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  1. Random Thoughts #2

    I am gonna die and that is gonna be my legacy.
  2. Random Thoughts #2

    On my way to Ireland, bitches.
  3. Marleau pretty quietly has 23 goals.
  4. I forgot we even played hockey. It's been awhile.
  5. So similar to Montreal where Plek couldn't even be a 2nd liner, then.
  6. Bozak was a 1st line centre at one point.
  7. Holy shit. Another game? Also, you got Plekanec to replace Moore. Leivo is infinitely better than Moore. If Moore is gonna play, why trade for Plekanec? Holy fuck that was a bad trade.
  8. If the Leafs and Bolts play in the playoffs I probably won't survive.
  9. Great overtime. You know what will make this better? A shootout!
  10. I would watch this series in the playoffs.