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  1. Fitting that contract comes home to die. Do we get any cap benefit out of it, or is it just the 4th RD pick?
  2. Next season, Muzzin will walk, Dermott will be our second LD, and Sandin will be our bottom pair LD. Dubas will re-sign Barrie, Liljegren will make the team as our second pair RD, and we will sign someone cheap for our bottom pair RD.
  3. Matthews plays centre and scores goals. If he is the comparable, Mitch should make no more than 10. And I would honestly say more like 9.5.
  4. I like Connor Brown. By all means, trade him, but do we really have to trade him to Ottawa.
  5. Is there a rule that says only one player is allowed to wear goalie equipment? We could just stack three people in net. :P
  6. Feeling pretty low. I'm sure you all are as well. Love you boys. Here's to next year.
  7. A plague upon the house of every official in that shit show. The NHL really needs to figure this shit out.
  8. Random Thoughts #2

    Hahah, I open this thread and the first unread post is Bret informing you of my surgery complications in 2017. It warmed my heart that you guys still care even though I'm never around here anymore. All that love right back to you. You guys will always be special to me.
  9. It wouldn't break my heart if we lost a player to suspension if it resulted in a career ending injury to Brad Marchand. Just saying.
  10. I don't want anyone with term unless his name is Drew or Oliver.
  11. I'm okay with this move. I was arguing with my PSW about it today, who was upset that we wasted a second rounder on a rental. I think there is a middle ground between only thinking about the future and only thinking about the present. Stanley Cup champions very seldomly win before acquiring plenty of playoff experiences. If Plekanec helps us get out of the first round, I think that alone is worth the price we paid for him for the experience it gives our young core.
  12. It will probably take two firsts. ;-)
  13. Nope. I believe the Leafs have everything they need to win the Cup in the system already. Getting a premier defenceman would definitely be a plus, but I think we would be better off trying to draft and develop our own. I think there will be better options for a top four that won't require us to part with one of our key players. And honestly, I don't even want to move William to centre. The chemistry he has with Matthews is insane and we would be foolish to think that is easy to replace. I believe there is a chance to win with the defence we have THIS SEASON, but there is no reason to think that we can't win when our defence looks like this: Rielly-Dermott Gardiner-Liljegren Borgman-Zaitzev
  14. Change your favourite player, Jared, it's embarrassing. ;-)
  15. The 93 team will always have a special place in my heart, but damn I fucking love these boys!