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  1. 2017/18 season

    This is slightly lopsided. Bergevin is dumb.
  2. Completely Random News

    Loltario. Our country is moving backwards.
  3. 2017/18 season

    I thought Garth Snow had a magical contract or some shit.
  4. Well, I definitely hate the NHL as a league. Love hockey, though.
  5. Go Knights simply because fans who feel entitled to a shot at a cup before another team because "we've suffered longer" are not the type of people I want to surround myself with. Knights in 6.
  6. Lindholm to fight for that 4C spot immediately?
  7. None of that matters. Haven't you heard? Strategy is useless. It's all about culture now.
  8. What I like about this is that they didn't fuck it up. Very non-Leaf like. I'm getting used to competence.
  9. Jays no-hit by good ol BC boy James Paxton.
  10. The NHL never does anything that makes them look good, and this is just icing on the cake of shit. I hope Vegas goes all the way. The NHL is a joke league and the more embarrassment the better.
  11. Broken Matt Harvey
  12. Lou officially not returning as GM.
  13. Leafs sign Par Lindholm

    Well there's your Moore replacement. Maybe even Bozak if his success translates.