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  1. Not watching the game, but the shot spread sure doesn't look good.
  2. Probably the best game Markstrom will play in his entire career.
  3. Okay, but seriously, outside of those first 10 minutes the Leafs have looked great.
  4. Sure would be nice to sweep the Western road swing.
  5. Martin - Moore - Nylander is the GOAT line.
  6. I will be at the game sitting 3 rows up behind one net.
  7. Get ouplayed = win. Outplay the other team = loss. Well boys, looks like we know what we need to do.
  8. Was Mathews not just blatantly hooked down while holding the puck nearly all alone in front of the net?
  9. So it looks like they did their best to try and give it away. I expect nothing less.
  10. Ben Smith is better than Auston Matthews.