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  1. Goodnight, Grilli. Thanks for the great end to last year a phenomenal postseason. Time catches up with us all.
  2. Guys, I don't think Vegas is gonna suck.
  3. I'm going to Houston in August for the Jays series.
  4. I feel like that is a pretty good trade for the Habs.
  5. Vegas is going to have a lot of options at goalie.
  6. If they keep winning games while cycling through rest like they've been doing they will be just fine.
  7. Nashville in 6.
  8. Imagine how exciting this game 7 overtime would be if I cared who won even a little bit.
  9. If you made a team just based off of the Jays DL they could do some damage.
  10. Kryl is getting senile.
  11. This series is a best of 5?
  12. Welcome back, dummies.