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  1. Training Camp 2019

    Not a great number, but you pay for 6 years. Start the season. Let's go.
  2. Tennis Thread

    Awesome. Huge congrats to her.
  3. NHL Offseason 2019

    Yeah, Gardiner for 4 mil a year is probably a top 10 contract in the league.
  4. Tennis Thread

    Bianca is money. She's so good.
  5. Random Thoughts #2

  6. Random Thoughts #2

    Good for you, man. Congrats! Name him Aaron.
  7. Random Thoughts #2

    Alright, cool. I'll let you know. Thanks.
  8. Random Thoughts #2

    Jared, my man, thoughts on if there is a good place to lock up a kayak in Campbell River? I'm considering paddling up early one Saturday, having a beer and some lunch or something, then paddling back down.
  9. I'm so bored of this. I think I've pretty well toned all of this stuff out for the summer, which is a nice change. Last year with Willy I was looking for news every day, but this year has been so relaxing with just not giving a shit. Sign, don't sign, whatever. I'll see who is on the ice in October.
  10. Random Thoughts #2

    Shovhd and I were talking about hitting the Leafs/Nucks game in December this year. Also, I love Campbell River.
  11. Random Thoughts #2

    Oh yeah? Where are you?
  12. Random Thoughts #2

    Officially a homeowner on Vancouver Island. I'm once again very poor.