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  1. Just so everyone is aware, our very own Emma is battling for her life in the ICU right now. According to her Mother who posted on Facebook, she went in for surgery yesterday at 5ish and she's not out of the woods yet.
  2. Hernandez is a good pickup. I don't follow prospects from other teams all that closely, but he's one who I've watched/read about a bit. Not too bad.
  3. 7 runs in the bottom on the 9th, Pearce with his 2nd walk off salami this week. That was fun.
  4. I still just think that there are too many bad contracts on players who are under performing. Not everyone can be sold like Vernon Wells.
  5. Meh, clearly this year they're not going to go a run that makes them good enough to compete, but you can't really tank for picks in the MLB. I'd like to see a firesale, but they have so many unmovable contracts that they wouldn't even be able to clear much. Their pitching is still relatively young, or at least the good ones are. It's a weird situation.
  6. Oh, I'm fully aware.
  7. God damn it.
  8. I did not know The Atlantic was behind a paywall. This changes everything! Namely that not only is gibby not illiterate, but I agree with him. My bad.
  9. He links to The Athletic right at the top...
  10. I really don't think that those three signings indicates that they're giving up on a rebuild, as so many people have suggested. More of a "not everyone is ready yet" thing going on. All of these contracts are either off the books or fairly easy to get rid of by year 3. People need to relax.
  11. That Eddie Lack trade is weird for Calgary.
  12. Well cancel the parade then, I guess.
  13. Goodnight, Grilli. Thanks for the great end to last year a phenomenal postseason. Time catches up with us all.
  14. Guys, I don't think Vegas is gonna suck.
  15. I'm going to Houston in August for the Jays series.