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  2. If you want to get fired up beyond any reasonable measure, just watch the Goal Leafs Goal Youtube Channel. Every Leafs playoff goal with Joe Bowen's call dubbed in.
  3. Today
  4. Toronto is the only remaining Canadian team.
  5. Jets made it somewhat interesting. 3-2 final.
  6. 3-0 Blues. This is a dismemberment.
  7. Jets outshot 26-6 through 2 periods.
  8. 2-0 St Louis. Bozak assist. That one might actually be goaltender interference. Jets can't challenge
  9. Yesterday
  10. Connor Hellebuyck allows a softie 23 seconds in. Challenged for Interference.
  11. Division winners dropping like flies.
  12. Acciari and Backes skated as extra forwards at Bruins practice. Kuhlman and Nordstrom back in the lineup. Pastrnak back on the Bergeron line. Marleau and Hyman did not practice. Expected to play. No Leafs changes expected.
  13. Two wins in Boston. Surely, two wins at home is achievable.
  14. What we have learned from the playoffs this year is that hockey experts don't really exist.
  15. If the Avs hold on to this #8 seeds will be 8-1 in the playoffs.
  16. Calgary has an immensly importent goal waived off by the on-ice referee for Goaltender interference.
  17. The Flames have no answer for the Avalanche.
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