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  1. I would hardly compare Boston to Columbus. You put your best squad on the ice against both teams you obviously have a better shot to win against Columbus.
  2. Do you think you get one point in that game with Hutch in net?
  3. The Goat gets called for that soft as fuck stuff while Timashov gets someone's stick stuck in his boot and it's no penalty? The NHL is a fucking joke.
  4. It's insane to me how few powerplays the Leafs get.
  5. Hey guys. Just about to turn on the game, but first let me just take a big ol' mouthful of water...
  6. Congrats to the Boston Bruins for playing the cleanest game in NHL history. 0 powerplays for the Leafs.
  7. Internet was down all day until I turned it on and immediately we got scored on, so this one is on me.
  8. Zero shots in the last minute with posession in the Caps end the whole time.
  9. How many shin pads have the Leafs blasted pucks in to tonight?
  10. Carlson really sold that, but a real awful job staying out of the box tonight by the Leafs. Can't win doing this shit.
  11. I wouldn't say he's been good, but he's not the reason they're losing. No obviously weak goals. His rebound control is just appalling, though.
  12. And a gift from the refs saves us from a 5-2 game.