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  1. Yeah! I love it when my players get suspended!
  2. This team has enough toughness. Just gotta score.
  3. Alright. Just tuning in. What's happ- oh my God.
  4. Oh, I get it! You're a time traveler! Go back to the 70s where you belong, man. The game has/is changing. No one cares or needs facepunchers anymore. Babs is right. Take a dumb penalty, get scored on. Simple as that.
  5. Should won based on the third, but maybe should have also played the first two periods. Got a point, though. Beat Boston on Saturday.
  6. Those posts have stopped more shots than Sparks tonight.
  7. Detroit allows 35 shots per game on average. The Leafs are on pace for 18.
  8. This is the most frustrating game of the season so far. Hit the fucking net.
  9. This team looks like shit in this 2nd period.
  10. I doubt it. It's his rest night. I would think Sparky is in this for the long haul.