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  1. Probably under, but he'll be pretty much right around that mark. Jake got 52 in his best year.
  2. You're not gonna get less cough ups with Barrie.
  3. Nah. Barrie is right-handed Gardiner. He's really good, but probably not 8 million good.
  4. Well, even Friedge was reporting it. Generally if it's coming out of him then there is something to it.
  5. Speculation that Marner will be offeres a 12.5 mil offer sheet by the Islanders. 2 things: 1 - lol wtf? 2 - Take the picks, sign Gardiner. Easy game.
  6. Marner is no Panarin. The end result of all of this is Marner signing for like 9 for 3 years or something and everyone is happy overall.
  7. Kerfoot at that deal is really good. He's pretty much going to replace Kadri except in a role he's more suited to. Kadri has more scoring touch I think, but that's not the role he was used in. That's a super good deal. Now, Ceci on the other hand...
  8. Matthews is the 3rd highest salary in the NHL.
  9. Oh fuck. That's huge. I think it's good, too? Wow.
  10. Exactly. You improved the defence by not having to run out shit players like Ceci or Zaitsev in any season beyond next. Hopefully another trade pops up or some of the young guys can step in, but there is no opportunity for that if Zatisev's contract is bogging you down. Dubas is simply fixing mistakes made by his predecessor and, quite frankly, is doing a damn good job.
  11. Aho getting that offer sheet is about the best thing that Carolina could have hoped for. He's worth at least that and probably more, and they didn't have to do the negotiation themselves. There would have ended up paying that much anyway, and the back end of his contract is so light on the actual money owed that in his UFA year they'll be able to recoup a lot of assets. Nice of Bergevin to help them out like that. Having said that, it's not a bad play by Bergevin at all.
  12. Leafs sign Jason Spezza

    No one is saying you have to.
  13. I mean, it's been explained multiple times. I don't know what's not to understand. You have to get out from under that contract and now we are.
  14. NHL Offseason 2019

    Jesus Christ. Good for him, but man that's an overpay.