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  1. Maple Leafs @ Sabres - 29 January

    Grigorenko gets his 1st tonight. Should've been a Leaf.
  2. Maple Leafs @ Sabres - 29 January

    Tyler Ennis is just that good.
  3. Random Maple Leafs News: 2011-2012

    He can come play with his cousin (David Moss) in Phoenix! And of course the media focus is the polar opposite of Toronto.
  4. Kathleen Wynne next Premier of Ontario

    If you're insinuating that they'd run anti-feminine or anti-gay ads, get real.
  5. Maple Leafs @ Rangers - 26 January

    Betting the Rangers on this one. Leafs might be the perfect medicine for Lundqvist to pitch his first SO.
  6. Happy birthday, Puffy.

    Happy Birthday Pufflowski
  7. Random Maple Leafs News: 2011-2012

    Lombardi's out indefinitely with a knee injury. Please send Tim Connolly, for free, asap!
  8. Rob Ford kicked out of office

    If people don't like him, fine, vote him out. This was just sneaky.
  9. Lupul Out w/ Broken Forearm

    With the shortened season and the with the Leafs having tons of cap space, I think it's worth exploring a trade or free agency to bring in some short-term offense. A team like the Leafs can't afford to lose one of their top players for half the season. It reminds me of when the Leafs brought in Tom Barrasso when Joseph got injured.
  10. Sounds like you pulled a Costanza. You got wins across the board on the opposite of picks you wanted.
  11. Islanders @ Maple Leafs - 24 January

    Haven't caught many Leaf games, but judging by the scoresheets JM Liles isn't getting used much. You'd think Carlyle would at least be running him more on the PP?
  12. Random Thoughts #2

    Don't live in Phoenix, but I have visited. It's a great area! I've been to 2 games at Jobing.com.
  13. The Phoenix Coyotes Thread

    Jamison was at last night's game. He's expected to officially close the deal with the League soon.
  14. Random Thoughts #2

    Maybe Puffy is George Cope.
  15. Islanders @ Maple Leafs - 24 January

    Scrivens gets the start.