

    Pink Whitney being released in BC on November 18 just in time for the Buds to roll into Van on Dec 10. Coincidence? I think not.
  13. What was up with the second Bruins goal that Marchand scored? How did they let that go through three of them and on to the stick of an unchecked 90-point scorer? Soft is an understatement.
  14. NHL Offseason 2019

    Yowza. Some of these discounts are tough to see.
  15. NHL Offseason 2019

    How in the world does Brayden Point get 6.75 for three years?
  16. NHL Offseason 2019

    McAvoy 3yrs, 4.9 AAV. 2019-20: $1.2M base salary, $2.5M signing bonus 2020-21: $2.7M base salary, $1M signing bonus 2021-22: $7.3M base salary Per CapFriendly
  17. You might want to do a little more investigating
  18. It's very simple. We trade him for Seth Jones and call it a day. I just proposed the trade in NHL 95 and it totally worked. I had to create both players but it's legit.
  19. NHL Offseason 2019

    Dang. That is a bargain. I feel like this may be a fumble by us.