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  1. Ninjas or Pirates?

    Jack Sparrow wouldn't be able to talk his way out of getting killed by a Ninja because he'd barely have a chance to open his mouth before the Ninja would slit his throat.
  2. Jays sign Tomo Ohka

    You can't ask for a better 1-2-3 in the rotation. I like Halladay-Burnett-Chacin better than I like Schilling-Beckett-Mastuzaka. Still, you have to ask yourself this: could it get any worse than Josh Towers last season?
  3. Ninjas or Pirates?

    OK, I'm sure you've all been asked this question recently, but I'm going to take an official poll on this one, too. I hope everybody gives this topic a chance... Ninjas or Pirates, and why? I say Ninjas because they're so fast, they don't need money or ships or other stuff like that. They just go around killing random stupid people and it's really cool like that! Pirates can keep their movies, only Ninjas take questions via e-mail, and answer them in podcast form! I don't see Ask A Pirate anywhere on the internet.
  4. Are people forgetting about Zdeno Chara? There's one reason why everybody's afraid of Chara, and that's because he's so freaking ugly. His trading card picture is freaking scary!
  5. My early week picks for Super Bowl XLI: NFC CHAMPIONSHIP Saints 34, Bears 28 Bush may get jacked up again, but the Saints are just too good, and the Bears defense is horrible right now. And who knows when Grossman will collapse. AFC CHAMPIONSHIP Colts 21, Patriots 17 Every dog has his day, and, as much as I hate to say it, the Colts will make it 3 straight against their arch-rivals. Brady has been too shaky, and the Colts defense has somehow caught fire. SUPER BOWL XLI - NEW ORLEANS VS. INDIANAPOLIS Two words: ON GRASS. Indy has sucked on grass this year, and if anything, the Saints are faster than the Colts. The run defense will break down, and Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush will run wild on them. Manning will come the closest he ever will to a Super Bowl, and Adam Vinatieri will finally lose his composure in the clutch, prompting mass celebration in New Orleans. Mardi Gras comes a bit early this year! SAINTS 31, COLTS 28 When the Saints go marching in, baby!
  6. The Bruins have been getting jobbed on all sorts of penalties this year. There was one game against Florida where Muzz got whistled for a real questionable hooking call, but the guy Muzz "hooked" dove like you read about. These refs suck. There's no consistency in the NHL.
  7. Man, where is everybody? Maybe the trains are running late.
  8. 2006/07 Trade Talk

    This was rediculous. This completely unbalances the league and decides the outcome.
  9. 2006/07 Trade Talk

    Yeah, for a price. Paul Ranger and Simon Gagne. An earlier trade finally stopped people pestering me about Heatley. I traded Heatley and Brendan Morrow to Nick. I then made the Kariya trade. I Get: Ladislav Nagy Joffrey Lupul Simon Gagne Paul Ranger Puffy Gets: Paul Kariya Nick Gets: Dany Heatley Brenden Morrow And Dwayne Roloson is up for grabs for whoever wants him. I already have Ryan Miller, so unless somebody wants to give me a Leafs jersey, a stripper, and their best player(s), I'll trade Miller. Otherwise, it's a bidding war for Roloson for whoever wants him.
  10. This may hardly be news as of right now, but ESPN has reported that the Red Sox have won the bidding war just to negotiate a contract with Japanese superstar pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka. Reportedly, the Red Sox's bid was somewhere between the $38 and $45 million USD range, just to talk to Matsuzaka. If the Red Sox have indeed won the bid, then the team has 30 days to sign Matsuzaka, otherwise he returns to the Seibu Lions for the 2007 season. What will make negotiations difficult is that Matsuzaka has hired Scott Boras (emphasis on the ass) as his agent. The MVP of the inaugural World Baseball Classic last season has proven to be a durable pitcher, recording over 190 strikeouts routinely, and his control is also impeccable. He has a fastball with a good late cutting action, a changeup, a wicked slider, a curveball, and the infamous "gyroball," which Matsuzaka denies having in his repitoire. We'll see how it goes with Matsuzaka, and who knows if the Sox have even won the bidding? As long as the Yankees don't, then all of us will be happy.
  11. I have returned. I dropped in the standings because I've been so busy with school and work (I just got a 3rd job, this one at EBGames). And everybody wants Dany Heatley!
  12. How bout them maple leafs?

    Hopefully the Leafs aren't peaking at the wrong time. The defense (hopefully) will get better as the year goes on, but they need to tell Gill to get his head out of his ass and stop being such a chicken. I think the Leafs are better than they were least season, and the team seems to be really buying into Paul Maurice's philosophy. I saw the team play on Thursday when I was at the Bruins game (I should've hung out with the Leafs fans, lol) and I like how the team attacks.
  13. Not every goaltender is Jon Casey and the Amazing Technicolor Five-Hole. Great first period. A couple more bounces, and the rout is on.
  14. He had room to deke, but something can be said for just taking the shot. For all we know, Antropov could've been blasted once he deked. A guy was there. Thanks to Magnus, I'm now enjoying streaming broadcasts of Leafs games. ^^
  15. These are some BAD bounces the Leafs are getting. The score should read 3-0, if a couple of these shots had taken a turn in the right direction. Gill? On the PP?! *starts rolling on the floor in hysterics* Hal Gill is the only defenseman who could go into a corner with a dozen eggs, and break none of them.