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  1. Random Thoughts #2

    Good for you, man. Congrats! Name him Aaron.
  2. Random Thoughts #2

    Alright, cool. I'll let you know. Thanks.
  3. Random Thoughts #2

    Jared, my man, thoughts on if there is a good place to lock up a kayak in Campbell River? I'm considering paddling up early one Saturday, having a beer and some lunch or something, then paddling back down.
  4. I'm so bored of this. I think I've pretty well toned all of this stuff out for the summer, which is a nice change. Last year with Willy I was looking for news every day, but this year has been so relaxing with just not giving a shit. Sign, don't sign, whatever. I'll see who is on the ice in October.
  5. Random Thoughts #2

    Shovhd and I were talking about hitting the Leafs/Nucks game in December this year. Also, I love Campbell River.
  6. Random Thoughts #2

    Oh yeah? Where are you?
  7. Random Thoughts #2

    Officially a homeowner on Vancouver Island. I'm once again very poor.
  9. Probably under, but he'll be pretty much right around that mark. Jake got 52 in his best year.
  10. You're not gonna get less cough ups with Barrie.
  11. Nah. Barrie is right-handed Gardiner. He's really good, but probably not 8 million good.
  12. Well, even Friedge was reporting it. Generally if it's coming out of him then there is something to it.
  13. Speculation that Marner will be offeres a 12.5 mil offer sheet by the Islanders. 2 things: 1 - lol wtf? 2 - Take the picks, sign Gardiner. Easy game.
  14. Marner is no Panarin. The end result of all of this is Marner signing for like 9 for 3 years or something and everyone is happy overall.