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  1. Barrie stepped up huge, too. 81 percent and 25 minutes. Coulda had a 2nd round pick, though!
  2. Leafs have won their last 3 games against NHL goaltending.
  3. The team defence, at its absolute worst this year, has been league average. Years past may be a different story, but this year is this year.
  4. I like him because he tried my strategy of holding the other players stick to draw a penalty. Now, he got 2 penalties for it but, and hear me out here, he made me look like a complete idiot for suggesting it. And that's something I can respect. But overall, nah. He's just another 4th liner who is what he is, but he's not young and he has no room for improvement. It's hard to say what he brings to the room, but he jusy goes and does what he's supposed to I think. Bangs a bit, not good with his hands, and decent speed.
  5. Freddy, what the fuck was that? So lucky. Looks like he's swimming out there tonight.
  6. Well, obviously, but I'm just talking general narrative around the team. Everyone's talking about bad defence but are quick to defend Freddie in the fandom. I am a part of said fandom and have done my best to steer discussion towards the real problem and have obviously failed. That's all.
  7. I wish people would have listened to the writers who have been posting this stuff, and that I've been echoing on these boards, since about the end of November.
  8. At what point are we allowed to start blaming the goalie?