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2018 Toronto Blue Jays

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1 hour ago, Pittyman said:

That might be the case for Vlad, but it doesn't explain why Morales is still the DH when they have plenty of options at AAA that can hit.  Or why Grichuk was starting for so long before they finally went with Hernandez.  Or why Biagini gets the starts over Borucki, McGuire or Gaviglio who have all outperformed him at AAA.

It just seems like they are doing just enough to seem like they are trying to win, without trying too hard.

That's exactly what they're doing and what I knew they'd be doing...creating the illusion of competitiveness.  Biagini was already a failed starter at AA, which is why San Francisco left him unprotected.  The fact that he had a nice rookie season in the pen was found money.  The Jays trying to jam him down our throats as a starter is completely retarded.  He can't start.  He's not even a great reliever...he's just solid and useful.  Borucki's been up and down but I like him the most out of the AAA options.  I think he might be ready for some starts later in the summer if he can get locked in.  Sean Reid-Foley is the best of the bunch an I'm expecting him to be promoted to AAA within the next month the way he's been pitching in AA this season.

Bottom line...this is a nothing season.  The only way I see it as a success is if the intention was to build up the value for some of these spare parts they picked up to make up the roster, and then flip them at the dealine for some intriguing prospects.  You're not gonna get anyone blue chip...but maybe a couple of high upside/high bust kinds of guys.

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